Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Mom is Eager to be a Grandmother.

Mama turned 49 27 today. She suddenly said to me couple of hours ago:

"Oh my god. You're turning 22 this year, Hanis,"

"... Did you just realised it because its your birthday today?'

"Yes! I'm going to be a grandmother soon,"

I know. The guys are sooooo lining up outside Mama so they can ask for your daughter's hand in marriage. *roll eyes* Hugh Jackman better be in the line.

As a light note, I realise that my parents have such wonderful conversations about cars.

Number One:

Mama: Ooooh, look at that Mercedes. What a pretty silver-grey colour. Can we paint my car that colour?

Dad: Yes.

Mama: How much will it cost?

Dad: I'm not sure. But your Honda City won't turn into a Mercedes even if you paint it the same colour.

Mama: Oh please.

Number Two:

Mama: I like how the speakers in your car sound like. Can you make the ones in mine sound as this good?

Dad: Yeah, I have to get it change.

Mama: Can you do that?

Dad: Sure.

A week later:

Dad: I changed the speakers in your car.

Mama: The same type as yours?

Dad: Not just the same type but the very ones!

Mama: You mean you put your speakers into my car?

Dad: Yes.

Mama: What about your car?

Dad: I bought new ones for mine and put the old ones in yours. Just how you wanted.

Mama: ......

Number Three:

This happened yesterday after Mama complained how the speakers in her car aren't loud enough. I have no idea how she came up with that because she haven't been driving for more than a month and the car has mostly been with me.

Dad: I changed the radio in your car.

Mama: What about the speakers?

Dad: Well, if I want to change those, I have to change something else and it will be about 300 ringgit.

Mama: So you changed them?

Dad: No.

Mama: You can change your tyres for 2000 ringgit without blinking an eye but you can't change my speakers for 300?

Hanis: Why do you want to change them Mama?

Mama: Its not loud enough.

Hanis: How loud do you want it?

Dad: Your mother want to drive past the college area with the radio on turn up so loud and make all the students look out to see who is it.

Mama: You're talking about your own wife.

I know. I love them.

Happy Birthday Mama. I love you.
Peace Out.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Before You Judge Others, Look Into a Mirror.

Warning. Religious-ish. Ranting. Do skip if you don't like it. Do read it if you know how open minded I'am.

I don't know if I mentioned this before but one of the things that really ticks me off is people slamming/talking shit/hating homosexuals.

Yes, I'm Muslim.

Yes, my religion does not allow it.

Yes, you can call me out and say what a fucking traitor I'am with no good religious upbringing. I do beg to differ if you say that though. My parents made sure I had some religious education and even though its not extensive as some, I still have a good basis.

Around December, a video of a Malay Muslim guy got uploaded on youtube. In it, he confessed of being gay. I haven't watch it. I don't have any desire to. The reactions were intense. I'm too lazy to really find a blog that posted about the issue. But here's the google search page and if you're not as lazy as me, just scroll for any links that's in English and read it. I didn't go through all of them but I've only came across *counts* 3 that don't condemn the poor man to the fires of hell.

What do I think of it?

I'm not holding up posters of "COME OUT OF THE CLOSET" because I don't really care about people being in the closet. Some find it a very personal thing to tell the world. Its their right to do so.

I'm not encouraging people to swing the other way so stop thinking I'm some kind of satan's agent. As I said before:

I don't care. Be gay. Be bi. Be straight.

Going back to the topic, I read through comments in various blogs and most were very .. insulting. They acted like they have the fucking right to judge someone. They acted as if they have some kind of magic power that enables them to predict if someone will be in hell or heaven.

I know.

I feel like ramming my fist into their chins.

Or smacking the back of their heads.

Who are we, as a human being to judge others and call them as " The biggest shame to their parents," ?

For me, I have a simple question to ask those people. People = Malaysian Muslims that went all holier-than-thou about that Azwan Ismail man.

Is your politically correct sexuality a guarantee ticket to heaven?

Yes, I'm asking you if you being straight means you're definitely going to heaven? Because to me, as far as I know, its way more complicated than that. It could be that your straight ass might end up in hell for the other sins you do. And that says something about you because hey, you're not gay (such a serious offense for all of you) but you end up at the very place you condemned on a gay Muslim.

Allah is Forgiving. I know that one. So who are we, other human beings to say insulting things to this man?

As I believe and posted as my Facebook status :

If you want to preach someone for not being a good Muslim, do make sure that you're a good one from every aspect. If not, do shut up.

Yes. Every fucking aspect.

Yes, that includes dating. If you're so holier-than-thou to say what's going to happen to Azwan, you're bound to know that we're not allowed to date. Hold hands. Be alone with someone of the other sex. You get me.

I'm using dating as an example because I know its a common thing. Unless you're one of those religiously brought up people who don't date and really take care of things. To them, stop judging people. Stop thinking that you're better because you have more knowledge. Pride is a sin. Right? Or some other shit.

I'm not against religious people. I'm against them trying to ram their thoughts down my throat. I have a respect for the people who choose to deepen their knowledge in religion. But, keep it to yourself unless you're asked. Stop thinking the others are sinning big time.

The world will be a better place if people stop judging others.

And that is all.


Peace Out.


For some reason, I so would love comments and feedbacks on this. Like, I'm not even offering my godkids. That shows how serious I'am.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Something Went "Clank" In The Washing Machine.

Part One

I love sunnies. And my love for them has a reason more than vanity. It seems that my eyes are all fucked up have some glare issues or perhaps its my migraine but I can't stand happy fuckity sunshine joy bright lights. I'll get a headache. That will transform into a migraine.

Yes, this includes turning on lights when it is decently sunny outside.

Yes, it suits my vampire tendencies of I hate the sun so let me wallow in the shade or inside a building.

My current sunnies is just waiting to be disposed because yours truly someone accidentally sat on them and cracked some of the frames so it's a bit useless, as in going to break apart. I've been yapping about buying a new one for a while now but I never have money ( Hanis, you buy the cheap knock off ones that's only 10 Ringgit. And yes, Hanis, you know how harmful that can be but you swear you'll buy the expensive ones that will truly protect your eyes when you get a rich boyfriend) or I haven't come across a pair I like.

I like em big.

Well, not that big since I got chipmunk cheeks full cheeks that will hurt with those big frames. But you know, vintage-ish that will look good on me. And cover the area around my eyes properly.

Part Two

Mama wears glasses. I wear contacts. She hates the glare too (Like mother, like daughter) so for years, she has this clip on dark shades for her glasses. You know what I'm talking about right? It has this magnetic thingie that will stick the thin dark shades on top of the lenses so ta-da! You'll have instant sunglasses.

Few months ago, she bought this pair of BIG sunnies that people wear over glasses. There's even small lenses at the sides so the sunshine won't hit from the sides. How much did it cost her? 50 ringgit. I lusted after it. Like, begged her to give me it. She keeps it in the car and if I'm driving alone, I'll use hers.

Today, someone, I swear not me, accidentally slipped them into the laundry basket. And I washed the clothes. Mama was the witness to the clanking sounds. When it was all done, I took out the clothes and found the dark lenses. And the frame, lenseless.

Yes, that's the frames on my bed. See the empty spaces at the sides?

Hanis: I swear it wasn't me who put it in.

Mama: Oh well, I'll send it to the store to put the lenses back in.

Hanis: ... Can't I have the frames and get my lenses fit in so it will be my normal pair of glasses?

Mama: You barely wear your glasses.

Hanis: I do wear them! At night ... or when I don't go out at all...

As I type this, I got the frames on. Lenseless of course. It looks so cool to me. On me. I don't care if you think it looks geeky or not cool enough. I love them. Ignore the fact that I just changed the lenses on my glasses about a month ago. Or that if I get this frames, I'll have two pair of glasses.

Lil bro just walked in and stared at me. Mama walked in earlier and stared too. I know, I look that gorgeous.

Here's to all the work I have to do during my week long break. And to my might-be moping around.

Peace Out.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mid Sem Break Approaching. Wait, Already?

Today the lil bro is officially 14. And I'm officially 21 and a half. Yeay myself my lil bro for surviving another year. Or as someone had once said to me:

" You're celebrating another year closer to your death,"

I know. I was struck dumb by that. Before feeling like smacking the logical view out of the person before stuffing some cake into their mouth.

But yes, it is true. But oh well, I shall look at life as a half full glass of water.

One thing I love about Malaysia is the amount of public holidays we have. Classes started on the 3rd. And last Thursday was a public holiday for Thaipusam and starting this Saturday for a whole week is the Chinese New Year break for schools. Which includes universities too. So, yes, barely 3 weeks in and I'm having my mid semester break.

And an Eco test this Thursday.

3 quizzes, one test and one pre-test for Marketing sometimes in February.

A test each for Actuarial Math and Advanced Financial Math.

I'm begging you, please don't make the last two in the same week. I'll die of frustation. I'll roll around from the headache. I'll scream from trying to understand the theories. I'll throw things when I can't get the damn answers by a mere 0.05. (Yes, it counts). So, please, do not make it on the same week. Or even close (being a weekend apart does not count as far!)

*takes a deep breath*

As an abrupt end to this post *is actually fighting an asthma attack as we type*, do click if you're interested to know what is my current fave song to drive to.

Mozart, I shall be expecting your comment on my choice.

Peace Out.

Oh yes, what am I giving my bro? My sisterly love. Or a coupon for "I'll Beat Up Any Kid Who's Bugging You With a Baseball Bat." that can be used within the next year.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

If Hate Was a Taste.

If hate was a taste, I think it will be bitter. Like pure dark chocolate. Perhaps it will have a strong aftertaste that lingers seductively on your tongue, slowly making you addicted to it. You'll find yourself wanting that aftertaste again so you let the bitterness fill your mouth as you impatiently wait for it to change. Over and over and over. Until one day you realise that you've grown immune to it. Numb. Left with a mouth so bitter that you break into tearful pieces.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Before Mrs. Draco Malfoy, there was Mrs. Lee Ryan.

*has a sore throat, slight fever and a cough*

*blames Dad and the lil bro for infecting her with their germs*

*blames the germs for distracting her from studying*

*has an Economics test and a Marketing quiz next week*

*is trying to be excited about that*


I have to stop using that kind of * lines. I might have exceeded the daily quota. Anyway, I'm here at the dining table because I originally planned to re-do yesterday's questions from hell. Progress? I stil need to open my book.

I swear I need that smart boyfriend, like right now. *sighs*

Oh yes, why am I at the dining table? I don't have a desk. *makes a sad face* Lil bro took it. How was I to know that I'll stop studying while lying on my tummy on the bed or floor once I got into uni and got used to having a study desk?

Yes. I think that was slightly confusing.

Oh well. *bad influence from Mozart*

Do any of you know of the band Blue? A UK-based boyband that were once big in the early 2000s? I think I read that they're making a comeback. Or have already. I think. Well, they distracted me for the past hour with all of their past hits. *was a big big big fangirl who called herself Mrs. Lee Ryan*

This was my fave song.

Mozart, don't kill me for the boyband song. It could have been Nysnc. Or Westlife. Or any other.

Peace Out.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Need a Smart Boyfriend. It Will Help.

Today, we had an Actuarial Math class. Yes, I'm aware I haven't googled and put up a link for that but I'm too lazy. So, in today's class, the lecturer gave us a quiz. More like, an open-book, discuss it together in the class set of questions.

There were 5 questions. Duration of time taken? One hour and 45 minutes. It was all simple 3 marks questions.


Okay, not simple. But they weren't the elaborate questions which requires loads of working. Yet, the class still took ages until the lecturer took pity on us and gave us clues. The clues led to him answering all 5 of the questions by explaining and deriving formulas on the white board for us.

" I think I'm the one who's doing the quiz,"

Yes, sir. But we did learn loads of stuff which would eventually help us in our upcoming test. *Dies thinking of the test*

Going to the point of this post, the thing that inspired this post, while we were attempting question number four, a friend and I was discussing a very important matter. So important that we ignored our attempt on the mental torture. I'll make it short.

"We need help in our studies."


"We need to get smart boyfriends,"

"With cars,"

"Wait, we still can't park near the faculty due to it all being parking spaces for lecturers,"

"... get young, single and hot lecturers to be our boyfriends?"

*Both of us starts laughing and choking as we try to hold in the volume*

I don't agree with the lecturer part anyway. That will make Mama so pleased she'll choke with joy and start calling every single relative ever known. On both side.*shudders*

So, important lesson for college or uni: Get a smart boyfriend who will be able to help you. And I do mean, teach you. Not do your work for you. Like, duh.

Take that down and remember it kids. *feels like giving another message for the society*

Oh yes, any offers?


Peace Out.

I'm an Optimist! Sometimes.

*In a conversation earlier*

Hanis : It didn't help with my "I have no chance" feeling.

Mozart: Oh well, once you hit bottom, you can only go up xD

Hanis: No no. Not for me. Once I hit bottom, I'll stay there.

Mozart: Well, at least it can't get worse.

Hanis: Why are you so optimistic?

Mozart: Sucks not to be.

Hanis: It's scary.

Believe me, Mozart used the " :) " face generously that it creeped me out.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Free Meal Makes Hanis an Eager Student.

My Marketing lecturer is perhaps the most fucking amazing wonderful superb most inspiring lecturer when it comes in making her students study. Hard. You see, she has this award system.

"Has your seniors told you about the Best Student and Best Group?"

*the whole class shook our heads with dumb confusion*

"Well, at the end of the semester, I'll choose a Best Student and the Best Group from the class and they'll get a reward. Last semester's was a meal at Concorde a hotel,"


That was how we reacted. In my mind, I had a mental image of food. Eating tasty food. Like, the important bit is food. And I know, if you're not one of those "I live to eat" people, you won't see why I'm so excited by this.

I, Hanis totally love food.

And the thought of a free meal at a hotel ( I know, I'm not picky actually) is the reason why I'm studying hard for a simple quiz tommorow.

Well, when I'm not distracted by my laptop and the internet.

Here's to Marketing and a free meal!

Peace Out

*runs off to read about Marketing Concepts*

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Some People Should Have Their Driving License Revoked.

As I've mentioned before, this semester, I'm driving from home to uni with sleeping at the hostel one or two nights per week due to Mama still healing from the surgery. I know there's potential of me being seen as a snob for this post but I'll just give a what the hell, I don't give a fuck.

I drive Mama's car. A Honda City. Not the latest edition but the one before that. I love it. I even asked Dad if he wants to buy a new car for Mama to just give me the Honda. At my uni, the average student's car is a local small sized car. Or medium small. The City is medium sized, slightly smaller and shorter compared to a Honda Civic. (Google if you need visual aid!).

Not all cars owned by the uni's students are cheap/second hand/ugly/local as some are quite nice local made cars or just nice cars. The expensive ones are often driven around by kids with rich parents who are actually able to send their brats off to an oversea uni but is perhaps too stingy well- off parents.

So, going onto the point of this half rant, since my diploma years, I've always hated most of the drivers in the campus area. Motorcyclists just weave in and out, sometimes hitting against side mirrors without a care. I swear, they're begging to be rammed from behind by me in full speed by cars.

And the drivers of those ugly ass cars with scratches and paint marks don't have a care for other cars. They just think:

"My car is an ugly ass local car with paints scraped off, why should I care in pulling out of the parking space beside that Honda that cost thrice mine?"

Last week, I parked my car very nicely near the hostel. I slept the night and next morning, I noticed a fucking long scratch at the side of my car. It had no paint marks and it looked as if someone walked past and dragged their bags or something against it.

My reaction?

"Fuck this. I'm gonna install a CCTV and fucking sue the culprits,"

I wish I can do that.

I wish the uni's admin would make every single fucking students take a class on "How to Treat Other People's Cars". My parents taught me that, well Dad is a guy who loves his cars. A lot.

*remembers the reprimands at fingerprints on the windows*

The parking spaces are limited. Which is stupid. But as I've learned, you come in early, you'll get a nice parking space. You come in late, you'll be double parking with the handbrake not pulled up and just a brick behind your tyre so if the person being double parked on can push your car to the side and pull out with ramming into your car.

I swear, it sometimes looks like a puzzle. You have to push this car first then that car before pushing the other car again before finally able to get out.

This leads to an incident that happened on Thursday, in the middle of rain and peak hours as Mama wants me to come home as soon as class is over. Keep this in mind that the street was a narrow street with cars sideparking on the opposite side and motorcycles parked between those cars.

Keep that in mind.

One of those ugly ass cars were double parked in front of the car beside mine, and its rear end was in front of my space. And as we all know, I'm not the best driver. I mean, I don't have mad skills. I'm decent. Right away, I knew I had to really turn the steering so I can reverse out without hitting the car.

1. My car is not small.

2. That car looked as if it scraped against a wall.

3. That car had its handbrake pulled up.

4. No contact number left.

5. It was raining.

I waited 20 mins. I didn't want to risk damaging my car. I swear, if I was driving a piece of junk, I would have reversed straight out and scraped paint off that ugly car. After 20 mins of wanting to kick the car and resisting to slam my hand on the horn since I'm still in the hostel area, I tried few times before managing to reverse out. Hence, came my next problem.

Narrow street. Other cars waiting for me to get out and away so they can move on. A car side parked very nearby. A motorcyle in front of it, which was my blind spot. I had to avoid the ugly car in front of me and the car behind me. Reversed, foward, reversed, foward, reversed foward.

I know, there has to be a casualty.

Blind spot.

I knocked down the motorcycle. In my defense, there's a parking area for motorcycles very nearby and he had to park it there? I was so pissed by that time, I was tempted to ram my car into the ugly junk car, the offender. If I was in a better mood, I would have gotten out and tried to pull the motorcycle up.

What did I do?

"Fuck this,"

And I sped off, cursing the uni's students and wishing I have memorised the car's plate so I can ram it next time I see it. If the driver had appeared, I would have definitely gotten into a brawl. And tell them to fucking go back to driver's ed.

To the motorcycle owner, I'm sincerely sorry. If there's scratches, I would have paid.

To the cars behind me, waiting for me to get out properly, next time, back up and give a car more space. Not everyone drive a cheap small car like you.

To the offender car owner, you better watch out. I remember how your car look like. I'll definitely do something to you. Out of anger.

So, fuck off all of the uni's students that drives. Fucking learn to drive and the etiquette that comes with cars. Manners if you're too dense to get that.

I have nothing against cheap local cars. Just some of their owners.

Peace Out.

Friday, January 14, 2011

After 2 Weeks of Uni, I'm Prepared to Scream.

I'm a naturally lazy person. Hence, when I get home, I tend to fall dead asleep on the bed finish the various chores while holding back from making comments. So, here's a post on uni. Like, finally, true?

Let me see, here, I'm not sure whether it's just my uni or all other unis in Malaysia, but when you get into your program, you're in your batch. Your class. And with that group of people, you'll be taking classes. The same faces in and out. Unless, it's an elective such as Third Language or if you failed a paper and have to retake it with another class.

Since I'm in the December intake, the number of intakes is quite small. In my class, there's only 14 of us. Including me. I've known the 13 kids since my diploma years. Yes. Imagine that. 10 girls and 4 guys.

I know, you're probably thinking either:

a) Fuck, that's boring.

b) Awww you guys will be soooo close.

c) Spill it.Do you have a crush on one of those guys?

*keeps a straight face*

Let's see. Yes, it can be boring sometimes but it's quite enjoyable. In fact, we get quite hostile for certain subjects when there's other people. Well, that might be just me.

Hmm, not all of us will be soooo close.

I had a crush on one of them ages ago. Total whimsy thing. I now wonder why. Nope. But looking at the schedule. And thinking about it. I might be. Maybe. I donno.

*changes subject*

Anyway, as most people a handful of people have asked me about what subjects I'm taking, here is the list of my wonderful mind torture instruments.

Advanced Financial Math - I already did Financial Math 1 & 2. Imagine my moan of horror when I realised we're not done.

Actuarial Math - Basically, the important subject as an Actuarial student. My reaction? Fuck. I'm still amazed I got a B for Introduction to Actuarial Math.

Arabic Language 1 - I have to take it for 3 semesters. It was either this, Mandarin or French. I'm not gonna learn a new alphabet system and I prefer Italian over French. Stepping into this class gives me the "I want to hide under the chair so you won't call on me and make me try to excercise." feeling. And yes, the textbook? No translations. At all.

Reading for Research - Basically, another term paper English class, which is a waste of time in my opinion. And it's group work. Torture.

Economics - I did Intro to Economics about 3 years ago. It's basically that again, but more detailed. And the lecturer gives such funny examples. Which makes me laugh my ass off.

Marketing - I love this class so far. Seems interesting.

Ethnic Relations - I know. What the fuck is this about? I have no idea.

And ta-da! I don't have final papers for the languages subjects so that only leaves me with 5 possible breakdowns finals . My schedule so far, is okay. But they totally love making us have one morning class and one late evening class on the same day. But I'm not gonna complain when I have Friday free.

*grins to myself*

Anyway, I'm eyeing my Actuarial Math notes. The lecturer gave us some exercises when he saw how out of practice we were after our internships. Can you believe it that it took me 10 mins to know what's the answer when you integrate 1/u ?

*apologizes for the slight math babble*

We, me and some friends were thinking that it's impossible (the answer was given on the board) cause that will totally leave it with a 1/0 which makes it wrong.

It came to me 10 minutes later.

Integration of 1/u = ln u.

I know. Fuck my Calculus skills. I need to sharpen it.

Here's to Actuarial Math and not falling asleep!

Oh yes, we found out, in Actuarial Math alone, there's about 5000 formulas.

Yes. Curse all you want.

I might just find a link so you'll get a sight into what is Actuarial Math and post it next since I'm too lazy to do it now. Or you could just google it yourself.


Peace Out.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

After a Week, Finally a Post.

Hanis: I haven't properly blogged for a week now *inserts a sincere sad face*

Noelle: I KNOW. I've been checking. It's like, where are the new entries?!

Hanis: Its either I'm too tired to type or I'll type out a long rant. And I give up.

Noelle: Awww. But I like your entries.

Hanis: Imagine 5 posts in a row about the amount of stairs I need to climb every day. How I need to get an umbrella or I'll get dark. Or how I need new sunnies. Or how we're deprived of cute guys at the faculty.

*gives you time to imagine*

Hanis: I can imagine Mozart being like "Hanis. Please rant about your ex. Anything. Just nothing to do with uni,"

That convo totally sums up the lack of new posts from me. As I said before, due to Mama still recovering, I'm driving back and forth nearly everyday. Unless its Wednesday since I finish at 8pm and have a class at 8.30 am on Thursday.

Yes, some of you may think:

"So what? I drive back and forth too"

No, Noelle I don't mean you. I mean other kids on my Facebook who saw the link of this wonderful blog.

Well, when I do get home, I have chores, chores and more chores to be done. I had to stay at the hostel from Thursday and only got back home this morning at 10-ish (Sunday) because I had a seminar thingie to join. Compulsory. Which is ickness. I might blog about that sometime in the future.

So I called Mama while driving out of the campus and was asked to buy some stuffs. At 3 different places. Cool. The moment I got home, I saw the laundry to be done. The past few days had been very cloudy if not raining heavily thus, not helping at all.

Did I want to cry when I brought in my bag of dirty clothes to wash and saw the two baskets waiting to be washed as well?

Not really.

I had about 3 hours of sleep last night, I might blog about that too, and didn't get a chance to nap since. Mama wanted the family to grab lunch together since it's been a while since we done that.

And as usual, when Hanis has a hectic schedule, she'll get a fever and gets sick-ish. So she will shower, wash her hair and sleep before waking up at 6 so she'll get to uni since she has a class at 8.30.

Oh yeah, purpose of this post? Just to tell you guys that

I'm alive!!

And no, I'm not losing interest.

Peace Out.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Confession No.10

I expect it to happen a 3rd time.
Is it foolish of me trying to stop it?
Or should I just let it go on?
Just once, I want to win.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hostel Registration = Pain.

My first ever post of this wonderful year and its going to be a rant. Woooohoooo. Typical Hanis. Anyway, today is the day I had to go to the hostel and apply for a room. Dad asked me if I wanted to drive there myself or do I want him to come along. Being me, I totally forgot that today is also the same day that new students register.

Now, imagine hundreds of new students. Imagine hundreds of cars. And in each car, the trunk will be full of their useless junks stuffs while the seats will be filled with every bloody family member imaginable. I swear, Great Grand Uncle Tony Spazzo was there too. Well, you get what I mean, right?

I got out of my house around 9.55. If it was a normal day, I would be through the uni's gates around 10.20. Today? God. I was at the traffic light before the turn to go into the gates for about 15-20 minutes. I had bloody time to read few pages of the magazine I bought between the lights changing.

Once I passed through the gates, I saw even more cars. This would be fun, I thought. It took me so long to find a parking space that it was 11.20 when I got out of my car, sunnies on with a water bottle in hand. Oh yes, I even screamed at some drivers while in the car so no one else heard me. I swear I looked like a basket case.

The place was full of relatives. I had to avoid stepping on someone's kid brother before nearly colliding with someone's elderly grandfather. *takes deep breath* My target? The registration counter. And here, how it went.

"May I see your offer letter?"

*takes it out and hands it*

"Here, fill up this form,"

Form = Name and phone number.

*hands back form*

*gets letter stamped*

"Go to the next counter,"

*gets key to room*

"Here's the forms you have to fill up. Please submit them at 4.30 today,"

*checks watch. 11.30*

"Earliest at 4.30?"


*smiles painfully*

"Thank you,"

*stalks off, cursing in my mind before going back into the car*

I was home by 12.05.

Its 2.40 right now and I'm filling up the forms. Can I send it over by carrier pigeon? Or tommorow when I have to go to uni and wait around at the faculty because
management didn't bother to inform no one has a clue.

*eyes the wall*

I hate this. But oh well, wish me luck for submitting the forms? So there will be no traffic and tons of parking spaces. *wishes upon stars*

But before that, I so have a crush on Gwyneth Paltrow.

Peace Out.

And oooh, Happy 2011 !!


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