Saturday, July 21, 2012

Two Years of Ranting and Mindless Babbling.

Happy 2nd Birthday to I Don't Do Boys.

Yes, I still think most guys today are boys caught up with such shitty ideas in their heads. But I've matured in these two years. My blogging ways has change.

As in:

1. I curse less. Unless its a rant.

2. I don't do multi posts a day, anymore.

3. I usually let a post idea roll around in my head, for at least few hours instead of just whinging it.

4. I rarely mention No 1, No 2 and No 3 anymore.

5. I've moved on from Marky Mark and is now, totally want Joe Santagato to be the father of my babies.

6. Two years ago, I was turning 21 in 4 days, now, I'm turning 23 in 4 days.

7. I still love reading, chocolate and McDonald's fries.

8. I'm still broke.

9. I don't give a care anymore on getting married. If it happens, it will. Meanwhile, I'll spend my time worrying on saving up for my future trip to either Australia or Disney World.

What else, oh oh this:

Top Three Posts

Carbon Neutral? You Bet Your Ass.

A Tale of Pierced Ears.

After a Week, Finally a Post.

Top Three Pages

For My Stalkers.

Letter to Cupid.

Before I Die, I'll

I want to thank all of my followers and readers. Also my commenters. If I wasn't so broke, I'll be holding some kind of random giveaway of one of my books with a Snickers bar.

Perhaps next year.

Yes, I still owe a post about the picture. I'll do it.. sometime soon.

Oh oh, its the first day of Ramadhan so all I want is a large bag of McDonald's fries.

Thank you, keep on reading.

1 comment:

Mark said...

Well if you can hold out for your fries they'll taste much more delicious when the time comes :) A happy birthday to the blog too. I'd like to say I've matured over my time blogging but I don't see it. I hope you can get to Australia soon too. Though maybe Mokesart could come find you before you can find him. If that trip is about him.


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