Monday, July 30, 2012

Late Birthday Review.

Turning 23 has been different than turning 22 where I don't even remember what happened. I turned 21 while crying a heartbreak. 20 was of guilt. So, thankfully my birthday this year was nice.

I got wishes from classmates, friends and Facebook friends. Mokesart stayed up till it was midnight my time to wish me. And I totally acted like a brat the whole of next day because it was my birthday. (Not really)

The parents got me this amazing watch. It all started a month ago when I saw this FCUK watch that I fell in love with. Mama was against the brand's name so I marketed it to Dad as French Connection instead. Somehow, they went to look for it and sadly, the catalogue is prettier than the display where I don't mean the watches are ugly, there's just not as much choice.

Maybe because I'm against those overly feminine watches with chain straps.

I then left it to my parents' wonderful taste (I mean it) and what I got, was a beautiful Ted Baker watch that came in a purple box shaped like a book. Dad joked that it was my Ted Bundy watch >.> .

Mokesart got me 2 presents. No, there was no engagement/promise ring. The first one is this pretty journal made of recycled papers and the second one arrived a bit late, two button badges that proclaimed my love of reading.

And that was my birthday.

Now, what to get for Mozart.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birthday Post: Letter to My Future.

This is the second letter of my birthday celebration. Its shorter than the first one, but how do you write to your future self?

Dear 33 year old Hanis,

I hope you're an older, more awesome, more gorgeous than ever and more confident version of me. Well, to be honest, I've struggled with this letter for few weeks now, wondering what should I write. In the end, I have to admit that this letter would be a series of questions. I'll try to limit the number.

How's the family, which I mean Mama, Dad and Lil Bro.

How many things have you done on the bucket list and please tell me you've gone bungee jumping.

Where did you end up deciding to go for your first ever trip? Was it Australia or Disney World? Or perhaps some Wild Card like Brazil?

Did you and Mokesart went with your plan B? Or are you the godmother of babies that are in need of a hairbrush?

How's the novel going? Please tell me its at least completed. Or perhaps its one of the bestsellers? *wink wink*

Haha, I think that's about it. I hope you're celebrating your 33th birthday wonderfully with people that you love.


23 year old Hanis.

Birthday Post: Letter to My Past.

Yes, I'm officially 23 now. As celebration of my birthday, I've written two letters. Here is the first one, I'll be posting the second one later.

Dear 13 year old Hanis,

Do you want the good news or bad news first? Well, you won't be a doctor, or a fashion designer. You'll be doing something more unique and different but I'm not telling.

That awkward feeling inside you? Don't fight it. Just stop trying to fit yourself into some cookie cutter personality, those are boring.

High school would breeze by, enjoy it. You'll discover a talent next year and about those crooked teeth, you'll be getting braces in few months.

I think you know that you're a closet romantic but this will be proven soon, a hopeless one. The crushes you will have? Disasters. But you'll only really like 2 guys. Good luck knowing who. Hint: You know one of them already. My advice: Snare him now.

I wish I can give you some dietary advice but that might just result in you not developing your personality in order to make yourself feel better. Be strong, chin up.

Life in the next 10 years would be a rollercoaster but you'll be proud of who you are at the end. And trust me, you'll be able to think and say:

"So what if he doesn't like me? I'm awesome and he's missing out."

One word: Gorgeous. You'll never be that typical, overused word of beautiful. Oh yes, you'll blush for the first time when you're 17. And you'll experience another first then too.

Don't worry too much, you're lucky to have supportive parents, yes, they might seem controlling but at 23, you'll be proud of them and how they raised you.

One last thing, I miss the lack of cynicsm you had. Blame that on some idiots.


23 year old Hanis.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Drinking Obsession.

Its the third day of Ramadan and I already see the pattern this time around. For my 17th Ramadan of fasting, I am obsessed with drinks.

Like, I'll think what drink will fill up that jug on the table when we break our fast. I'll open the fridge and ogle the bottles of cold water. I'll think of how I'll make a nice tall glass of Iced Milo before bedtime. I'll look at the jug of water on my table, telling myself that I'm gonna drink it all down.

God Hanis, you're supposed to be a pro at this fasting gig.

On the first day, we had rose syrup with lemon. Yesterday we had a combination of rose syrup, ice cream soda and condensed milk which is so yummylicious. Today, I'll sooth my throat with some Sunquick.

Oh yes.

Right now, I'm just imagining all the drinks I'll be drinking once Ramadan ends. I'll be wasting all my money on those sugary cold drinks. Such as those chocolate mint bubble teas and that venti dark mocha. Perhaps I'll make a jug of iced lemon tea, or just a tall glass of iced water.

Can you just imagine all the drinks you can have? All that coolness sliding in your mouth and throat.


Excuse me while I go and wait for time to break my fast with a glass of cold Sunquick.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Two Years of Ranting and Mindless Babbling.

Happy 2nd Birthday to I Don't Do Boys.

Yes, I still think most guys today are boys caught up with such shitty ideas in their heads. But I've matured in these two years. My blogging ways has change.

As in:

1. I curse less. Unless its a rant.

2. I don't do multi posts a day, anymore.

3. I usually let a post idea roll around in my head, for at least few hours instead of just whinging it.

4. I rarely mention No 1, No 2 and No 3 anymore.

5. I've moved on from Marky Mark and is now, totally want Joe Santagato to be the father of my babies.

6. Two years ago, I was turning 21 in 4 days, now, I'm turning 23 in 4 days.

7. I still love reading, chocolate and McDonald's fries.

8. I'm still broke.

9. I don't give a care anymore on getting married. If it happens, it will. Meanwhile, I'll spend my time worrying on saving up for my future trip to either Australia or Disney World.

What else, oh oh this:

Top Three Posts

Carbon Neutral? You Bet Your Ass.

A Tale of Pierced Ears.

After a Week, Finally a Post.

Top Three Pages

For My Stalkers.

Letter to Cupid.

Before I Die, I'll

I want to thank all of my followers and readers. Also my commenters. If I wasn't so broke, I'll be holding some kind of random giveaway of one of my books with a Snickers bar.

Perhaps next year.

Yes, I still owe a post about the picture. I'll do it.. sometime soon.

Oh oh, its the first day of Ramadhan so all I want is a large bag of McDonald's fries.

Thank you, keep on reading.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rant with Some Feminism.

Back in my grandmother's days, people say that education should not be wasted on women.As long as they know how to write, read and do the basic math, that is enough and off to learn in the kitchen they went.

Back in my mother's days, people say that no matter how qualified a woman's education and work is, they will still go back to the kitchen.

I thought now, in 2012, only idiots who were brought up by mothers who lack female empowerment or fathers who teach their kids that women are below men, would be the one sprouting such shitness.

If it's a guy who said those kind of things, he's an arsehole who would one day get slapped for saying something like that.

If a girl who said those kind of things, I'm going to go all emo bitch feminist on her ass.

Last week, I got super mad at what perhaps might be one of the most stupid things I heard coming from a girl, and trust me, I've heard plenty enough.

"But he's rich."

Talking about wealth, you can only be proud of it when its yours. Not when its money from your parents' wallet. Its nothing to be proud of too if its heritage.

"Women have to marry early."

What the fuck. So do enlighten me, when you're getting married, is it because you want to or is it because its the right thing to do?

"If you marry late, the chance of you getting a Down Syndrome is bigger."

Back up a bit. First of all, not everyone gets married to have a baby.

"So you're gonna get marry just for sex."

Oh ho ho. Those are words from someone who's clearly still immature hence still thinking that if someone "likes sex", they're a slut/ho/immoral.

So you're gonna get married because you have to and have babies because you have to too? First rule of becoming a parent: Just cause you can have babies, doesn't mean that you'll be a good parent.

"If you don't have kids, who's gonna take care of you when you're old?"

Oh god. Such noble intention of having children. TO TAKE CARE OF YOU. Stop being so freaking dependant.

"Islam makes it compulsory for its followers to marry and have kids, expand the number of Muslims."

BULL. FUCKING. SHIT. That is really the worst crap I ever ever ever heard.

*takes a deep breath to calm myself down*


Alright, I'm calm.

The thing that really got me mad was the fact that those things came from a girl. I was this close to saying something really bad. And another thing that happened last year was when I heard some friends saying they want a husband with good religious presence so they can guide their wife.

Ok, I know we should look for something like that, but why don't you just go and fucking guide yourself? This is not one of those silly Malay novels where the wild city girls meet that nice religious guy who will help them turn over a new leaf.

As Mama said, if you want a nice guy, be nice yourself.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

End of Things.

Hello hello.

I'm back at home, no more studying since my last subject, Pension Mathematics was yesterday. Now, this is going to be a post touching on many things which are mostly plans for the coming days.

How was your finals?

God, I felt like quitting my Degree and become a cashier at the nearest McDonald's few times over the span of 3 weeks.

For my first subject, Fundamentals of Data Mining, it went okay-ish but it was full of terms that clearly went through the Synonyms machine. I finished it 40 minutes early and since there was nothing else to do, I passed up and left early.

For Technology Entrepreneurship, I thank the person who emailed his friends the topics that might come out. It helped tremendously for a subject with 10 long chapters made for memorising. I finished this one way earlier. 80 minutes and I was out of the 3 hour test.

The third one, Survival Models is the one that made me feel my worst ever since I started my Degree. Can you imagine that everyone around me was getting the subject but I was still trying to get a grasp of it right until the night before? After I had called my mom and cried to her that I just don't understand this subject. And outside the examination hall, I was pale, hands shaking so badly. Blergh.

Financial Economics was right after a busy weekend. Minimal time to study for my favourite subject. And due to some time wasting factors, misleading tips and confusing questions, I said goodbye to the A I was expecting.

And then it all ended with Pension Mathematics. A subject that I had no input right until last Tuesday. To sum it up, I don't feel good.

I heard there's gonna be two important things next week.

YESSSS. On the 21st it is my blog's second birthday. Woohoo. I'm not sure what I'm going to do but expect a monologue on how things have changed.

And then, on the 25th, I'm turning 2320 so I'm celebrating it by writing two letters. One to my 13 year old self and one to my 33 year old self.

I'm also persuading my parents for a new watch, which they won't let me choose myself.

What are your holiday plans?

Teach my brother. Sleep. Read. Do nothing. I mean, try to get some money from somewhere. Buy books. Get a new phone.

Did anything rant worthy happened in those 3 weeks?

Oh yessssss. I'll make a rant post sometime soon, which was inspired by a moment where I was so close to saying:

Quoting Quinn Fabray from Glee, "I think you just set the feminist movement 50 years back with that."

Stay tune for that.

What books are you planning to read?

The collection of ebooks in my laptop which also have the 10th installment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Books I'm gonna borrow from the library. Books I plan to buy, which is gonna inculde the latest from Jodi Picoult.

What are you gonna cook this semester break?

Since it will be Ramadhan super soon, I don't know. I'm just going to pig out now before fasting starts. And drink tons of water.

About the picture...

Oh, that picture was taken at a wedding. I'll do a post on that soon. Hopefully. But here's another picture from that event.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monday, July 2, 2012

My Brain is a Douchebag.

I wrote this days ago. But trust me, this happens.

Most of the time, my brain is pretty nice to me. But when finals are approaching, it turns into a mega douchebag.

Last night, I was about to fall asleep around 1 in the morning when my brain suddenly decided to shout out equations that I had to use few hours earlier. Did that help me doze off? No.

Based on the two previous semesters, the level of douchebaggery would increase over time.

After this, it will take the pleasure to remind me of the things I still haven't covered every single time I'm about to nap/fall asleep.

Then, when the exam is really close I'll be sitting up in bed suddenly, cold sweat from the thought my brain just sent with such clear clarity.

"You will get a B fail."

And on the day of the exam, it will decide to take some overtime by poking at me with "You'll forget everything the moment you see the questions." which can get really convincing.

So by the time I'm sitting behind the desk, writing down my name while waiting for the time to start, I'll be pale, hands shaking, heart beating fast while my mouth runs dry.

Once its all over, my brain would repeat the process for the next subject.

Until I finish all of them.

Then, my brain will take a holiday where it will occasionally pop up to remind me.

"Remember how you answered that question wrong? That just kicked your A to a C"

Once a week till I get my results. It will even make me dream of failing my finals in my sleep.

Oh joy.


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