Monday, December 26, 2011

Will You Tie Yourself to Me?

I watched one of those proposal videos that youtube seems to be infested with. This particular one was posted on Facebook by two friends who were envious of the girl and thought she was the "luckiest" ever. My reaction after the long build-up?

"God, that is so tacky."

I can get why some girls would envy such a grand affair, you know, with all the attention and hey, that must mean he really loves you, right?

Note the sarcasm.

Watching this video made me realised that my reaction to every single proposal video I had the misfortune to watch was along the coast of "God, that is so tacky" and "If it was me, I would be so fucking embarassed."

I just don't get it why you need to enlist people in helping you? Were they there when you fell in love? Did they helped along with that too? and like, its not like you'll be marrying those "helpers" or perhaps even divorcing them one day.

Its just you and the one you love.

I ranted about this to 2 guys and they saw my point of view. I came up with a whole list (a short one) of what you should never do when you're going to propose to me.

One: NO grand affairs. Don't go and waste money on getting some blimp to flash the message, small plane to write it in the sky, billboard, rope in a radio station, put up an ad. Like, I know some would say its the thought that counts but isn't the "Will you marry me?' part the important thought here? I sense a guy who's insecure or just wants to show off when he spends tons of money just to say those four words.

Two: NOT in front of my family. Or your family. Let's cross out crowds in a fancy restaurant or some public place where you asking would eventually put the two of us in the centre of attention. Like, what are you trying to do? Obligating me to say yes?

If the person is decent, they won't say "No, I won't marry you." in front of a crowd who's just waiting for the answer thus making you lose face. They might say yes before telling you fuck no in a more private situation.

THREE: NOTHING tacky. That includes all those putting the ring in some food/drink, scaring the shit out of the person before asking them. and of course, nothing that would be videotaped and put up on youtube.

I told you its a short list.

Mokesart asked me how do I want to be proposed to.

Definitely nothing like in the video.

I want something casual. Private. Maybe during a walk. Or while watching a movie. Perhaps right before the jump in bungee jumping. Something just between me and him. If I can find someone

Before you think this post is some sign of feminism, you're wrong. I'm not into that whole ... thing. I just don't like it when personal moments in life like that are put over the top.


Julianna said...

I wasn't asked to be married the first time, I was told.

That was my only request when Tony and I decided to get married, I wanted to be asked.

And in the end, he caught me totally by surprise. I had put the kids to bed, was trying to get the stuff ready for the next day, and he said "You know, we're getting good at this family thing."

"Um. OK." (trying to squish around him to get to the dishes)

"So will you marry me?" (and presents a ring from his pocket)

I cried. I had no idea it was coming just then. All the ideas I had of how he may do it, none of them were like that.

It was perfect.

As I'm sure yours will be.

Hanis. said...

First of all, awwwww. That is so sweet. That's what I'm talking about. Unexpected. Just the two of you.

If I'm just a bit more girly, I'll be getting tearful from reading your comment.

Aaishah said...

I saw the video and went like:

Really, it really was very tacky. :P

I agree with you about wanting proposals to be personal. Seriously, why make it such a huge affair?


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