Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mid Sem Break Approaching. Wait, Already?

Today the lil bro is officially 14. And I'm officially 21 and a half. Yeay myself my lil bro for surviving another year. Or as someone had once said to me:

" You're celebrating another year closer to your death,"

I know. I was struck dumb by that. Before feeling like smacking the logical view out of the person before stuffing some cake into their mouth.

But yes, it is true. But oh well, I shall look at life as a half full glass of water.

One thing I love about Malaysia is the amount of public holidays we have. Classes started on the 3rd. And last Thursday was a public holiday for Thaipusam and starting this Saturday for a whole week is the Chinese New Year break for schools. Which includes universities too. So, yes, barely 3 weeks in and I'm having my mid semester break.

And an Eco test this Thursday.

3 quizzes, one test and one pre-test for Marketing sometimes in February.

A test each for Actuarial Math and Advanced Financial Math.

I'm begging you, please don't make the last two in the same week. I'll die of frustation. I'll roll around from the headache. I'll scream from trying to understand the theories. I'll throw things when I can't get the damn answers by a mere 0.05. (Yes, it counts). So, please, do not make it on the same week. Or even close (being a weekend apart does not count as far!)

*takes a deep breath*

As an abrupt end to this post *is actually fighting an asthma attack as we type*, do click if you're interested to know what is my current fave song to drive to.

Mozart, I shall be expecting your comment on my choice.

Peace Out.

Oh yes, what am I giving my bro? My sisterly love. Or a coupon for "I'll Beat Up Any Kid Who's Bugging You With a Baseball Bat." that can be used within the next year.


PurpleMist. said...

Hahaha, nice present for your brother :P

Furree Katt said...

i agree with PurpleMist! :P
and good luck for your tests ♥ it sounds so stressful, i hope everything turns out to be super.

Kamila said...

Happy birthdayyy!!!!! x) and to your lil bro too!!

AnotherAnonymous said...

i'm your 50th follower! :)


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