Monday, August 30, 2010

Just Gonna Stand There

And watch me burn,
That's alright cause I like the way it hurts.

Its stuck in my mind. Playing over and over. I like that song, well only the Rihanna part. Eminem is okay with me but just not for this song. Its an odd combination but it works, true?

Monday morning and in the office again. Tommorow's a public holiday becauce its Malaysia's Independence Day The 53rd actually to be exact. I think I'll blog about it more tommorow on D-day.

My asthma is acting up and I'm trying not to panic because we all know that makes things worse for me. I think it started from the air conditioning in Mama's car. I can't stand sitting at the front without feeling pain in my chest and face and then taking the LRT to work today and so on just builds it up. Thankgod I got my inhaler in my bag with me. I don't think my dad will be pleased to hear me in a panicked state over the phone.

*breathes in*
*breathes out*

I've been having interesting random dreams lately. Last night's was about, well I don't really remember but there were a crime case involving a pirate's boot, a hot guy I'm seeing and french fries. You know what that means? I need to get some fries. And gravy. Or tartar sauce with a wedge of lemon. That means fish and chips.

*hears tummy growl*

Be patient my lovely one. Its still too early for thoughts of tempting food.

Its Monday. Which means Subway's daily special is the Spicy Italian something.

*tummy growls louder*

I told you patience my dear tummy. DON'T THINK OF THE COOKIES.

I got a meeting in about 4 minutes so let's end this post, shall we?

Yesterday's pie? AMAZING.

It was a food orgasm in my mouth.

Talking about that, 4th of September is Chocolate Day. I'll celebrate it fully oh yes sire.

Peace out.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


My throat is dry. And has a sour taste. Which means someone will experience some hard to breath symptoms later tonight =.= Darn it.

Anyway, I thought of making a quick update. I baked tuna mushroom mayo pot pie today for our meal :D With a dash of black pepper in it to take away the mayo's sweetness. Or whatnot.

Slept for a while today and ended up having a super weird/scary dream that had me baking in it, and the appearance of a raving mad killer on the loose. Freaky.

Gotta go now. Time to get ready for the meal. A nice way to divert my attention from such sadness today.

Peace out.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Make My Wish Come True

There's this one Christmas song that I've been loving ever since that lil girl in Love Actually , the movie with the gorgeous Hugh Grant. Yes, I have a weakness for English men/actors. That's why I just go all gooey watching an English movie. The last one was Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging which resulted in me transforming to a giggling, fawning normal teenager who sometimes go "OMG.He's soooo cuteeeeee." and of course "Why can't I have a boyfriend like thattt?". Yes, my roommate at that time decided to stuff her ears with her earphones before turning the volume to loud. Not my fault that the accent is so so so sexy *sighs*

Moving off topic there for a bit. But the song I'm talking about is Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas.

Ignore that its AUGUST.

Ignore that I don't celebrate Christmas.

Ignore that its a love song which doesn't fit in with my current goal of being cynical on love.

*roll eyes*

This is the one all time fave song that makes me shake my bootay and sing-a-long as loud as I can.

Well, not like that. The line above sounds kinda wrong in some way.

Oh whatever.

I won't ask for much this Christmas,

I won't even wish for snow,

Make my wish come true,

Baby all I want for Christmas,

Is you.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Some People Want It All

Got this song playing on my phone so as usual, went to good ol youtube and watched this. First, I want her hair. That braid thingie on one side. Geezh. I'm bad at describing stuffs.

*hums the song, wondering what do I need*

Would You

Be my squeeze?

I wanna squeeze you.


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Schedule Check

I got a meeting today and tommorow. All day long....

Well, not all day long. But hours and hours and hours and throw in a second or a dozen. Can you imagine how it would be for someone who finds it hard to keep interest in a conversation?

*imagines herself yawning and bending head down before eventually falling asleep and drooling onto her chest*

God no.

Anyway, I'm looking for interesting topics to blog about. Well, rant or whatever about. Not anything serious like the one in my "Rant'y Mood" or something. *bad memory*

Or anything about love emotions pertaining to intimacy because that will start a post full of curses. Not that I don't curse but you get me.

Man, I'm being picky. Disregard my terms and conditions*took me a while to remember that term* But if you're nice *smiles sweetly* and awesome *smiles even more giving you a toothache* do suggest some fun topics. The definition of fun is up to you.

Just a head's up. Avoid anything science related. Especially Bio. *aches over the C she got 4 years ago*

*is more of a math person anyway since she's doing actuarial science(google it) *

That's not an invite to ask me to rant on what I'm studying about. Trust me. You don't wanna hear it. My brother can tell you. He asked once. And was totally "stopstopstopstop". Maybe it was because Phineas and Ferb was starting.*shrugs*

Argh, I can't stop typing on this one. I'm guilty of dragging out posts. Okay, one last thing.

I decided to write a poem from this sappy post and shall post it on here as a page or something. And oooh, speaking of pages, do check my Letter to Cupid which I warn, is emotional. I think.


Those Darn Facebook Friends

I just hate the ones who decide it's fun to send you an invite for every single game/quiz. I think I've blocked few friends and applications from sending me invites. Unless its Cafe World. A girl needs peer help with that game. Talking about that game, I also hate it when you decided to decorate it, spending loads of coins and the buzz rating just go downdowndown. Make me cry -.-

But moving on to my main focus for this semi rant. Do you have friends that ... overshare? Or the ones that make you roll your eyes at their statuses and mutter under your breath that the sun does not revolve around their majestic self? Or maybe wishing that you're close enough with them so you can tell them to get over it and so on?

*checks my facebook list* I got about 2 friends who falls under that. Well, friends that update things often.

Its like a double-edged sword. Sometimes I find them entertaining in my state of boredom, especially when one of them got back together with their boyfriend after a month breaking up. Why was I entertained? I remember reading all her "from-the-heart" posts when they broke it off. From what I gathered, he cheated on her. And now, she's posting questions, asking the procedure to get a marriage license.

.... Fun, right? Even more so when I can read the whole breakup story on her wall, via informing her closest and dearest friends who in return, sometimes overshare stuffs there too.

*refrains herself from telling about the time the same person got over emotional on the matter of Edward and Jacob*

*laughs to myself, looking for that post again*

And of course, the bad side is the urge you get. The omg-just-bloody-get-over-it-the-sun-is-revolving-around-too-many-asses people-already-without-you-giving-a-blow-by-blow-on-how-wonderful-he-was-when-he-visited-you-in-the-hospital reaction. Or something along that line of thought.

Or is it just me?

Peace out alligators.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rant-y Mood

Hanis, next time, stay away from news articles and blog posts that just reeks of ... How do I put this ... well, *thinks hard and long* Ooookay. I need to explain a bit.

The problem with people today is that they believe in what they're told by the news etc too easily without reading into the matter and thinking with their own head. Its the same all over the world. Here. Or wherever that is not here. Let me give you an example of a case here.

Around early this year or end of last year, a 15 year old kid was shot dead by a policeman. That's the basic one-liner. The papers wrote that the kid was innocent as in he didn't commit a crime and what menial crime he did was running from the cops. And he got shot dead for it. The public went crazy about it. They wanted the policeman to be thrown into jail. They cried for the boy, who was raised single handedly by his mom. The papers had his mom interviewed, crying that her son was a good boy and didn't do anything to make himself be shot. They had pictures of him in the newspaper.

Of course, if you're a sufferer of the earlier mentioned problem, you'll be starting a petition to have that policeman pay for his sins. Let's not forget the comments made by government figures, which fuelled the fire.

Mama was the one interested in the case more at that time because I was nose deep in my studies. Trying to understand the evils of actuarial math, math stats 2 and financial math 2 so if I read anything about it, I'll just go my usual "....."

After a while, the case was dragged on and on and on, a paper or two started to publish the story again, but this time with more details or in my case, not making the kid seemed like an angel or waiting for sainthood. And yes, I laughed at how many details they missed out the first time around. On purpose perhaps?

The incident happened at 2 in the morning of a school night. The kid and his friend(s) took his mom's car, without the mom knowing but his sister knew, and decided to do a joyride. Apparently, this was a normal occasion for them, regardless of the fact that you have to be at least 17 here to have a driver's license. Blame the good-kid-upbringing in me, but I can tick off 3 wrongdoings already.

So this kid and his friend(s) were driving around, not caring that they have school at 7.30am the next day and managed to run into another car. *restraining from sarcasm* So after running into the other car, the kids got out and after some chitchat, they went back into their car and drove off, as in, driving away from the person. Apparently, its said that the accident happened at the neighbourhood of the other guy and some people wanted to beat the kids up. Okay.

So the kids are now driving fast, running from the people chasing them. Yes, there was a mob. And passed by some policemen. Try to imagine what they were seeing. Kids driving a car, driving away from a mob. Its expected for them to jump into the conclusion that those kids might have commited robbery or something. I would have thought so too.

So the police joined in the chase, telling the kids to pull over. They didn't. And bambambam, in the chaos, somehow the kids rammed into something and decided to make a getaway on foot. *is not rolling her eyes* And the kid ended up getting shot.

The picture of the kid? That was from 3 years before. At 12, most kids look innocent. The policeman has few kids, the eldest being 12 or something. And if I'm not mistaken, its either his wife is a teacher or not working.

After all that, another goverment figure came out and said that the public should look deep into what happened before crying foul. Nuff said, true?

Ok, now for my opinion. And yes, I argued with a friend of mine when she was all "Its the police fault. Like, he didn't even ask what's happening and shot the kid,"

In my opinion, its the kid's fault. I'm not saying the police is completely innocent but he was doing his job. Why is it the kid's fault?

1. I'm just saying, would a nice, law abiding innocent kid make it a habit to go joyriding at 2.a.m on school nights?

2. There must be a reason the mob chased them. Kid hits the car, and usually, if you're polite and regretful, people won't want to bash your head in for putting a dent.

3. Police are chasing you. Stop the damn car.

Yeah, flame me sue me shishkebab me.

That kid is no angel/saint. If he were, he won't be out of the house in the first place, true? So stop making the policeman a scapegoat for a kid's blehness.

Do you see what this case has to do with the people of today's problem? Blindly accepting. Now, what started my rant concerns of a quite scandalous issue. The "Ground Zero" mosque. I'm not gonna elaborate but just say the points of my view.

1. Read it properly. Don't tune into just one network or publishing. Its not on Ground Zero.

2. The terrorists were yes, Muslim and Mid-Easterns. Might I suggest the fact that Mid-Easterns are sometimes quite ... enthusiastic ? Which leads to

3. Stop fucking blaming Muslims all over the world. I'm one, and I'm not planning to bomb/blow up/kidnap/kill/preaching how you're going to hell. And I've read about people who claims to reading the Koran thus saying how Muslims all are out to kill infidels. Leading to

4. Don't claim to know-it-all after a short research. This applies to everyone.

5. Come on, choose somewhere else to build the mosque. If it does get build, I can imagine the daily assault. Don't go looking for trouble, savvy?

And that's it. Full stop. I'm not talking about this anymore. Hopefully.

Hanis is a person who thinks we should stop picking on the differences and being over sensitive on the sensitive issues and bloody learn things and try to imagine being in someone's else shoes.

A Semi Serious Post

That's my aim for this one. So I thought. But about what? *thinks*

I came up with nothing. Lies. Okay, I came up with these

1. A sappy poem

2. How I love dark chocolate.

3. Marky Mark should be mine.

4.Figuring out what I'm craving for.

5.Wondering if the 4 topics can be counted as semi serious.

Or how about an emotional post? One where I'm crying my eyes out while typing but wait, I don't think crying in the office is good for my street cred reputation here unless I can pin the blame on hormones. Oh yes.

"Why are you crying, Hanis?" - concerned person who actually works in the office


"Ahhhhh," -concerned person slips a bar of dark chocolate.

That seems pretty good. *considers* But to actually write about something that makes me cry? I could write about

1. This craving for Subway which I haven't fulfilled yet.

2. Not having a nice pair of boots yet.

3. Not having a hot boytoy of my own.

4.How much I want to castrate someone with a rusty blunt butter knife.

No4 seems promising but that won't make me cry. It will make me cackle in front of my screen and instead of dark chocolate, I'll get a "She's mental" verdict. It seems that I'm in a not-so-emotional phase of my month. Or week.

To end this, I shall put quote my bestie's status on her yahoo yesterday

Here's to the guys who have us, the assholes who had us and the lucky bastards who'll have us.

Correction made to suit Hanis:

Here's to Hanis for being fantastically amazingly single and not fucking care about it, the bloody assholeidiotjerks who had us and the lucky bastards who's too shy to admit their feelings for us.


Yes, I'm still bitter.

And to the guy with the rising sun smile, wake up! I'm the best baby ;)

And ick, I don't call people baby unless I'm singing Bieber's Baby.

I Open My Eyes

Saw that we were approaching the building where I'm interning and dear old dad works.

Glanced at the clock and nearly, very nearly said

"You have to be fucking kidding me,"

It was 6.40 a.m

Like, no traffic jams people? To drag on my sleeping-in-the-car time.

And I was no2 in the office today and had to dragged myself to my desk which is near the far far far exit.

Where I smacked my head on the desk and drooled on the wooden surface, dreaming of Marky Mark, me, Josh Kloss and silk scarves.

Please ignore the last sentence. That didn't happen. The smacking, drooling or dreaming. Sadness.

Update more later once I'm less aiofhasiofhaohfnasoncfalknfi-ish. Get me?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Do You Know

That you smile like the rising sun?

A slow climb to a beautiful sight.

Hopelessly dedicated to you -October 2008

Fasting Makes You Crave

All I'm thinking about now is sinking my teeth into that nice scrumptious subway. With extra lettuce and onions, loads of mustard and mayo with that bread. *groans* And add in two chocolate chip cookies. Please oh please. I want that.

Monday, August 23, 2010

83 Minutes

Before you can see me running to the doors heading for home. Kidding. I can't run in these shoes. If I could, I would have brought my satchel instead of my big fit-my-room-inside bag. Went downstairs to the lobby during lunchhour. Apparently the stalls changed weekly so my plans to buy a nice hairband with a Minnie Mouse bow on it is ruined.*tries to be dramatic*

But I did saw this cardigan and it was just like the one I saw in Pyramid 6 months ago and the price? Its the same. -.- I was like

"How much is this?"

"45 Ringgit for that one but the prices ranged from 28 Ringgit based on the style,"

And typical of Hanis, the one I'm holding will be the expensive one. I took some time browsing around the cardigans. Some were nice and some were ... urgh. Then I walked around for some more and saw ... nothing else that caught my eye and it was back up to the office to laze around my break time.

*touches my nose*

Its cold. Compare to the other parts of my face. *touches again* Yeap, darn aircond. Its not helping my condition.

I have a tissue balled up against my nose and the tissue smells like chewing gum. Or mint. Whichever way you look at it. And now I'm addicted to the smell.

73 more minutes.

Yesterday, Mama made chicken rice and pigged out had a lot of the chilli blend which lead to my tummy doing the chachasambafoxtrot at 4 in the morning. Hanis, when will you learn your lesson when it comes to Mama's chicken rice's chilli blend? Eat moderately. Not drown your chicken with it.

Today, I'm in the mood for pasta and I blame the Never Ending Pasta Bowl ad on yahoo inbox chat because I've been staring at pictures of pasta for nearly half the day due to it.

Creamy Parmesan Portobello I need to have that now because it looks darn good.

65 more minutes and time for me to read more stuffs up.

Later alligator.

Pen To Paper

I think I need to go back to basics. Go back to one habit I had back in 2006, in my last year of highschool.

No, I don't mean stalk guys that I'm crushing on.

No, I don't mean eat all I want and get all bloated again

No, I don't mean be a deppressive teen again.

Its all about keeping a journal, the old school way. Like, actually taking a pen and putting it to paper, forming words in my hard-to-read handwriting. I read somewhere that keeping a journal in that way can develop someone's writing skills. Like, duh.

And perhaps, I'll go back on another habit which have been haunting me ever since.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blast From the Past

I got 20% left on my netbook's battery. So it will be quick. Hopefully.

Right now, I'm watching the surfing scene in Lilo and Stitch in my night of Disney shows. It started with UP earlier this evening and yes, I cried watching it. How can anyone not cry at the part how the two people met and married and grew old together? And also when Russell said his father is too busy now to hang out with him. Russell is so cute.

Had to spend the night in because another asthma attack, mild but still. Watched the 2nd half of The Parent Trap ,the one with Lindsay Lohan. I love that movie so much. Enjoyed my nice chocolate sundae while watching it and folding clothes. OMG. I multi-tasked. *pats myself on the back* Decided that I needed to pampered myself after the movie ended thus resulting in me watching Good Luck Charlie nearly an hour later with my hair smelling of my new shampoo and my skin feeling smooth. Ticktockticktockgoestheclock .

So here I'am now with my tummy hurting slightly, listening to my brother singing Misery with the smell of late cooking coming from the kitchen. I will not throw up. Kapeesh.

Refering to my title, I spent this afternoon listening to hits that were big around a decade or less ago.

O-town's All or Nothing

Backstreet Boys' Shape of my Heart and More Than That

Ashlee Simpson's Pieces of Me and Boyfriend

M2M's Pretty Boy

It was fun :D and ooh, I read through my journal back from 2006. I was a year long rollercoaster emotional funk. Crazy.

OMG. Its the scene in Lilo and Stitch where Stitch brought the Ugly Ducking's book into the forest after Lilo told him about her family.*cries*

Hanis cries a lot in Disney movies.

Like in Despicable Me . Please tell me I wasn't the only one crying watching that.

Friday, August 20, 2010

19 Minutes

Before the weekend officially starts *runs around* and oh yes, the title above is the same as Jodi Picoult's amazing amazing book. Its about a school shooting but that's not the amazing part of the book. Geez. Its amazing because her books just reaches out. And the sexy Jordan McAfee makes his third appearance in that book.

Jordan McAfee's appearances in Jodi's books

1. The Pact - Boy and girl loves each other. Make suicide pact. Girl makes boy shoot her. Boy didn't kill himself. Secrets spill out afterwards. Girl's pregnant. Boy doesn't know. Police doesn't believe him. Boy accused of murder.

And that was a minute review of that book. I don't do justice to it. :( But Jordan McAfee becomes the boy's, whose name is the same as a name I don't want to say, lawyer. In this book, Thomas, Jordan's son is still small, well like, preteen-ish? and his wife has just left him.

2. Salem's Fall - Thomas is a teenager in here and he's in love with a semi-crucial character here. Jordan becomes once again, the defence attorney for Jack, a sexual offender accused of rape.

3. Nineteen Minutes- Thomas is in Yale and Jordan's married to his assistant, the sexy Selena and has a baby boy.

That was all for the timeline purposes. Oh Jodi, please write more with Jordan McAfee in it.

*eyes clock* 10 more minutes and the smell of the food some people ordered is making me hold back from gagging and cursing the pain in my right temple. *smacks head on table*

Deep breath Hanis. Do not throw up. Just pack your stuffs quickly and run out of the office. 7 more minutes.

6 minutes.

4 minutes. Better start packing. Insert netbook battery in place. Done.

3 minutes. Close the file. Clear the table. Done.

2 minutes. Put away charger. Take off socks.Done

Not gonna wait longer. Take off sweater. Hits Publish.

Yes, I love the colour blue. And I also love Sperry Top Sider Bahama Boat Shoe. There's loads of designs and I want all of them. My fave among this 4 is the dark blue jeans with the dark brown laces.

Ignore prices again.

But they're so cute and one should see all the designs. *will do so*

Googling Spree

And its hours of googling.

Okay, I was distracted by work, bathroom visits, blog hopping and perhaps daydreaming of TGIF's food? *groans and hits head on table*goddamn it. I'm hungry and want those potatoes.*shakes myself*

Moving back to topic here. As you can see, there's two type of shoes here. My interest in knee high boots started earlier this week from a blog post I read somewhere. And I was in love.

We'll just ignore the price because if we don't it means me crying at the exchange rate.

Knee high boots with a chunky heel. A stick thin heel is a recipefor Hanis falling on some random sidewalk with cracks in it, face smacked on the dirty surface. And like, duh chunky heels give more balance. Or something. It has to do with the gravity center aka physics shit aka my failing point.

And like every girl, a pair of shoe comes with a nice outfit in the mind. Knee high boots? Darling, wear them with skinny jeans tucked into the boots *hates skinny jeans thus will look for hip hugging jeans with a not-too-wide legs* a simple top (maybe, like a blouse for me, not too feminine though), awesome pair of sunnies*needs to buy a pair* and a nice big bag at your side or as my brother say, under your armpit.

*is actually googling for bags and sunnies* Stop it Hanis.

The other kind is Mary Jane pumps.

*smacks myself* I was about to talk about why they are called Mary Jane. Go Google. I'm not a fashion blogger. Bleh.
Yes, I don't do flats. Unless its flip-flops flipflopflipflopflipflop or the kind of shoes I'm gonna post in the post after this one. I don't wear ballet flats. Or Mary Jane flats or any kind of flats for one simple reason.
I look duck footed in them. If you're a HP freak like me, yes Victor Krum comes to mind. Yes, its a vanity reason but meh. I might not care but I'm not wearing things that makes me look ... ugly. Thus the pumps.

I had a shoe version of my book orgasm when I saw the red pair. How can one not squeal at them and grab a pair in their size before running to the counter, slamming the money down and skipping away happily at the sight of those shoes?
I wont be doing that thank you. I'll just have a shoe orgasm before trying it out

I think they'll look great in my staple: jeans. I can just see how awesome finetastic the shoes will look with my jeans as I trot about.

Enough with the daydreaming Hanis. Its scary. I can imagine some besties dialing for the nearest asylum.
Har Har.
Not neglecting the other Mary Jane, it has a higher heel and not as casual as the red one(thus the reason I'm coveting them) but its still desirable and omgIwantallofthem.
*deep breath*
Don't think this is the end of my shoe rant. I got a post coming up dedicated to a certain shoe just because there were so many designs and I fell in love with so many.

Peace out.


I actually considered what to wear this morning in the foot apparel department.

Oh wait, Good Morning people, its a normal Friday morning and its about 7.36 am and I'm celebrating my "first person in the office" victory because I've been cheated out of it for the past few days. That says a lot on the ongoings or lack of it of my life, true?

Moving back to the original topic, if you know me, you'll be gasping "Holyhellshitnofreakingwayshemustbeouttahermind" with your hand over your suprised heart, eyes wide while your mind comes up with alien abduction conspiracy theories. Because

Hanis considering what to wear? Its like a pink moon, not a blue moon because that still happens but a pink moon. Or a rainbow one, that's much cuter. Off topic again. Grr.

Hanis usually grabs whatever that looks convinient (read: doesn't need ironing) and hopes that it will match with the other grabs she did. Unless its a certain type of clothing which she sometimes takes about a minute or half of one to make a choice.

I shall just assume that you get the Rainbow Moon situation here. So there I was, looking in the shoes cupboard with a sulk. I didn't want to wear that green peep toes heels or the colourful slingbacks. I don't want to fall down the steps or get stuck in those evil cracks/tiles on the floor before falling onto my face and knowing my luck a cutie will be right in front of me.

I considered my brother's shoes. Its some kind of brand which yours truly didn't pay attention to but I'm gonna make a wild guess and say they were Converse. A nice dark brown one. I only like the colour. I don't like how the shoes look like. It reminds me of things I don't like. Which tell you how desperate I was this morning. Thank God, I have a brother with Ronald McDonald feet. So I would be tripping over my own feet if I put on those shoes.

Mama was there when I sulkingly put on my normal sandals with the slight heels which resulted in a promised shoe shopping trip. Which we all know will change into a " Hanis insisting to go to every bloody shoe store in Pyramid before buying a pair in the first store after arguing about her choice" trip.

That's meh. Normal. Average so I'm just going to google some shoes and maybe put up the pictures here (Extreme Rainbow Moon).Its officially 7.54am and I shall tell how long my shoe googling takes me, alright?

*Google Time*

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Heaven of Mine

Ignore the hand over there. Just stare at that dark sinful heaven of mine with icecream on top, chocolate sauce drizzled generously without care of the chocolate in the brownie.

*hears tummy*

Please give me this please. I'll love you forever more.

You Manly Treat, You

*giggles* Time to fess up one of my weakness. I have a thing for men that smell edible.No no, I don't mean in the "OMG, You smell so good I can just lick, nibble ,suck ...okay, eat you!" but not like that is a bad thing, true? *grins*

The way I'm talking about is when guys smell like edible things. You know, chocolate, vanilla, coconut, mint etc etc and etc.

No, I'm not crazy. But just the smell of something so tasty on a man makes my mouth water and no, I don't get tempted to jump said guy. Well, depends on who.

Why not more ... normal colognes? ICK. I hate the way most colognes smell like. I'm usually scrunching up my face and trying not to gag and accuse the guilty party of polluting the air. Overeacting much? Nope. Not at all.

Its my nose and so be it. Just this morning this guy walked past and he reminded me of something baking in the oven. All sweet and coconut-ish like. *holds back from drooling* So the blame lies on him. I mean, its his fault I'm remembering my weakness because guys that smell delicious? Rare. As rare as something something. *tried to come up with something witty funny like "rare as a blue tailed rabbit"*

*closes eyes and gets into memory lane before smiling to myself*

Three words.

Cocoa body butter.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Middle of the Week

And I still haven't got my dream meal of the moment.

McDonald's chicken nuggets, fries and chocolate sundae.

*hears tummy growl*

Patient Hanis, its only 8.43 in the morning. Long long long time to break fasting time. Speaking of that, yesterday's meal was oh-so-delicious. Beef curry (which had potatoes, pieces of beef and tripe) eaten with ready made Roti Canai. Tastylicious, I had two Roti. Okay, I know ready made Roti Canai sounds urgh to most people but to the ones who know me, I only eat ready made or mom made xD Never ever ones bought from the eateries or whatever. YUCK.

Its a personal thing. Like, ick.

*looks around* I'm sleepy. As usual. And I'm babbling. Sooo, its obviously time for me to do my work while reading fanfics, yes I'm into them again and write out another short story.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This Blog

Needs some colour, true?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Its So Beautiful

I can't be cynical about it.

I was in the car on the way back from picking up the lil bro and his friend from school and as usual, I was keeping an ear on their convo because darn, they do gossip. A pair of 13 year old boys gossiping away. Today's hot topic was about a friend of their's who apparently had gotten together with a girl. I was like


As if I know those kids -.-

Then the convo moved on to boring stuffs when I heard my brother said "One night" and BAM, I got a full blast flashback to few years ago. Well, I started humming and singing softly to a song I've forgotten since embarking in these online relationships.

Its obvious why because Luther Vandross' If Only For One Night is a sad sad love song. In my opinion, its of a person who's deeply in love with another who's not willing to be with them. The latter keeps their feelings a secret and acts as if its something ... bad. BAH. My description is rubbish.

I bet I can write a short story just based on this song. Okay, Hanis, NO daring yourself. You'll regret it.... FINE. I'll write one. It will take time though. *sighs* I have to stop daring myself, true?

Your eyes say things I'll never hear from you.

When I Grow Up

I wanna be Katy Perry. God, she's prettier every day and her Teenage Dream video with that hot hot hot guy *drools*. The lyrics are great and I know that when I'm in relationship (whenever that is) I'll be singing this song again and again and again. Thus annoying my brother.

Fun fun.

Last night, in a rare mood, I listened to Nickelback's Far Away and wow, I cried listening to it. For a whole different reason from the one that made me stopped listening to this song about a year ago. I cried hard back then. I cried harder last night. The words are just so ... beautiful. Hella beautiful that its hard for me to choose a fave part of mine.

I keep dreaming
That you'll be with me
And you'll never go
Stop breathing
If I don't see you anymore.

There I was, sitting on my bed, listening to those words while furiously blinking my tears away and cursing under my breath. And somehow I gave up and started crying. It was one of those soundless crying session with my head leaning against the wall behind me, eyes closed, tears falling hard and my hand pressed against my heart, trying to keep the pain away.

And where did that left me?

Hurting, aching, yearning.

Making me wish that I won't be true to a quote

As soon as forever is through, I'll be over you- Toto

I'm Better

As in I'm not wheezing all the time, okay, more like not feeling as if my pipes had gotten narrow without warning thus resulting in me panicking about the decrease in oxygen pumping into my lungs before flailing my arms around in a lame imitation of a fish out of water.

Wow. That was odd.

I spent 4 days getting better so now I'm back in the office, doing my usual thang. Which is not much. But fear not, I have loads to rant about on here as I didn't blog at all for those 4 days while things happened around me.



Funny how your mind goes completely blank after you write how you have loads to rant about. Ick. I hate when that happens. MINDBLOCK.

*roll eyes*

*deep breaths*

I want McDonald's chicken nuggets, fries and chocolate sundae today. Please please please. Yesterday's lasagna was oh so tasty with all those cheese but Mama forgot the mushrooms. *pouts*

I think I'll make it another mulitple posts day. Prepare yourself for one on songs stuck in my head, one on my extreme gorgeousness*laughs to myself* and one rant.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

I Hate

It when my asthma acts up. Urgh. I'm too *takes deep breath* okay, it hurts and I'm not supposed to panic. So I'm just going to take a nap. And breathe easy.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm Having a Fantasy

Of food. Not men or guys. Or hotties. Cuties.

*shuts up*

Just plainly food. Delicious stomach filling food. Either savoury or sweets. I'm not picky.

But right now I'm thinking of beef kebab, soy bean milk and maybe chocolate.

*hears tummy growl* Not much longer

Its a Quarter After One

Well, actually its 17 after 9 but that doesn't sound good while singing *really did try singing it* and I'm in the mood to make this post one of those rambling, jump from one topic to another unrelated one, emotional rollercoaster kinda post. Its cleansing for the soul people. But to make it look more systematic (unlike Hanis), I'll put up a number system so you can't blame me for the numerous topic change.

Oh wait, the pretty lady is here. She just came in looking fine. I think this deserves a

One- Who's the pretty lady? She's this beautiful woman in the office who has this cool looking phone and amazing clothes and lets not forget those awesome glasses she wears sometimes. She gives off the impression that she's quite well-to-do *eyes her* and it could be either

a) Her family is well-to-do

b) She's married to a well-to-do dude but she doesn't look married, you know. She's still young-ish, well mid 20's I'm guessing.

c) She got a kick ass paycheck

But yeah, I got myself one of those little crushes where you want to be that person when you grow up. *sighs happily*

Two- Its the first day of the fasting month. This time I'll lose weight. I swear. And not gain weight, savvy? No more groaning at the end of the month when someone finds out they gained few pounds. Its gonna be a full blown self satisfied smirk accompanied by some discreete flaunting of a slimmer figure. *prays hard*

The only problem is trying to find time to squeeze in a nap or two during the weekdays :(

Three- Next Monday which is the 16th day of the 8th month of this wonderful year, the degree application is officially opened. *looks excited, hoping that her grade point average has been updated correctly* Dad's glad that I've decided to continue on with my battle with Actuarial Science instead of running away with my fluffy tail between my legs to some other courses.

One warning. Expect hecticness at application time.

Four- Yes, I cried last night and was all emotional *refers to previous post* and the mood continued till I fell asleep in the middle of one of those self pitying fantasies. *takes a moment to compose myself*

Good news is, I woke up perfectly fine, well, I could have used more sleep and less eyebags. So lets all just push away this episode to a dark dusty corner in some place in Siberia or Timbuktu. And hope it will take a very very very long time for it to come back here

Five- I already finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and now I'm waiting for money to fall down from the sky so I can buy The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. And yes, I read those two up on Wiki -.-

On page 153 of The Fourth Estate and it reminds me of Kane and Abel which I read about 7 years ago. Wow, I first fell for Jeffrey Archer's books around that time and I only bought a book of his last week. Know what that means? I need a book allowance people. Or a sugar daddy.


Okay, the latter is a joke. Unless sugar daddy= rich boyfriend or hubby.

And we're done! I'm off to do work/read more blogs/and just plainly magic the clock to move faster.

Peace out.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Its Just

I'm so tired right now. I feel exhausted. Physically, emotionally, mentally. In every possible way mentioned by all those human experts. GAH.

But fuck, I'm crying right now because I miss you. I don't even know why I'm missing you. Its like, just BAM and I'm crying here wanting to talk to you while you hold me. Its idiotic.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Today's Wise Thought

I love food but what I love more than food is free food.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

On The Radio

Cause when I'm kissing you

My senses come alive

Almost like the puzzle piece

I've been trying to find

Falls right into place

You're all that it takes

My doubts fade away

When I'm kissing you.

Haha, I know its a love song and that I'm being one of those cynical type right now but that doesn't stop me from enjoying songs.

Updates on this particular Sunday:

Home alone since the family went out.

Just ate fries and gravy.

Tummy is being funny because of it.

Sleepy, as usual.

And yeap, this is basically a blah post.

Peace out.

Another Sunday


I wish the weekend can drag on.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Reading Updates

I'm currently reading

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson


The Fourth Estate by Jeffrey Archer.

I'm currently rereading

Lover Avenged by J.R. Ward


Wicked! by erm *mutters* I'll find it out. -.-

Bad Hanis, not remembering the author's name.


I'm having the shakes for no reason. I can feel it all over my body, especially around my upper body. And gah, it makes me want to throw up. Maybe it was my lunch. The rice did taste a bit off-ish. -.-

Urgh, I need a sweet. But I'm out of them.

*takes a deep breath*

I'll be fine. Just 70 more minutes to home.

I can do it.

And I'm Back

With FOOD, a Coke, which I haven't had in ages and some chocolates. Excuse me while I eat.

*About 40 mins and a full tummy later*

Where was I? Oh yes, my rant on books and people. Its like this, there are two type of people who read. People who love to read and people that want others to think they read. I'm one of the former and sometimes, I want to smack anyone that falls under the latter. Especially when they have that look on their face, discussing the latest chick lit they read.


I have nothing against chick lit. Hell, I read them myself. Marian Keyes is wonderful, her books are not typical and they're thick :D and the ones I've read, well one had the protaganist dealing with a drug addiction and denial which leads to rehab. Another was about dealing with her husband's death (cried at the ending) and the other was a mix of 3 characters. Sadly, they're not that popular here so yes, I get a book orgasm when I see her name. Before begging who I'm with to buy me the book or lend me money to buy it.

Anyway, most chick lits are well....just a couple or two hundred pages. And most are just ... you know, its light entertainment. And hell, considering the price of one, the 2 hours I usually take to read one and my usual 'That's it?" reaction at the end, why do people wonder why I don't buy those books? Yes, its reading but its not ... its like one of those gossip mags.

That's my opinion and yes, I roll my eyes when I'm at the bookstore and I see those girls squealing at the latest book from so and so writer and how hot the guy is and on and on and on. And I'm the one who's trying to decide between 4 books by people I swear those girls haven't even heard of.

*takes a deep breath*

It won't kill you to read those books and no, don't go read a book that is now oh-so-famous because a movie is coming out. Now, I'm back at my original topic. Books made into movies leading to books being famous and read by nearly everyone. Except me.

I got into Harry Potter and Twilight before the first movie came out. Hell, I'm a Potter books maniac. So yes, I'm the girl who picks on every single detail while watching the movie. Twilight, well, in the books its great. I love them. But not as much as HP. For one, I'm a vampire fan and come on, sparkle in sunlight?


Buffy would have a hernia if she heard that.

Yeah, you can mess with garlic, holy water and crosses theory and even some blood sucking. BUT, sunlight, no. Its simple

Vampire + sunlight = Death + Screams of pain (a pile of dust or flames optional)

*calms self down*

Ok, I'm calm. Going back to the Twilight saga, I admit I was one of those excited people when the movie came out. But my first reaction was "Eww, Edward's ugly" and yes, I was oogling Jacob's abs. Yet, in the books, the relationship seemed very romantic. In the movie? I swear Edward's a creep, stalker who'll give me nightmares. The fan blowing her hair in the classroom scene? God, he looked like .... he was planning to ... sexually molest her in a non pleasurable way.

-.- Don't kill me Twihard fans.

Moving on from vampires, (was a vampire trick or treating when she was 9, complete with cape, fake fangs and baby powder all over her face to achieve the paleness)

I wish I read Memoirs of a Geisha before the hype started. It seems fun. And there's another movie that I enjoyed, errr, it had star in the title and I loveee the movie soo much. And from what I read, the movie and book differs (duh, its the norm) and I want to read that book one day. Just let me find the title first xD

I think I'll buy a Stephen King novel soon. Before (meaning younger) I didn't get into his books because they had long winded begginings. And I was like, "Ffs, I give up". The same goes for the LOTR trilogy >.> Talk about a book that really goes on and on. I didn't even watch the movies. So Stephen King here I come. *Wikis to find out which books to consider*

Anyway, *tears open a chocolate* time to work people.


7 Minutes

And I'm outta here with my eyes set on the cafe. I still haven't decide what to eat. Just rice. And something else. I'll figure it out downstairs.

I'm already on page 250 and I'm loving it. And yeap, there's 2 books after this one. Its a trilogy that were published post-humously. And yes, I'm reading it now because I have a feeling it would get loads of attention once the Hollywood version of the movies comes out. Yes, there's already the original version, Sweedish. (I think that sounds wrong.) And the books are popular but not in the "OMG You have to read this, Everyone else is" kind.

Its a bit ick. That kind of book promotion. Harry Potter, Twilight, Gossip Girls, Memoirs of a Geisha and so many more. I haven't read the last two because well, I like the tv version of GG and from what I heard from some fanatical "friends" its different. They totally changed some plots and characters involvement. And yada yada.

Memoirs of a Geisha? Well, now everyone who wants to be seen reading, reads that. You see, Wait, lunch time. I'll continue in another post after this, ok? My rant on people and books.


Flying over the keyboard, typing out the words from my mind with speed and accuracy that I sometimes just make myself stop and read what I wrote. For the first time, I'm using a non-human as my point of view. Well, its a bit jumbled up but its fresh. Compare to my usual style I mean.

Moving on, I'm now reading the book that have been on my desk here for nearly a month. The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo. Yes, its a bit slow at the beggining with all those Sweedish names -.- I was like "Wait, wait, who's this dude again?*checks few pages to the front*" But now I've moved on to page 236 so its going good for now.

I've started my brand new book too yesterday. The Fourth Estate by one of my favourite author of all time, Jeffrey Archer. I remember once, I was looked down on by a person who barely knew me when I was reading the synopsis on the back of an Archer's novel. The person snobbishly said it might be hard for me to understand.

I was like ... "Well, I did enjoyed Kane and Abel and The Prodigal Daughter. Fell in love with him because of those,"

Complete silence. KABAAM.

Haha, that reminded me of a certain classmate of mine who was all 'I know what I'm talking about and I'm an expert on this' when we were at a bookstore and I saw that Jodi Picoult (another fave <3 ) had a new book out. So naturally I grabbed a copy to see the synopsis on the back and decide if I'm gonna buy it instead of the vampire one in my hand.

"Oh, Jodi Picoult is not any good. Trust me,"

"... I have about 4 of her books and have read about 6 and I find her books amazing. Though they do make you think because its always about a real issue and its not a love lit,"


Going back to the present. Its about 82 mins to lunch time. I'm so gonna get some fried rice or something equally heavy. And my usual Milo.

Peace out.

And someone better be online tonight.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Someone In The Office

Got BSB's More Than That playing on their computer. Its not too loud but I'm close enough to hear it. Not in crystal quality though. Still, it got me humming along to those lines and make me go all


Words. Promises. Lies.

All the same.

I will love you more than that,

I won't say the words and take them back,

Don't give loneliness a chance,

Baby hear me when I say,

I will love you more than that.

I'll refrain myself from being a bitter person and not critic such words.

Book Orgasm

I love getting those. I usually get them in the library, bookstore or while perusing a friend's bookshelf at the sight of

a) a book I've been meaning to read

b) a book by a favourite author of mine

My latest book orgasm was few days ago when I spotted a J.R. Ward book under the 2o ringgit section of a book sale. I was like "OMGJRWARDOMGOMG"

But then I saw it was one of the books that I already have at home. Okay, there's 8 so far, with another one coming out in April 2011*gets excited* and I have 6 already. I don't have the 5th one and the 8th one. There has been no sighting of the 8th one so far.

Lover Mine

That's the 8th book, telling John Matthew's story and I managed a sneak peek in Wiki and OMG, I want to read it more for these reasons

1)My suspicion about John Matthew actually being Darius' reincarnation that happened at the end of the 1st book is CORRECT.

2)Blaylock, hot redhead Blaylock has his first experience ;)


And I want to read the 5th book because John Matthew and Quinn went through their changes then.

*sighs* I want a Brother too.

Black Dagger Brotherhood rocks my socks.

So Kiss Me

And smile for me. Tell me that you'll wait for me. Hold me like you'll never let me go.

This song can make me cry with the pain of leaving a loved one behind as I go on another one of life's journey.

But whatever.

Its Thursday and I'm planning what to get for lunch. I'm in the mood for one of those overcharged ice blended coffee drinks with whipped cream and some other additional stuffs. But when I look at the prices, I weep inside. Been trying to look up an online version of the menu with prices included for Secret Recipe and San Francisco Coffee because both are in the lobby downstairs.

But now I'm having hunger pangs. Like, big ones that make me plan on what to eat. Stuffs like rice and so on. *looks at clock* Nearly 2 hours to lunchtime :(

Hungrry. I think I'll do the overpriced drink next week. Food today. And maybe beg Dad for 2 books instead of one.

Good luck to me.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Day

Outside. Went around looking how they survey the building for special rating. Involves walking. Listening to explanation. Going into loads of "Danger" room.


Time to go again.

Right now I got this line stuck in my head

I'll buy you anything, I'll buy you any ring.

Claddagh ring. Just that.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday Morning

Which reminds me of the Maroon 5 song, Sunday Morning. Awesome song by the way. I went to bed at about midnight and slept straight till my alarm went off at 5.30. Which is a rarity. The sleeping straight mind you, not the 5.30 alarm. Usually, I'll be waking up few times during the night but not last night.

Its a slow morning. Like, the minutes crawl pass while I'm staring at this screen, once in a while starting a typing frenzy. Before it stops. Just like that.


Got a song stuck in my head right now and I can't wait for lunchtime. Anything to get away from here.

Peace out.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Life Lesson

Keep others an arm length away. No matter what or who. Its to save yourself from future hurt.

Stuck in My Head

I'm in pieces,

Baby fix me,

Shake me till you wake me,

From this bad dream.

I Had

A weird but enjoyable dream last night and when I was interupted by my alarm, I was tempted to throw my phone onto the floor. Thankfully I changed that to groaning into my pillow while lamenting the unfairness of the quick ending of such a sweet dream. In the dream, there was :

A talking fluffy baby bunny that loves "texting" on her computer.

Very very weird ice cream flavours such as "Batman" and "Booga Booga Boo" that funnily enough tasted good.

A resting place for baby bunnies that involves few stages.

Appearance of a fomer infatuation who in turn, seemed besotted with me.

I know, the last one was the reason I didn't want the dream to end. And for the baby bunny too. She was mine and so cute. "Texting" away, as she calls typing on her pink computer and she had long floppy ears with white fluffy fur.

*has a moment of extreme cuteness appreciation*

*calms myself down*

Anyway, "Booga Booga Boo" is a magical icecream that has the flavour of 3 things you desire the most. "Batman" hmmm, I remember it was blue. Was distracted with the guy eating them. And *grins* oh never mind, the dream ended.

Peace out.

*grr, that sounds silly coming from me*

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Few More Weeks.

Its funny how my mind sometimes can out of nowhere reminds me of a certain date. And it will hit me with such internal pain I feel like folding into myself and crying in misery with wishes to go back to last year and maybe do things differently. Or maybe to just go back and go through everything another time around.

Right now I curse my good memory. I wish I can't remember that *sighs and wipes my eyes* I'm not gonna think about it. It will just stop this process I'm going through. If I can go back, I'll stop things from getting to how it was.


I don't know what I'll do if I can go back.


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