Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Poem For a Boy.

Dear boy,
Stop talking and spilling,
Sweet lies from your lips,
Running all over my skin,
Stroking down my spine,
Landing deep in my heart,
Ripples and splashes galore,
An echo of false promises,
Your lips gave to my heart.


Experiment House said...

See, I told you my changes would make it better. :D

Beyond Timid said...

I LOVED this! Usually, I'm not that impressed with poetry because all people do these days are throw in fancy words and call it a day, resulting in a nonsensical poem. But there's a fine line between just being cryptic and not making sense.

Maryam said...

Coolio. I like it.

Chinese Violin Diary said...

This is pretty sophisticated.I love how you describe this boy, with 'ripples' and 'spilling'. The way you describe him is so.. fluid, so smooth.


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