Monday, May 12, 2014

What I Believe.

I believe He is Merciful.

I believe that He will have his own ways to punish the ones among us who ignored his teachings and commands. I believe that if He wants to, the punishment can come down upon us in this world, and not after death.

I believe in human's rights. Which encompasses men, women, transgender, children, heterosexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals, asexuals and so on. I believe that we have the right to live our life the way we want to, provided we do not put harm on others.

I believe that being a certain orientation does not give me a golden ticket to heaven. Nor does being another orientation means a ticket to hell. I believe where we'll end up is decided by so many other factors. Remember the tale of the prostitute who ended up to heaven because she decided to give a thirsty dog some water? Who would have guesed.

Hudud, is a subject that brings out a lot in people.

Some get all holier-than-thou. Some feel vindictive. Some ignores it. And some, feel conflicted and ridiculed by the holier than thou ones.

Apparently, when your opinion is less favourable you'll get called a heretic.

Is it wrong to think that instead of stoning gay people to death, we should be understanding and fair? We can deal with it in two ways. Either we let them be, for He is the rightful one to punish them, not us. Or we can be understanding, acceptable and not tell them that the fire of hell is waiting for them. After all, you get more flies with honey than vinegar, right?

He is Merciful.
He is Fair.
He is Forgiving.

I believe.

Friday, May 9, 2014

What I Learned as a Trainee.

1. The moment I'm in a meeting, my body decides to check if its yawn function is still working. And it will test it out on "Tears in eyes" mode, numerous times. As long as the meeting is going on.

2. I rather come in before office hours, than going home way after office hours.

3. About lunch;

i)You'll eventually get fed up by the choice of food around you.

ii)You'll then realise that suddenly those mixed rice dishes will look yummy when you bring your own lunch.

iii)And when you decide to buy, your tongue will hate you because those dishes aren't that yummy.

4. Taking the longer walk to get to train A rather than taking train B to get to train A, will seem financially appealing after the first week.

5. It will rain heavily, when you decided to leave your umbrella at home.

6. Wearing sport shoes to wear for the commute will make your feet love you, but your outfit will hate those shoes.

7. You're so capable of taking two days to read a 50 page manual.

8. You're also capable of staring at a page for 15 minutes without taking another in, and you don't realise you're doing it.

9. Handbag? What handbag? I'll just bring a bagpack, and stuff everything in it.

10. Answering phones for the guy in front of you, who decided to take a smoking break, has never been scarier. Especially if its a customer on the other end.

11. Earphones. A must. Wear just one side.

12. Coffee, another must.

13. The office's cafeteria will be empty the week after payday, and full few days before or when its raining cats and dogs outside.

14. You either love making tables on Excel for no reason, or you wish death upon the person who created Excel.

15. You so get how the guy who coined the TGIF phrase was feeling.

16. You'll discover if you make friends for the sake of companionship, or friendship.

17. Women your mother's age, wants you to call them "Kak," (Older sister).

18. Sometimes, sleep is more important than eating during lunch.

19. Office politics? Stay away from me, please. I'm just a trainee.

20. Snacks. Snacks everywhere.

21. Keep a water bottle on your table. And some biscuits in the drawer. And an extra pair of shoes under the table. You might need them one day.

22. Some people are just that hostile. Don't take it personally.

23. Friday, is the least productive day of the week. Monday, the day with the highest rate of MCs.

24. Its the unexpected people who remember you few months later.

25. The last 30 minutes of the day, feels like an hour. Double that on Friday.

26. Some people, have perfected the art of acting productive. While reading the gossip section online.

27. Smile, to everyone. Who knows, that guy might just be the CEO.

28.When you're a permanent staff, you won't ignore the intern/trainee when you're giving out snacks or going out for lunch.


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