Sunday, January 9, 2011

After a Week, Finally a Post.

Hanis: I haven't properly blogged for a week now *inserts a sincere sad face*

Noelle: I KNOW. I've been checking. It's like, where are the new entries?!

Hanis: Its either I'm too tired to type or I'll type out a long rant. And I give up.

Noelle: Awww. But I like your entries.

Hanis: Imagine 5 posts in a row about the amount of stairs I need to climb every day. How I need to get an umbrella or I'll get dark. Or how I need new sunnies. Or how we're deprived of cute guys at the faculty.

*gives you time to imagine*

Hanis: I can imagine Mozart being like "Hanis. Please rant about your ex. Anything. Just nothing to do with uni,"

That convo totally sums up the lack of new posts from me. As I said before, due to Mama still recovering, I'm driving back and forth nearly everyday. Unless its Wednesday since I finish at 8pm and have a class at 8.30 am on Thursday.

Yes, some of you may think:

"So what? I drive back and forth too"

No, Noelle I don't mean you. I mean other kids on my Facebook who saw the link of this wonderful blog.

Well, when I do get home, I have chores, chores and more chores to be done. I had to stay at the hostel from Thursday and only got back home this morning at 10-ish (Sunday) because I had a seminar thingie to join. Compulsory. Which is ickness. I might blog about that sometime in the future.

So I called Mama while driving out of the campus and was asked to buy some stuffs. At 3 different places. Cool. The moment I got home, I saw the laundry to be done. The past few days had been very cloudy if not raining heavily thus, not helping at all.

Did I want to cry when I brought in my bag of dirty clothes to wash and saw the two baskets waiting to be washed as well?

Not really.

I had about 3 hours of sleep last night, I might blog about that too, and didn't get a chance to nap since. Mama wanted the family to grab lunch together since it's been a while since we done that.

And as usual, when Hanis has a hectic schedule, she'll get a fever and gets sick-ish. So she will shower, wash her hair and sleep before waking up at 6 so she'll get to uni since she has a class at 8.30.

Oh yeah, purpose of this post? Just to tell you guys that

I'm alive!!

And no, I'm not losing interest.

Peace Out.


Furree Katt said...

yay, a post from you! i hope everything becomes better for you. :DD

Jodie-Ann said...

:D I missed your posts!! Lool. Good to know that you didn't lose interest :P

Kamila said...

Be busy as you may.... and good luck with everything.. you got a lot running...

Experiment House said...

Thank God!


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