Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Let Me Smack Some Sense Into Your Head.

If you ask Mozart what's one thing that will rile me up more than Edward Cullen being voted Sexiest Vampire over Spike is people generalising culture, people, society and religion. I remember wanting to smack the back of his head while screaming "Asia is made up of more than just East Asia!!" a while ago. Another online friend got my wrath when he said how Asia is lacking behind in the Health sector.

Hey, I get that. Malaysia is still waiting for the top-notch equipments but as far as I know, we got all the vaccines needed in this time. So, I gave him an online smack on the head, telling him "Parts of Asia!! Not the whole freaking continent!"

Do you see the pattern now?

So, recently, I came across someone generalising a very sensitive issue. Religion. Or Muslims.

I know. Hanis should stay away from religious/homosexual topics.

So, it started with the topic of a woman wearing a burqa. You know, where they cover their faces with that veil thingie? For your information, in Islam, the women are allowed to show their faces, hence the hijab, where only the head is covered. Why the burqa? That came from living in the desert climate. Sand. Hot air. Better off to cover their faces, right?

Its a case of culture mixing into religion, you get me?

So, this person went on how:

1) Muslim men are allowed to marry as many women as possible.
2) Women are treated like animals, having no rights.
3)Women are bound and shrink away due to fear.
4)Islam promotes violence.
5) Women has to hold on to their virginities while men are allowed to have "fun"

And so on. What irks me more is when someone tries to correct them, the person was stubborn with her views. Like, as if she had lived among Muslims all around the world her whole life. So, here I'am, getting all irked and screaming at the laptop and complaining to Mozart.

Listen here lady, and other people out there who are still in that habit of looking at one section of a group/religion/culture and think that is how the whole group is, this is a wonderful explanation for you.

First and foremost, stop thinking and acting as if Muslims = Arabs. You're so fucking wrong. We got Chinese Muslims. We got Russian Muslims. We got Japanese Muslims. We got Indian Muslims. We got Caucasian Muslims. You name it. I'm not so sure about Eskimo Muslims though.

Secondly, your narrow view of Islam is focused on the Arabs. You look at how they mix their culture into religion and think that its all Islam. Wrong. Knock that thought out of your head before I smack it out for you.

1) Maximum number of wives: 4. FOUR. Not "as much as possible". And before you start going on how unfair it is, there are certain requirements the men must fulfill before they're able to take on a 2nd wife. Let me say this now, stop fucking looking at that one section of Muslims and think the first wife has no say in this! Geez.

2) I'm treated like an animal? Like oh my fucking gosh. Dad, are you treating me like an animal?

He must be a really nice man for letting me pursue a degree in Actuarial Science(ain't no easy degree to obtain), drive around for the past 5 years, wear jeans, not *gasps* cover my face, go out without a chaperone and not beating me up when I talk to a guy.

Yes, these are all the normal assumptions I came across. No, my parents won't slaughter me for talking to a guy. They won't whip me till I bleed for walking around with my face uncovered. If I do mention how they'll kill/ slaughter/skin my hide, its all a joke.

3) I don't live in fear. Apart from fear of not meeting the one, failing my papers and so on. I swear I don't.

4)I've always believed if you want to know how a religion really is, untainted by culture/politics/perceptions, you have to go into a class full of little kids and sit with them as they are taught their religion.

You guys sit there, acting all I'm-so-smart spitting out "jihad", "get n virgins for killing an infidel" and so on. Do you know what you guys are doing? Its like me, listening to a biased opinion on the Bible. Or picking up a Bible and read it, using my own prejudiced mind in getting the meaning.

Hey, I do jihad everyday I go to class. Do you know that? I fucking bet most of you don't.

5) By now, I hope you've stop thinking Muslims = Arabs. And its like this, I'm saving myself up for marriage. I don't say "Cause my religion say so," or "My parents will kill me if I even touch a guy's hand". I say "I'm a bleeding romantic who wants to save herself for that one guy,".

Where does the notion of guys not having to save themselves come from? Bull fucking shit.

If I marry a Muslim, he better fucking be a virgin because it signifies he at least, had followed this part.

If I marry a convert, then I don't mind.

Saying all of that, if you still have that Muslims = Arabs mindset, I'm going to smack you. Its like me looking at the Irish Catholics and think "This is how Christians are,". Do you see how stupid that is?

I'm done.

Peace Out.


r.alsharif said...

Amen to that! I made a similar post,http://sunshinekuwait.blogspot.com/2011/05/muslim-women-opressed-are-we.html?showComment=1304413013769#c5600999360656412668 and I know who you're talking about. The genius (sarcasm) is basing her facts on the Sex And The City Movie :S

Experiment House said...

The problem as I see it, is that it's not that people are uneducated about other cultures…but more that they decide to tell the world their uneducated opinions. Unfortunately some of these people are quite well known…it wouldn't be so bad if they kept their thoughts to themselves or made the effort to get out there and see how other parts of the world actually are.

meandmythinkingcap said...

Wow! Am I the talk of the town in every continent now?
Chillax, and in all due fairness you should post all my replies not pick a sentence and bombard with tirades.
I blame Jodie-Ann(kidding), she started bon-fire.
Hanis - Whatever, I like your blog, you are smart intelligent gal. Keep up the good work!

Hanis. said...

You're the flavour of the week. And thankfully I'm not studying law or I'm sure my tirades will be worse xD

Lioness Without A Pride said...

I wish this were broadcasted around the whole world. More people should rad this. You don't know HOW MUCH I love this, and you. :)


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