Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blogging in Bits and Pieces.

What time is it? Time for Hanis to write things using a list. No, my finals are not here yet. Its approaching though. *hides from it*

1. I'm swamped by assignments. I just want to scream and run away to a swamp with a monster in it. I'll be the maid. Thankfully, the arabic evil video is done. Tommorow, we'll start on the Visual Useless Basic thingie. I know, I got a C+ in this bloody subject years ago.

2. Mokesart is currently editing my half finished novel. He's not complaining, yet. I swear I'll pick it up once I'm done with my finals, bought my I'm-done-with-finals books and perhaps after I start working. *hopes*

3. I overheard Mary J Blige's Family Affair on the radio and realised that I can still somewhat sing along to it word-to-word. Now, I should add that to my resume.

4. Speaking of songs, I got about 80% of the rap in Superbass memorised. Now, that is an accomplishment. Do you think if I sing that to any future crush would they be impressed and find me cute?

5. Bad news, I haven't lose weight since ... September. But good news, I haven't gained any. Do you know what that means to me? Well, I'm always gaining weight but not now. It might mean I've learned to eat smarter :) *dances around*

6. I got a presentation coming up on Thursday. My group's topic is Cannibalism. My particular area is the background of Cannibalism. The other sections are

i)Medical effects of cannibalism
ii)Is cannibalism a plausible solution to world hunger?
iii) Is placenta eating cannibalism?

Yes. People winced when they heard the topic. But hey, at least its interesting, right? I don't really like the normal run-of-the-mill topics. Not that I think its stupid. But I want to learn something new while doing this secondary research paper.

Someone asked me if I'm not grossed out by the research we had to do. To be honest, the 4 of us agreed the article on placenta eating is the one that made us lose our appetites for a while.

Yes, google it. Not while eating.

7. My room is so messsssy. Mama is going to slaughter me.

8. I wrote a ... silly poem yesterday which had a pattern going on with each sentence's(verse?) number of syllables. It went something like


For about 4 ... I don't know enough terms here. But you get what I mean. Right?

I showed it to Mokesart and he liked the whole pattern. He didn't say if the content were blah or something. Haha.

9. Last night, I found something worse than Rebecca Black's Friday. I know, I thought that would be an impossible thing. But yes.

10. I realised I'm deeply in love with Katy Perry. If I ever meet her, I'll be screaming the way Sophia Grace did when she met Nicki Minaj Katy Perry. (Look at 3.20). I won't be that cute but that would be my excitement level.

11. I'll leave you with this wonderful picture of my feet at some bus stop near my faculty.

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