Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Mom is Eager to be a Grandmother.

Mama turned 49 27 today. She suddenly said to me couple of hours ago:

"Oh my god. You're turning 22 this year, Hanis,"

"... Did you just realised it because its your birthday today?'

"Yes! I'm going to be a grandmother soon,"

I know. The guys are sooooo lining up outside Mama so they can ask for your daughter's hand in marriage. *roll eyes* Hugh Jackman better be in the line.

As a light note, I realise that my parents have such wonderful conversations about cars.

Number One:

Mama: Ooooh, look at that Mercedes. What a pretty silver-grey colour. Can we paint my car that colour?

Dad: Yes.

Mama: How much will it cost?

Dad: I'm not sure. But your Honda City won't turn into a Mercedes even if you paint it the same colour.

Mama: Oh please.

Number Two:

Mama: I like how the speakers in your car sound like. Can you make the ones in mine sound as this good?

Dad: Yeah, I have to get it change.

Mama: Can you do that?

Dad: Sure.

A week later:

Dad: I changed the speakers in your car.

Mama: The same type as yours?

Dad: Not just the same type but the very ones!

Mama: You mean you put your speakers into my car?

Dad: Yes.

Mama: What about your car?

Dad: I bought new ones for mine and put the old ones in yours. Just how you wanted.

Mama: ......

Number Three:

This happened yesterday after Mama complained how the speakers in her car aren't loud enough. I have no idea how she came up with that because she haven't been driving for more than a month and the car has mostly been with me.

Dad: I changed the radio in your car.

Mama: What about the speakers?

Dad: Well, if I want to change those, I have to change something else and it will be about 300 ringgit.

Mama: So you changed them?

Dad: No.

Mama: You can change your tyres for 2000 ringgit without blinking an eye but you can't change my speakers for 300?

Hanis: Why do you want to change them Mama?

Mama: Its not loud enough.

Hanis: How loud do you want it?

Dad: Your mother want to drive past the college area with the radio on turn up so loud and make all the students look out to see who is it.

Mama: You're talking about your own wife.

I know. I love them.

Happy Birthday Mama. I love you.
Peace Out.


PurpleMist. said...

You have very interesting parents :D
Happy birthday to your mum from me :)

Jodie-Ann said...

LOOL! I want a Volkswagen Buggy some day :) A red convertible one. Happy birthday to your mom!!

Experiment House said...

Aw…………parents. (Sorry I left the other day - if you want revenge, kill Vodafone).

Aseela Haque said...

Can I have your parents? Please?


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