Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Birthday Post: Letter to My Past.

Yes, I'm officially 23 now. As celebration of my birthday, I've written two letters. Here is the first one, I'll be posting the second one later.

Dear 13 year old Hanis,

Do you want the good news or bad news first? Well, you won't be a doctor, or a fashion designer. You'll be doing something more unique and different but I'm not telling.

That awkward feeling inside you? Don't fight it. Just stop trying to fit yourself into some cookie cutter personality, those are boring.

High school would breeze by, enjoy it. You'll discover a talent next year and about those crooked teeth, you'll be getting braces in few months.

I think you know that you're a closet romantic but this will be proven soon, a hopeless one. The crushes you will have? Disasters. But you'll only really like 2 guys. Good luck knowing who. Hint: You know one of them already. My advice: Snare him now.

I wish I can give you some dietary advice but that might just result in you not developing your personality in order to make yourself feel better. Be strong, chin up.

Life in the next 10 years would be a rollercoaster but you'll be proud of who you are at the end. And trust me, you'll be able to think and say:

"So what if he doesn't like me? I'm awesome and he's missing out."

One word: Gorgeous. You'll never be that typical, overused word of beautiful. Oh yes, you'll blush for the first time when you're 17. And you'll experience another first then too.

Don't worry too much, you're lucky to have supportive parents, yes, they might seem controlling but at 23, you'll be proud of them and how they raised you.

One last thing, I miss the lack of cynicsm you had. Blame that on some idiots.


23 year old Hanis.


Mozart said...

Happy birthday! (Again…for the third time today :P) <3

Mark said...

I bet the second one is Mozart. I really enjoyed this. I think that your younger self would do okay with your support, but you turned out fine as it is :) Happy birthday again Hanis :)

Lioness Without A Pride said...

<3 This is such a sweet post. Happy birthday, YourHa(igh)ni(es)s! :D Hope you have a great year. *roar!* *hug* ^__^


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