Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Depressing October.

Hello October.

October came with slight depression. This year's posts haven't really shown it but I'm someone who has phases where I'm happy at times but for a week or so every few months, I'll hate myself and everything I stand for.

These phases were rampant and intense two years ago aka the year No.3 happened. But thankfully, those phases became less frequent and I became a normal person for much longer.

Before, I would have dealt with my depression phase by listening to sad songs and crying into my pillow. This time around, I did something I've read and heard from many women.

Retail therapy.

According to Wiki, that is shopping with the primary purpose of improving the buyer's mood or disposition. 

I didn't went out with the soul purpose of buying things. I went out to buy my dinner. Yesterday, I had a hankering for KFC but since I was too lazy to go outside campus, I bought a meal of two piece of fried chicken and fries from the food court with an iced cappuccino drink that I've been liking since discovering last semester.

On my way back, I decided to let myself browse through the multiple stalls selling clothes, scarves and other things that make women take out their purse and money.

Near the end, a shawl caught my eye. Soft, silky. A light blush pink background with small hearts in blue, yellow and maroon. I should have checked if the colour went with my complexion but hey, retail therapy.

I bought it and went back to my room slightly better.

Today my depression was only a fraction of yesterday's. I went to buy dinner, this time letting myself splurge a bit with laksa (noodles), cappuccino and waffles with a chocolate spread.

I ordered the waffles before buying my drink and laksa. On the way back pay the waffle lady I let myself browse again. There's so many types and patterns but being me, it has to be a certain length, cut and width.

I paid for my dessert and was proud of myself for not succumbing to another bout of retail therapy when I saw the stall.

The stall selling purses aka lady wallets.

At the same moment my brain decided to remind me of a tip I read in a magazine some months ago.

"A bright purse will make it easier to find in the mysterious depths of your bag."

Thank you brain, for telling me that as I looked at a display table filled with purses in bright colours and patterns.

BOOM. Retail therapy.

I won't bore you guys about how I spent 10 minutes deciding. It came down to two choices. Both were the long kind and with colourful multiple inner pockets.

One was blue and shiny. 

The other had a black and cream leopard print.

Tick tock tick tock.

I am now the owner of a snazzy looking leopard print purse.

Now, to avoid those stalls tomorrow, in case I get tempted to buy that cardigan I saw...

On another topic, one of the things in Malaysia 2013 Budget is a 200 ringgit rebate for youths from the age of 21-30 with a monthly salary of at most 3000 ringgit. What rebate is that?

For a freaking smartphone.

Yes, somehow its a way to boost the economy. 

All I'm thinking is that next year, I'm going to get myself a S III. 

Do not tell me to go for iPhone.


Laila N Mysis said...

GAHH, I was actualy shouting: GO WITH THE BLUE AND SHINY! Because.... IT'S BLUE.

(Colour-ism. Sorreh.)

I don't think retail therapy would work on me. I'll try it one day, perhaps, when I have my own money, but up 'til now, whenever I buy something, I feel... guilty. Donno why. But I do.

THAT being said, don't get so excited about my sister giving me her wallet, and my cousin giving me $50 - my sister's not always so nice. There are many downs to having an older sister, but I won't lie - there's plenty of ups too. I shalt appreciate them more, thinking that you don't have them :/

BTW, I emailed you too, so I could hear/read a certain story...?

cricketfreak said...

Lol @retail theraphy. It works for me, too, but somehow things look much nicer when won in shops.


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