Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bye Bye.


I've decided to do some kind of post reviewing this year. I tried doing it by month but then for some of them, I don't remember a single thing. I tried by choosing a post for each month to represent it, I just couldn't choose.
So here I'am right now, nursing a headache from the sun blinding me through the curtains, the smell of coffee, the lack of sleep(oh please) and my worry concerning my exams.

I've studied 4 hours today, 7 yesterday. I need more. More I tell you. *Get hungry for hours of study* If only I was like this back in highschool. I would be blogging from some country filled with cute Caucasian boys waiting outside my window to take me out to see the fireworks tonight and "Maybe make some of our own, Hanis. Har har har I'm just kidding. I think."

Mokesart is out partying it off with girls under his arms (exxageration). Okay, let me do a review of what I did this year.

- I made new friends.

-I fought with old friends.

-I regained those friends back.

- I went to a beach trip with classmates and rode on the banana boat thingie. Now, if only they'll do it in freshwater.

-I discovered Tumblr.

- I worked for the first time and realised how a person can be racist in such a way you won't even know this.

-I got closer to my old highschool friends.

-I met with someone who's been plaguing my dreams for the past 4 years and discovered that like time, people change.

- I started to enjoy shopping, but in small doses.

- I had a wonderful birthday.

-I won two giveaways, a painting and a charmbracelet.

-I got even more gorgeous than before.(trust me on this)

-I don't even remember the full names of my exes. Wonderful.

-I went to the 3 full face threading sessions within 5 months. (Imagine the pain)

-I participated in NaNoWriMo and I won.

I think that's all. Well, there's plenty more but I can't think of anything else.

With that, I bid farewell to this year, the year of growth, the year of chances, the year of a new start. Do give 2012 a kiss for me on your way out for me, okay? Don't forget to mention that I'm a nice wonderful person.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

What Time Is It? Crunch Time.

My examination schedule this semester was designed with the sole purpose of mentally torturing us. I'm sure they made it while whispering "Crucio" underneath their breaths in between evil laughters. Oh Voldemort must have new recruits in the examination scheduling departments all over the world before he got killed in the battle.

In order to optimise my studying, I'll be leaving for the hostel to bunk in Mamon's room from tommorow until the 12th or so with short visits in between just to get fresh clothes.

I'm taking 5 papers, 5 oh so hard subjects. The first one starts on the 6th of January so I'm sure I'll be ignoring the ushering of the new year. Even as I type this, I just realise we have only 2 more days left of this year. So, the schedule.

6th- Regression Analysis
9th- Actuarial Programming
10th-Risk Modelling
11th- Stochastic
19th- Actuarial Math

I told you its a mental torture. 3 days in a row. I'm sure by the time I hand in my Stochastic' answer booklet, I'll be sporting dark circles under my eyes, muttering to myself about weird scary things and perhaps, daydreaming of a time where I've decided to take a simpler and much easier course.

I'm also sure I'll be falling asleep while rechecking my answers.

It's a custom of mine to make plans before my finals. Like, my usual one would be "I'm going to buy x number of books the day after the last paper."

Its a form of motivation, trust me. This time, I'm in the process of convincing some friends to go to this one Thai restaurant close to our old hostel back in 2009 for a meal after the Stochastic paper. Then, I'll sleep and make a map on my pillow using invisible spit ink.

Other than that, I'll make sure that I'll watch a movie or two before starting my studies for my last paper. I wonder if The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo would be in the cinemas over here by then? I hope so. Here's to studying my ass and brain out with hopes of sanity at the end.

As a way of remembering how I studied last semester, here's a poem I wrote.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Trying to be Funny.

I'm currently studying about to start studying the ways to get my man Markov process but then, I just felt I have to share some funny things I've read.

Friend: He's not your boyfriend.

Girl: He's just in denial.

Boy: Why do you have a blog full with pictures of me?

Girl: That's from years ago.

Friend: Does he know you like him?

Hanis: Yes. Just not that he's my mother's future son in law.

I told Mokesart the 2nd one, he didn't get it.*roll eyes* I so need to tell it to a girl.

Tell me how can you sleep, How can you breathe, Baby tell me how, How you love me now- Hey Monday.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Will You Tie Yourself to Me?

I watched one of those proposal videos that youtube seems to be infested with. This particular one was posted on Facebook by two friends who were envious of the girl and thought she was the "luckiest" ever. My reaction after the long build-up?

"God, that is so tacky."

I can get why some girls would envy such a grand affair, you know, with all the attention and hey, that must mean he really loves you, right?

Note the sarcasm.

Watching this video made me realised that my reaction to every single proposal video I had the misfortune to watch was along the coast of "God, that is so tacky" and "If it was me, I would be so fucking embarassed."

I just don't get it why you need to enlist people in helping you? Were they there when you fell in love? Did they helped along with that too? and like, its not like you'll be marrying those "helpers" or perhaps even divorcing them one day.

Its just you and the one you love.

I ranted about this to 2 guys and they saw my point of view. I came up with a whole list (a short one) of what you should never do when you're going to propose to me.

One: NO grand affairs. Don't go and waste money on getting some blimp to flash the message, small plane to write it in the sky, billboard, rope in a radio station, put up an ad. Like, I know some would say its the thought that counts but isn't the "Will you marry me?' part the important thought here? I sense a guy who's insecure or just wants to show off when he spends tons of money just to say those four words.

Two: NOT in front of my family. Or your family. Let's cross out crowds in a fancy restaurant or some public place where you asking would eventually put the two of us in the centre of attention. Like, what are you trying to do? Obligating me to say yes?

If the person is decent, they won't say "No, I won't marry you." in front of a crowd who's just waiting for the answer thus making you lose face. They might say yes before telling you fuck no in a more private situation.

THREE: NOTHING tacky. That includes all those putting the ring in some food/drink, scaring the shit out of the person before asking them. and of course, nothing that would be videotaped and put up on youtube.

I told you its a short list.

Mokesart asked me how do I want to be proposed to.

Definitely nothing like in the video.

I want something casual. Private. Maybe during a walk. Or while watching a movie. Perhaps right before the jump in bungee jumping. Something just between me and him. If I can find someone

Before you think this post is some sign of feminism, you're wrong. I'm not into that whole ... thing. I just don't like it when personal moments in life like that are put over the top.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Merry Wishes.

Today I read on Facebook where as Muslims, you're not supposed to wish someone Merry Christmas because somehow it brings the meaning "Peace upon Jesus' God" or something like that. I think I've whined enough about this kind of thing.

If you don't believe in what you're saying, it means nothing. I take that from how one want to convert into Islam. If you want to, you'll have to say the shahadah and really mean it. You can say it a billion times but if you don't mean it, you're still not a Muslim.

Its a bit like saying "I love you."

Yes, nod in front of your screen while you think of the drama that comes from saying those three words.

Words are nothing if there's no meaning behind it.

So that is why I'm wishing you guys a Merry Christmas.

In case you were thinking of showing me some love, do remember that I appreciate books, long necklaces and anklets with bells on them.

Mokesart composed a song based on a poem of mine for my gift, I'm in love with it. Now, I just need to find something for him...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Honeymoon Plans. I Mean Backpacking.

Most girls have things in common, and one of those things are the answer to "Where do you want to go to for your honeymoon?". Most girls already knew the answer to that by the time they hit high school, no doubt aided by movies/songs/novels.

I knew I wanted to go to Rome ever since I read that one novel which I don't remember now. The resolve was strengthened by certain things and by every year's end, I tell myself I'm going to Rome for my honeymoon, no matter who I marry. But now, well, let me give you a look at a recent convo with Mokesart.

"Where do I want to go to for my honeymoon?"

"Rome." (See how I got him trained *hides from him*)

"If I meet the right guy, I might change that."

That led to him being curious and saying its odd of me to say something like that.(Pffft)

What is the change?

Well, what are the odds a guy would say yes when I ask them to take 3 months off from work after the wedding so we can go backpacking-ish across parts of Europe as our honeymoon?

Okay, let's just assume I'll get a poor sod guy to marry me. What are the odds that he won't go on about the budget? Or the time off from work? (I need to avoid workaholics)

That is why I said, if I meet the right guy.

Once he says yes and on, I'll take out a map and some of those pins that you stick on maps. I'll put a blue one on Rome and will say that will be the last place to go. I'll leave the rest of the planning for the future. The planning is half of the fun, right?

*goes off to check if there's anywhere to go bungee jumping in those possible places*

I want to travel damnit. I don't get people who feels travelling as icky. Like, what the fuck. The world is big with continents and countries. Oceans. Seas. Unless you have a fear, then, well, your loss.

I've heard some people saying how unpatriotic it is of me to want to travel abroad and not in my own country. Well, let me tell you this. God has created various weathers and places, if he didn't want us to see them, he would have made the whole world monotonous.

Seriously, you guys just want to save money/want to be Mr Scrooge but then, you pretend to be like, oh, you're not very supportive of your country dear.


That said, I want to travel. I will one day.

If I don't get married, I'll get hitched to Mokesart and we'll be a travelling couple.

From a Book.

"Because you can want and want and want." She turns away, hugging her knees. I can see the bony line of her spine through her dress. "But if he doesn't want you back ... you might as well wish the sky were red."

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Confession No.25

I miss you.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blogging in Bits and Pieces.

What time is it? Time for Hanis to write things using a list. No, my finals are not here yet. Its approaching though. *hides from it*

1. I'm swamped by assignments. I just want to scream and run away to a swamp with a monster in it. I'll be the maid. Thankfully, the arabic evil video is done. Tommorow, we'll start on the Visual Useless Basic thingie. I know, I got a C+ in this bloody subject years ago.

2. Mokesart is currently editing my half finished novel. He's not complaining, yet. I swear I'll pick it up once I'm done with my finals, bought my I'm-done-with-finals books and perhaps after I start working. *hopes*

3. I overheard Mary J Blige's Family Affair on the radio and realised that I can still somewhat sing along to it word-to-word. Now, I should add that to my resume.

4. Speaking of songs, I got about 80% of the rap in Superbass memorised. Now, that is an accomplishment. Do you think if I sing that to any future crush would they be impressed and find me cute?

5. Bad news, I haven't lose weight since ... September. But good news, I haven't gained any. Do you know what that means to me? Well, I'm always gaining weight but not now. It might mean I've learned to eat smarter :) *dances around*

6. I got a presentation coming up on Thursday. My group's topic is Cannibalism. My particular area is the background of Cannibalism. The other sections are

i)Medical effects of cannibalism
ii)Is cannibalism a plausible solution to world hunger?
iii) Is placenta eating cannibalism?

Yes. People winced when they heard the topic. But hey, at least its interesting, right? I don't really like the normal run-of-the-mill topics. Not that I think its stupid. But I want to learn something new while doing this secondary research paper.

Someone asked me if I'm not grossed out by the research we had to do. To be honest, the 4 of us agreed the article on placenta eating is the one that made us lose our appetites for a while.

Yes, google it. Not while eating.

7. My room is so messsssy. Mama is going to slaughter me.

8. I wrote a ... silly poem yesterday which had a pattern going on with each sentence's(verse?) number of syllables. It went something like


For about 4 ... I don't know enough terms here. But you get what I mean. Right?

I showed it to Mokesart and he liked the whole pattern. He didn't say if the content were blah or something. Haha.

9. Last night, I found something worse than Rebecca Black's Friday. I know, I thought that would be an impossible thing. But yes.

10. I realised I'm deeply in love with Katy Perry. If I ever meet her, I'll be screaming the way Sophia Grace did when she met Nicki Minaj Katy Perry. (Look at 3.20). I won't be that cute but that would be my excitement level.

11. I'll leave you with this wonderful picture of my feet at some bus stop near my faculty.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Challenging My Mind.

So, inspired by Friends' Season 7, Episode 8, also known as "The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs" I today decided to take a challenge presented by Chandler in the episode and manipulate it.

What was it?

To name all 50 states in the US in 6 minutes.

Since I'm not a resident of said country, nor am I a geography fan so I ommited the time limit.

I told Mokesart about it. He told me to do it then tell him how I did before he took the challenge himself.

I did it this morning, right up while doing a test, while eating before giving up around 3pm.

I got 40.

Mokesart, got 44.

Which are both impressive numbers since we're both non residents of the country. Woohooo.

This brings me to a show I love love love watching.

Cash Cab. Well, the Singapore version where the lovely, delicious, oh god so cute Oli Pettigrew is the host aka driver.

The concept (for those of you who don't know about it) is that you get into a cab and boom, its the cash cab where you get asked random questions, most of the time general knowledge. The first 4 you get right, is worth 50 bucks, then its 100 each. If you get 3 wrong before you get to your destination, you'll get kicked out with no money.

Last night, I spent an hour watching and screaming the answer at the screen.

"If I ever get into the cash cab, the first thing I'll do is kiss the host on the cheek."

"Why the cheek?" - Mokesart

"Because he has the cutest cutest dimple."

Yes, I'll win a fair amount of money if I get in there with either Dad, Mokesart or Eli. Or even Mamon.

Even if I didn't, I'll still get to kiss Oli Pettigrew on the cheek.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Observation Two.

December 5th 5.08 pm - Faculty.

The bad thing about belonging to a faculty that sits on top of a hill is the number of stairs. No matter which way you take, if you're walking, you're getting your daily cardio.

The good thing is the wind we get when we step out of class. There were times I felt like Marilyn Monroe, walking down this one big staircase with the wind teasing my hair and the skirt of my baju kurung.

In the parking lot, there's this mini bazaar going on. I resisted temptation and came away with only 3 slices of chocolate moist cake. Yes, that's me being frugal.

I see a lecturer of mine walking by with one of her sons, a male version of her. From where I'am, I can see the treetops swaying in the wind.

Mama once told me a tip. She told me to look at natural green things, starting from the nearest to the furthest. It will improve your sight, she said. I say its a good stress reliever.

This girl just walked behind me, a corner of her bag hitting me, followed by a half sincere apology. I'm looking at my phone (5.20 pm) waiting for when Dad is going to come and pick me up.

Oh yes, I need to get a bottle of mineral water, mine is nearly empty.

Right now, I'm wondering where to take a picture. The staircase, the treetops of the rolling hills(hah) from the bus stop.

(5.40 pm) Dad just called me, he just left the office. Looks like I'll be here for some time now.

"Dreaming of candy and chocolate, all the bad girls not allowed."

I got my bottle of mineral water, sitting at the faculty's foyer. This multi level place with clusters of round tables here and there.

"Hold me in your arms" is followed by "You think I'm pretty, without any make up on."

I got less than 3 ringgit in my purse and I'm tempted to spend all of them on snacks.

Oh yes, a Malay word for you guys.

Jajan = snacks. Well, it's a slang word. How to pronounce it? Do you know JajaBing of Star Wars? Yes, just add "n" and minus the Bing part (Chandler Bing).

"My heart stopes when you look at me." Ooh, that just gave me an idea for a post( I might write it).

I think I'll do some studying, got a test in 2 days. (5.49pm)

"Can you fix my h-e-a-r-t? Cause its d-a-m-a-g-e-d."

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Link Provided Of Course.

Remember my other blog? The one I don't update often. Well, I just did.

Do go on and spare few minutes to read and comment on it.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Observation One.

(Written while waiting for Dad to pick me up-6.04pm)

I like how the air smells after rain. Clean. Here, the whole drizzling-raining routine just finished and the air is just so fresh.

I'm watching a girl helping a guy (boyfriend?) untie his bag from around his back. I got Sugababes' Push The Button's last chorus playing in my earbuds before hearing

"She begs me to come down, Boy, quit fooling around."

But then, I got bored so right now, I'm listening to

"Dani the girl singing songs for me beneath the marquee, Overload."

Which didn't last long enough to the chorus but I swear, I'm sticking to

"And you, don't mean to be cruel, never even knew about the heartache, I've been going through."

At the the table beside mine, 3 girls are discussing their script for 3rd language. Speaking of it, we just finished 2/5 scenes for our Arabic video. Let me tell you this:

Mango pudding + plain yogurt at room temperature = yuckness.

"When you're close to tears remember, Someday it will all be over, One day we're gonna get high."

The girl and her possible boyfriend just walked by.

Earlier today, a guy pulled over and asked for directions to somewhere in campus. I'm not one to give directions unless I'm the only one there but damn, this guy was so cute.

(Oh god, I can smell burgers being grilled.)

Back to the guy, I was the one who gave the directions. If I could, I would have jumped into his car. (Yes, this is what I mean by "sex exploit" Mozart)

Well, I got to go. Dad's here. (6.17pm)

So, I plan to do this kind of thing once a week or so. Where I spend my free time, just writing down whatever is going on with a picture of the view in front of me. What do you think? Is it too chaotic?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Won. 3rd Time Luck.

I swear I'm not going to write another word for a story in 4 months. Mokesart said I'm given a short rest before he's going to crack his whip again.

Oh yes, I got a little gift for you guys.

Yes, I got to about 50K words around 8.30pm last night. I was estastic. I was tired. I felt like running around screaming my head off. Instead, I verified my word count before gloating about it on my Facebook by changing my profile picture to the one above.

Now, I often get asked what is my story about.

I don't know how to describe it.

There's angels, demons and Reapers. Erm, Mokesart seems to enjoy it, well of what he had read so far. He's a bit frustated when I don't know what the ending would be. Yes, the novel is only halfway through ( I think) and I don't know how its going to end.

I would like to thank Mokesart for his constant motivation and patience.

That is all.

Confession No.24

Next time, ask. Not tell. Not order me to.
Where's your manners?


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