Monday, September 12, 2011

Ticket to Dreamland.

I wrote this when I was 16.

I wait everyday,

For the sun to set and the stars to dance,

In a merry party of cheese and crackers with the lonely man on the moon,

With crickets leading the orchestra,

Waiting for the sandman to come and visit me,

All snuggled up under my quilt with pictures of cats on it,

Ready to be given a ticket to Dreamland,

Where a boy with the sweetest smile is waiting for me,

With a bouquet of wild roses and a slice of apple pie,

No judgement and shyness occurs,

Not as in reality where we both look away when we pass,

Where I have to return to every morning,

Where no bouquets and no pie awaits me,

No boy with the sweetest smile,

Sad, isn't it?,

Wish I could get a one way no return ticket to Dreamland.


Aaishah said...

This is SUCH a cute poem.

Anonymous said...

dude seriously, you should really do something like your friend did, i bought eliza's poetry collection... her poems were AWESOME, you should publish these..write 50 or 60 more and you can turn them into a book..good luck

Hanis. said...

haha. thank you ZACK. I see that as a super big compliment. You bought eli's book? D: I loveee reading her book although there are some I find a bit hard to understand.. Hahaha. Actually I just sent a manuscript of my collection of short stories to the same publisher as hers and hopefulllly they will want it.

Anonymous said...

bukan dia under sang freud press ke? ha'ah..poems dia cryptic gila..need sometime to interpret her metaphors, hehe..hv to confess...i pon amateur poet attracts like..writers will naturally cross paths with other writers..teringin nak jumpe eliza nak tny dia pasal her publishing experience, and about her poems, mintak dia explain 1 by 1, hehe..psycho stalker x?

Hanis. said...

yeap. that one. hahaha. i'm in the process of listing down which ones i nak to ask her about next time i lepak with her at starbucks or something. hahaha. more like dedicated fan.

Anonymous said...

when you sure to tell me..especially pasal love and prayer that one...beautiful metaphors...


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