Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Here's a Cat Picture.


I just got back from my trip down south of Malaysia. Not down under, though that will be one day in the future.

Where did I go?

Universal Studios Singapore.

I took some pictures, thank you Dad for buying a camera to replace our old school camera.

But since I'm too lazy, here is a picture of Tommy the spoiled cat to tide you guys over until I blog about my trip. I'm sure he was Mufasa in his past life. Or Scar more like it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Is This Weakness?

Today, I talked to a guy who comes to my mind when I listen to this song. I haven't talked to him for a while and I thought those feelings I had for him is dead. But nope. Every time I talk to him, this is how I feel.

I keep telling him that one day, I'll catch a plane to where he is.

He keep telling me that will be the first step to us being together.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

It Went Okay-ish.

"Next group to present ....*

Dup. Dup. Dup.





Heads turned to look at our group. Applauses from friends, so "excited" for us. I gave a weak smile and made my way through the chairs, all occupied as I muttered a dozen excuse me's and sorry's before reaching the lecturer.

In a soft, practiced line I told her that there was some miscommunication and we don't have the required summary but we can hand it in as soon as we can today.

"Hand it in on Monday."

Which means the summary will only be done on Sunday night.

Change of plan: Proposal's deadline been changed from next week to the first day back from term break. Which means I'll be worried about school even during my mid term break.

Oh joy.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Two Camps.

Just in case you didn't notice, here's my latest story.

This evening, there will be a presentation session for Literature Review of all the students in my course who's doing their Final Year Project. We are perhaps the first batch doing this and you can just imagine chaos in all the preparation.

There's two camps.

One camp tells me that for the presentation of your Lit Review, its pretty simple where you only have to find points and references to answer the three main questions concerning your project.

What, why and how.

And we need to print out the slides, and give a copy to the each member of the panel of lecturers.

5 minutes presentation.

Easy, right?

I thought so until I heard what the other camp thought of the presentation.

According to them, we need to hand in the full Literature Review part of the proposal during today's presentation. And according to them, we will be bombarded with questions. Be treated like the spy caught behind enemy's lines.

I got pale listening to that.

I started to feel the fluttering of panic.

I took a deep breath, consulted with the first camp and made a plan with my group.

There won't be time for all 17 groups to present today so some will be doing so on Friday, 3pm. We'll finish our slides, make it snazzy and all but will just sit back and watch the others have a go.

If anyone from the first camp get a lecture on being too simple, we'll pray that we won't get called on so there will be time for us to redo our slides.

Good plan? Well, it relies on chance. But as Mamon said it, just present and keep your head high at the lecture then just make the corrections.


Wish me luck. I'll be taking a long much needed sleep once we're done with this presentation. And maybe a nice drink and anything that will de-stress me.

Once more, latest story.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This Week is a Month Long to Me.

My mid semester break starts next Wednesday and I think just to get to that day, I'll be on the verge of bursting into tears of frustation plenty of time. I don't know if the previous semesters I was more relaxed and better at ignoring the work I need to do or this semester, its just too heavy for me.

Let's see.

Everytime I get free time in my room, I'll be thinking of what I need to do.

Study for that professional exam in December which makes me get a tummyache at the thought of it. Dad has registered me for it and well, the cost of it makes me gulp. *coughs*151USD*coughs*

Do any reading, writing for my Final Year Project. I got enough things to whine about this particular project but for the sake of not wanting to blergh, I can't even say it, I'm not gonna post about it on here.

Write up my assignments which need tons of reading and searching. Why did I ever whined about my calculation-based work before? All this in-text citation and shit is a big big big pain in the ass for me.

Study, read up for other subjects aka the super neglected subjects.

And the deadlines.

This thursday, presentation on the FYP's lit review. My fear is that its going to be rejected by our supervisor in a meet-up later this day.

Next Tuesday, I need to submit two written reports on such such dry topics aka financial impacts of Malaysia Budget 2013 and issues about EPF and Pension. I've only written the first one, which is 60% crap and me just using my great writing and elaborating skills to increase the word count.

On the same day, the FYP's proposal need to be submitted which also, needed to be approved by our supervisor.

For next week's deadline, its actually from Tuesday till Thursday but I tell myself its Tuesday because it will make me do my work even more.

By the time the holiday starts, I'll be full of nerves. But ... thankfully Dad and Mama have something planned for this break.

This morning, I was up early and the family picked me up before heading to the place where you get your passport made/renewed.

Oooh, where am I going?



More like Universal Studios Singapore.

Go google it. And I'm going back to reading up journals. Tonight, I'll study for the exam for the first time in a week.


Tuesday Thoughts.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Two Cent on Dreams.

I don't mind dreams, as long as they're not nightmares or so weird that it creeps me out. 

The worst are the bad ones that seem so able to come true. 

Close at its heel are the ones that make me yearn for it to be true.

If only all my dreams can inspire to such heights.

Tuesday Thoughts.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Wishing the Best for Lil Bro.

Tomorrow, the lil brother will be sitting for his PMR, aka one of the three nationwide exams that students take at Form 3 aka 9th Grade. It is a collection of between 8-9 subjects which are spanned out 4-5 days.

Lil bro will be taking 8 subjects, where there will be about 12 papers because some of those subjects will have Paper 1 and Paper 2.

And remembering how it was me 8 years ago, I'm having a panic-ish attack on the behalf of lil bro. Yes, I'm that kind of sister.

Eight years ago, I was at the peak of my education prowess but I didn't know that at the time. I was a walking textbook for History and Geography. And I mean that because when someone ask me a question, I can flip open the textbook/revision book and show them the answer without reading. Or I can just go:

"its in Chapter 33, underneath the picture of the graph of civilization process."

In the end, I scored straight A's and became the pride of my family.

Knowing lil bro, I have high hopes that he will repeat the history.

He's the smart one aka he needs less work to get the same result as me.

So, here's to my lil bro.

A text I sent him:

"Good luck for tommorow. Don't over panic and try to make your writing a bit neater. You can do it."

I set my alarm for 6.30AM so I can wake up and give him a call before he goes to school.

Knowing how uplifting words can be before an important exam, I'll be doing that every morning. Even to just tell him to take a piece of candy or two in with him just in case those nerves makes him feel like throwing up.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Definition of Love: 4 Year Old Billy.

"When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You just know that your name is safe in their mouth."

 Billy, age 4

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Depressing October.

Hello October.

October came with slight depression. This year's posts haven't really shown it but I'm someone who has phases where I'm happy at times but for a week or so every few months, I'll hate myself and everything I stand for.

These phases were rampant and intense two years ago aka the year No.3 happened. But thankfully, those phases became less frequent and I became a normal person for much longer.

Before, I would have dealt with my depression phase by listening to sad songs and crying into my pillow. This time around, I did something I've read and heard from many women.

Retail therapy.

According to Wiki, that is shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer's mood or disposition. 

I didn't went out with the soul purpose of buying things. I went out to buy my dinner. Yesterday, I had a hankering for KFC but since I was too lazy to go outside campus, I bought a meal of two piece of fried chicken and fries from the food court with an iced cappuccino drink that I've been liking since discovering last semester.

On my way back, I decided to let myself browse through the multiple stalls selling clothes, scarves and other things that make women take out their purse and money.

Near the end, a shawl caught my eye. Soft, silky. A light blush pink background with small hearts in blue, yellow and maroon. I should have checked if the colour went with my complexion but hey, retail therapy.

I bought it and went back to my room slightly better.

Today my depression was only a fraction of yesterday's. I went to buy dinner, this time letting myself splurge a bit with laksa (noodles), cappuccino and waffles with a chocolate spread.

I ordered the waffles before buying my drink and laksa. On the way back pay the waffle lady I let myself browse again. There's so many types and patterns but being me, it has to be a certain length, cut and width.

I paid for my dessert and was proud of myself for not succumbing to another bout of retail therapy when I saw the stall.

The stall selling purses aka lady wallets.

At the same moment my brain decided to remind me of a tip I read in a magazine some months ago.

"A bright purse will make it easier to find in the mysterious depths of your bag."

Thank you brain, for telling me that as I looked at a display table filled with purses in bright colours and patterns.

BOOM. Retail therapy.

I won't bore you guys about how I spent 10 minutes deciding. It came down to two choices. Both were the long kind and with colourful multiple inner pockets.

One was blue and shiny. 

The other had a black and cream leopard print.

Tick tock tick tock.

I am now the owner of a snazzy looking leopard print purse.

Now, to avoid those stalls tomorrow, in case I get tempted to buy that cardigan I saw...

On another topic, one of the things in Malaysia 2013 Budget is a 200 ringgit rebate for youths from the age of 21-30 with a monthly salary of at most 3000 ringgit. What rebate is that?

For a freaking smartphone.

Yes, somehow its a way to boost the economy. 

All I'm thinking is that next year, I'm going to get myself a S III. 

Do not tell me to go for iPhone.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


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