Letter to Cupid

Dear Cupid

           You keep making mistakes dontcha? I'll be nice and disregard the first two you sent my way. No1 was a fool, for having feelings for me. It was obvious deeply hinted that we're just not meant for each other. You owe me for the No2. He redefines the meaning of multipletiming split personalities and boy, was I glad he's outta my life right now.

           I swear I'll clip your wings off if you even dare to whisper that No3 was worth the pain. You aimed the arrow at me when I was still recovering from the headfuck No2 left on me thus imposing No3 at a vulnerable moment. Yes, he was perfect.Don't look smug. He was perfect till I discovered the trail of lies. And that was when things just unravelled.

          Did you use a superstrength arrow on me that time? Boy, I was so stupidly blindly in love that I just meh our fights, arguments and every bits of negativity away. I brushed away the tears he made me cried on those night. I smoothed down the cracks in my self esteem caused by his words. I shrugged the moments I became nasty and bitchy and whiny and needy and just not me.

         Perhaps, the worst thing I did was to break my utmost important rule which is to never let a guy make me doubt my self worth. You made me not fight back when it was hinted that I need to be a certain weight. And being the fool that I was, I made myself work hard so I can make him proud of me. So I can be perfect enough for me.

          Idiot. Somehow, he wanted to cover up his fucking stupid mistake with saying its all for my own good. For my own health. Did I listen? No. I wrote about 20 letters for him, never mailed and tied up together and kept in my bag. With me wherever I go. Its been awhile since I've read those letters and I'm glad because I don't want to start crying while reading them. That's the norm.

         This time Cupid, don't make any more mistakes, savvy? Or I'll file a complaint so big your boss will bench your diapered ass for real. Do research your next target. And maybe someone who lives closer this time. So he can't make up stories about himself. But the most important of all, make him someone who's able to love me for me and thinks I'm hella of a gorgeous person no matter what. That's simple right?

        If its not too hard, make him tall and gorgeous, intelligent and loves to read too. You are Cupid. The dude that sets up people. I'm sure there's a guy out there that fits my requirements. Use Aphrodite's computer to look up the candidates. Do I have to tell you everything?



P/S : To make it easier for you, I got my eye on someone already. Aim that way.


Anonymous said...

oh! this is so cute!

hello Hanis :) thanks for visiting my blog. yours is lovely :)

Mr Nasir said...

lol this is funny! Maybe he shud aim my way, lol.

Kyla said...

That's just awesome. I need to try this sometime.

kae said...

this just made me lol.. i love it! :)

Stephanie said...

This is amazing, by the way :) I should do this. If I do, I'll be sure to give you a shout-out!



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