Saturday, January 15, 2011

Some People Should Have Their Driving License Revoked.

As I've mentioned before, this semester, I'm driving from home to uni with sleeping at the hostel one or two nights per week due to Mama still healing from the surgery. I know there's potential of me being seen as a snob for this post but I'll just give a what the hell, I don't give a fuck.

I drive Mama's car. A Honda City. Not the latest edition but the one before that. I love it. I even asked Dad if he wants to buy a new car for Mama to just give me the Honda. At my uni, the average student's car is a local small sized car. Or medium small. The City is medium sized, slightly smaller and shorter compared to a Honda Civic. (Google if you need visual aid!).

Not all cars owned by the uni's students are cheap/second hand/ugly/local as some are quite nice local made cars or just nice cars. The expensive ones are often driven around by kids with rich parents who are actually able to send their brats off to an oversea uni but is perhaps too stingy well- off parents.

So, going onto the point of this half rant, since my diploma years, I've always hated most of the drivers in the campus area. Motorcyclists just weave in and out, sometimes hitting against side mirrors without a care. I swear, they're begging to be rammed from behind by me in full speed by cars.

And the drivers of those ugly ass cars with scratches and paint marks don't have a care for other cars. They just think:

"My car is an ugly ass local car with paints scraped off, why should I care in pulling out of the parking space beside that Honda that cost thrice mine?"

Last week, I parked my car very nicely near the hostel. I slept the night and next morning, I noticed a fucking long scratch at the side of my car. It had no paint marks and it looked as if someone walked past and dragged their bags or something against it.

My reaction?

"Fuck this. I'm gonna install a CCTV and fucking sue the culprits,"

I wish I can do that.

I wish the uni's admin would make every single fucking students take a class on "How to Treat Other People's Cars". My parents taught me that, well Dad is a guy who loves his cars. A lot.

*remembers the reprimands at fingerprints on the windows*

The parking spaces are limited. Which is stupid. But as I've learned, you come in early, you'll get a nice parking space. You come in late, you'll be double parking with the handbrake not pulled up and just a brick behind your tyre so if the person being double parked on can push your car to the side and pull out with ramming into your car.

I swear, it sometimes looks like a puzzle. You have to push this car first then that car before pushing the other car again before finally able to get out.

This leads to an incident that happened on Thursday, in the middle of rain and peak hours as Mama wants me to come home as soon as class is over. Keep this in mind that the street was a narrow street with cars sideparking on the opposite side and motorcycles parked between those cars.

Keep that in mind.

One of those ugly ass cars were double parked in front of the car beside mine, and its rear end was in front of my space. And as we all know, I'm not the best driver. I mean, I don't have mad skills. I'm decent. Right away, I knew I had to really turn the steering so I can reverse out without hitting the car.

1. My car is not small.

2. That car looked as if it scraped against a wall.

3. That car had its handbrake pulled up.

4. No contact number left.

5. It was raining.

I waited 20 mins. I didn't want to risk damaging my car. I swear, if I was driving a piece of junk, I would have reversed straight out and scraped paint off that ugly car. After 20 mins of wanting to kick the car and resisting to slam my hand on the horn since I'm still in the hostel area, I tried few times before managing to reverse out. Hence, came my next problem.

Narrow street. Other cars waiting for me to get out and away so they can move on. A car side parked very nearby. A motorcyle in front of it, which was my blind spot. I had to avoid the ugly car in front of me and the car behind me. Reversed, foward, reversed, foward, reversed foward.

I know, there has to be a casualty.

Blind spot.

I knocked down the motorcycle. In my defense, there's a parking area for motorcycles very nearby and he had to park it there? I was so pissed by that time, I was tempted to ram my car into the ugly junk car, the offender. If I was in a better mood, I would have gotten out and tried to pull the motorcycle up.

What did I do?

"Fuck this,"

And I sped off, cursing the uni's students and wishing I have memorised the car's plate so I can ram it next time I see it. If the driver had appeared, I would have definitely gotten into a brawl. And tell them to fucking go back to driver's ed.

To the motorcycle owner, I'm sincerely sorry. If there's scratches, I would have paid.

To the cars behind me, waiting for me to get out properly, next time, back up and give a car more space. Not everyone drive a cheap small car like you.

To the offender car owner, you better watch out. I remember how your car look like. I'll definitely do something to you. Out of anger.

So, fuck off all of the uni's students that drives. Fucking learn to drive and the etiquette that comes with cars. Manners if you're too dense to get that.

I have nothing against cheap local cars. Just some of their owners.

Peace Out.

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Aseela Haque said...

This made me laugh so much.
And I hate bad drivers as well. They usually own shit cars and don't worry about ruining anyone else's car. Or they're usually rich ass brats who don't give a shit.


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