Thursday, December 8, 2011

Challenging My Mind.

So, inspired by Friends' Season 7, Episode 8, also known as "The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs" I today decided to take a challenge presented by Chandler in the episode and manipulate it.

What was it?

To name all 50 states in the US in 6 minutes.

Since I'm not a resident of said country, nor am I a geography fan so I ommited the time limit.

I told Mokesart about it. He told me to do it then tell him how I did before he took the challenge himself.

I did it this morning, right up while doing a test, while eating before giving up around 3pm.

I got 40.

Mokesart, got 44.

Which are both impressive numbers since we're both non residents of the country. Woohooo.

This brings me to a show I love love love watching.

Cash Cab. Well, the Singapore version where the lovely, delicious, oh god so cute Oli Pettigrew is the host aka driver.

The concept (for those of you who don't know about it) is that you get into a cab and boom, its the cash cab where you get asked random questions, most of the time general knowledge. The first 4 you get right, is worth 50 bucks, then its 100 each. If you get 3 wrong before you get to your destination, you'll get kicked out with no money.

Last night, I spent an hour watching and screaming the answer at the screen.

"If I ever get into the cash cab, the first thing I'll do is kiss the host on the cheek."

"Why the cheek?" - Mokesart

"Because he has the cutest cutest dimple."

Yes, I'll win a fair amount of money if I get in there with either Dad, Mokesart or Eli. Or even Mamon.

Even if I didn't, I'll still get to kiss Oli Pettigrew on the cheek.


Julianna said...

Love cash cab. And honestly, I live here in the states and all I ever seem to get is 48.

Mr Nasir said...

lol I'd like to get into the cash cab too, but wont kiss the driver cos am a dude lol.

Hanis. said...

@Julianna; I've always liked that kind of general knowledge show though The Weakest Link is realllly hard. Haha. Isn't that common? In the episode, Ross totally forgot Delaware.

@Mr.Nasir; Hahaha. For you, we'll make the host a woman

Adam said...

I unfortunately remember all fifty states because my teacher forced the class to memorize them in alphabetical order to music.

Thhhhhhe UNIted States, the UNITED STATES, I love my country the UNITED STATES, There's AlaBAMA, ALASKa, arizona arkansas...

Ugh, it was so queer. I hate that I still remember it.

I also remember the periodic table. And the pre-amble to the constitution.

I've never used any of this information.

Hanis. said...

Haha. It should be a party trick. I memorise the periodic table, well from 1 to 20. And some other chemistry things. Apart from that, as kid, there were songs concerning the 25 main prophets. Yes, I still remember that too.


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