Friday, August 6, 2010

And I'm Back

With FOOD, a Coke, which I haven't had in ages and some chocolates. Excuse me while I eat.

*About 40 mins and a full tummy later*

Where was I? Oh yes, my rant on books and people. Its like this, there are two type of people who read. People who love to read and people that want others to think they read. I'm one of the former and sometimes, I want to smack anyone that falls under the latter. Especially when they have that look on their face, discussing the latest chick lit they read.


I have nothing against chick lit. Hell, I read them myself. Marian Keyes is wonderful, her books are not typical and they're thick :D and the ones I've read, well one had the protaganist dealing with a drug addiction and denial which leads to rehab. Another was about dealing with her husband's death (cried at the ending) and the other was a mix of 3 characters. Sadly, they're not that popular here so yes, I get a book orgasm when I see her name. Before begging who I'm with to buy me the book or lend me money to buy it.

Anyway, most chick lits are well....just a couple or two hundred pages. And most are just ... you know, its light entertainment. And hell, considering the price of one, the 2 hours I usually take to read one and my usual 'That's it?" reaction at the end, why do people wonder why I don't buy those books? Yes, its reading but its not ... its like one of those gossip mags.

That's my opinion and yes, I roll my eyes when I'm at the bookstore and I see those girls squealing at the latest book from so and so writer and how hot the guy is and on and on and on. And I'm the one who's trying to decide between 4 books by people I swear those girls haven't even heard of.

*takes a deep breath*

It won't kill you to read those books and no, don't go read a book that is now oh-so-famous because a movie is coming out. Now, I'm back at my original topic. Books made into movies leading to books being famous and read by nearly everyone. Except me.

I got into Harry Potter and Twilight before the first movie came out. Hell, I'm a Potter books maniac. So yes, I'm the girl who picks on every single detail while watching the movie. Twilight, well, in the books its great. I love them. But not as much as HP. For one, I'm a vampire fan and come on, sparkle in sunlight?


Buffy would have a hernia if she heard that.

Yeah, you can mess with garlic, holy water and crosses theory and even some blood sucking. BUT, sunlight, no. Its simple

Vampire + sunlight = Death + Screams of pain (a pile of dust or flames optional)

*calms self down*

Ok, I'm calm. Going back to the Twilight saga, I admit I was one of those excited people when the movie came out. But my first reaction was "Eww, Edward's ugly" and yes, I was oogling Jacob's abs. Yet, in the books, the relationship seemed very romantic. In the movie? I swear Edward's a creep, stalker who'll give me nightmares. The fan blowing her hair in the classroom scene? God, he looked like .... he was planning to ... sexually molest her in a non pleasurable way.

-.- Don't kill me Twihard fans.

Moving on from vampires, (was a vampire trick or treating when she was 9, complete with cape, fake fangs and baby powder all over her face to achieve the paleness)

I wish I read Memoirs of a Geisha before the hype started. It seems fun. And there's another movie that I enjoyed, errr, it had star in the title and I loveee the movie soo much. And from what I read, the movie and book differs (duh, its the norm) and I want to read that book one day. Just let me find the title first xD

I think I'll buy a Stephen King novel soon. Before (meaning younger) I didn't get into his books because they had long winded begginings. And I was like, "Ffs, I give up". The same goes for the LOTR trilogy >.> Talk about a book that really goes on and on. I didn't even watch the movies. So Stephen King here I come. *Wikis to find out which books to consider*

Anyway, *tears open a chocolate* time to work people.


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