Thursday, August 5, 2010

Book Orgasm

I love getting those. I usually get them in the library, bookstore or while perusing a friend's bookshelf at the sight of

a) a book I've been meaning to read

b) a book by a favourite author of mine

My latest book orgasm was few days ago when I spotted a J.R. Ward book under the 2o ringgit section of a book sale. I was like "OMGJRWARDOMGOMG"

But then I saw it was one of the books that I already have at home. Okay, there's 8 so far, with another one coming out in April 2011*gets excited* and I have 6 already. I don't have the 5th one and the 8th one. There has been no sighting of the 8th one so far.

Lover Mine

That's the 8th book, telling John Matthew's story and I managed a sneak peek in Wiki and OMG, I want to read it more for these reasons

1)My suspicion about John Matthew actually being Darius' reincarnation that happened at the end of the 1st book is CORRECT.

2)Blaylock, hot redhead Blaylock has his first experience ;)


And I want to read the 5th book because John Matthew and Quinn went through their changes then.

*sighs* I want a Brother too.

Black Dagger Brotherhood rocks my socks.

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