Friday, January 14, 2011

After 2 Weeks of Uni, I'm Prepared to Scream.

I'm a naturally lazy person. Hence, when I get home, I tend to fall dead asleep on the bed finish the various chores while holding back from making comments. So, here's a post on uni. Like, finally, true?

Let me see, here, I'm not sure whether it's just my uni or all other unis in Malaysia, but when you get into your program, you're in your batch. Your class. And with that group of people, you'll be taking classes. The same faces in and out. Unless, it's an elective such as Third Language or if you failed a paper and have to retake it with another class.

Since I'm in the December intake, the number of intakes is quite small. In my class, there's only 14 of us. Including me. I've known the 13 kids since my diploma years. Yes. Imagine that. 10 girls and 4 guys.

I know, you're probably thinking either:

a) Fuck, that's boring.

b) Awww you guys will be soooo close.

c) Spill it.Do you have a crush on one of those guys?

*keeps a straight face*

Let's see. Yes, it can be boring sometimes but it's quite enjoyable. In fact, we get quite hostile for certain subjects when there's other people. Well, that might be just me.

Hmm, not all of us will be soooo close.

I had a crush on one of them ages ago. Total whimsy thing. I now wonder why. Nope. But looking at the schedule. And thinking about it. I might be. Maybe. I donno.

*changes subject*

Anyway, as most people a handful of people have asked me about what subjects I'm taking, here is the list of my wonderful mind torture instruments.

Advanced Financial Math - I already did Financial Math 1 & 2. Imagine my moan of horror when I realised we're not done.

Actuarial Math - Basically, the important subject as an Actuarial student. My reaction? Fuck. I'm still amazed I got a B for Introduction to Actuarial Math.

Arabic Language 1 - I have to take it for 3 semesters. It was either this, Mandarin or French. I'm not gonna learn a new alphabet system and I prefer Italian over French. Stepping into this class gives me the "I want to hide under the chair so you won't call on me and make me try to excercise." feeling. And yes, the textbook? No translations. At all.

Reading for Research - Basically, another term paper English class, which is a waste of time in my opinion. And it's group work. Torture.

Economics - I did Intro to Economics about 3 years ago. It's basically that again, but more detailed. And the lecturer gives such funny examples. Which makes me laugh my ass off.

Marketing - I love this class so far. Seems interesting.

Ethnic Relations - I know. What the fuck is this about? I have no idea.

And ta-da! I don't have final papers for the languages subjects so that only leaves me with 5 possible breakdowns finals . My schedule so far, is okay. But they totally love making us have one morning class and one late evening class on the same day. But I'm not gonna complain when I have Friday free.

*grins to myself*

Anyway, I'm eyeing my Actuarial Math notes. The lecturer gave us some exercises when he saw how out of practice we were after our internships. Can you believe it that it took me 10 mins to know what's the answer when you integrate 1/u ?

*apologizes for the slight math babble*

We, me and some friends were thinking that it's impossible (the answer was given on the board) cause that will totally leave it with a 1/0 which makes it wrong.

It came to me 10 minutes later.

Integration of 1/u = ln u.

I know. Fuck my Calculus skills. I need to sharpen it.

Here's to Actuarial Math and not falling asleep!

Oh yes, we found out, in Actuarial Math alone, there's about 5000 formulas.

Yes. Curse all you want.

I might just find a link so you'll get a sight into what is Actuarial Math and post it next since I'm too lazy to do it now. Or you could just google it yourself.


Peace Out.


Experiment House said...

Calculus? I stopped doing math at the end of 10th Grade! I'm pretty sure I failed trigonometry too…so fuck calculus. Looks like my Music Degree won't have any exams for the next two years…

5 papers? That's nuts. What do they think you are at? High School?

Hanis. said...

Dude. In High School, I had 10 papers. For me, as long as I don't have more than 2 math related subjects, I'm cool with it.

Experiment House said...

I had 7 plus a practical exam.

ishashime said...

wow. glad i don't have any math subjects anymore. haha. just a whole lot of science. :|

anyway, what are you taking? :)

Hanis. said...

Science! Gah. I hate science. Science hates me. It's a wonderful relationship.

I'm doing Actuarial Science which falls under the quantitative sciences.

PurpleMist. said...

Wow, I barely passed maths in high school so I had sure not to take anything related to numbers in college.
I pity you.
Good luck! :)

Jodie-Ann said...

I still AM in high school. I failed math last term. I think I'm going to pass with at least a 70 (around a B or a B- in letters) this term though. I hope. *crosses fingers*

Kamila said...

Wew... I hate math... like I'm not dumb at math... but sometimes my eyes my mind my soul all blurred out the same time while looking at numbers....

Hanis. said...

@Purple, I've only gotten A's 3 times through out school for Science. I made sure I wasn't taking any more of that.

@Jodie, I failed Biology and Physics countless times. Like, my parents wanted to strangle me. But I studied hard, got a cute tutor and I got the former to a C and the latter to a B.

@Kamilla, Hahahahaha. I sometimes hate numbers after all the math problems.


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