Saturday, December 17, 2011

Honeymoon Plans. I Mean Backpacking.

Most girls have things in common, and one of those things are the answer to "Where do you want to go to for your honeymoon?". Most girls already knew the answer to that by the time they hit high school, no doubt aided by movies/songs/novels.

I knew I wanted to go to Rome ever since I read that one novel which I don't remember now. The resolve was strengthened by certain things and by every year's end, I tell myself I'm going to Rome for my honeymoon, no matter who I marry. But now, well, let me give you a look at a recent convo with Mokesart.

"Where do I want to go to for my honeymoon?"

"Rome." (See how I got him trained *hides from him*)

"If I meet the right guy, I might change that."

That led to him being curious and saying its odd of me to say something like that.(Pffft)

What is the change?

Well, what are the odds a guy would say yes when I ask them to take 3 months off from work after the wedding so we can go backpacking-ish across parts of Europe as our honeymoon?

Okay, let's just assume I'll get a poor sod guy to marry me. What are the odds that he won't go on about the budget? Or the time off from work? (I need to avoid workaholics)

That is why I said, if I meet the right guy.

Once he says yes and on, I'll take out a map and some of those pins that you stick on maps. I'll put a blue one on Rome and will say that will be the last place to go. I'll leave the rest of the planning for the future. The planning is half of the fun, right?

*goes off to check if there's anywhere to go bungee jumping in those possible places*

I want to travel damnit. I don't get people who feels travelling as icky. Like, what the fuck. The world is big with continents and countries. Oceans. Seas. Unless you have a fear, then, well, your loss.

I've heard some people saying how unpatriotic it is of me to want to travel abroad and not in my own country. Well, let me tell you this. God has created various weathers and places, if he didn't want us to see them, he would have made the whole world monotonous.

Seriously, you guys just want to save money/want to be Mr Scrooge but then, you pretend to be like, oh, you're not very supportive of your country dear.


That said, I want to travel. I will one day.

If I don't get married, I'll get hitched to Mokesart and we'll be a travelling couple.

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Julianna said...

Stick to your guns.

If he is the right man, he will go... no questions asked.



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