Thursday, December 29, 2011

What Time Is It? Crunch Time.

My examination schedule this semester was designed with the sole purpose of mentally torturing us. I'm sure they made it while whispering "Crucio" underneath their breaths in between evil laughters. Oh Voldemort must have new recruits in the examination scheduling departments all over the world before he got killed in the battle.

In order to optimise my studying, I'll be leaving for the hostel to bunk in Mamon's room from tommorow until the 12th or so with short visits in between just to get fresh clothes.

I'm taking 5 papers, 5 oh so hard subjects. The first one starts on the 6th of January so I'm sure I'll be ignoring the ushering of the new year. Even as I type this, I just realise we have only 2 more days left of this year. So, the schedule.

6th- Regression Analysis
9th- Actuarial Programming
10th-Risk Modelling
11th- Stochastic
19th- Actuarial Math

I told you its a mental torture. 3 days in a row. I'm sure by the time I hand in my Stochastic' answer booklet, I'll be sporting dark circles under my eyes, muttering to myself about weird scary things and perhaps, daydreaming of a time where I've decided to take a simpler and much easier course.

I'm also sure I'll be falling asleep while rechecking my answers.

It's a custom of mine to make plans before my finals. Like, my usual one would be "I'm going to buy x number of books the day after the last paper."

Its a form of motivation, trust me. This time, I'm in the process of convincing some friends to go to this one Thai restaurant close to our old hostel back in 2009 for a meal after the Stochastic paper. Then, I'll sleep and make a map on my pillow using invisible spit ink.

Other than that, I'll make sure that I'll watch a movie or two before starting my studies for my last paper. I wonder if The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo would be in the cinemas over here by then? I hope so. Here's to studying my ass and brain out with hopes of sanity at the end.

As a way of remembering how I studied last semester, here's a poem I wrote.


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