Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm Better

As in I'm not wheezing all the time, okay, more like not feeling as if my pipes had gotten narrow without warning thus resulting in me panicking about the decrease in oxygen pumping into my lungs before flailing my arms around in a lame imitation of a fish out of water.

Wow. That was odd.

I spent 4 days getting better so now I'm back in the office, doing my usual thang. Which is not much. But fear not, I have loads to rant about on here as I didn't blog at all for those 4 days while things happened around me.



Funny how your mind goes completely blank after you write how you have loads to rant about. Ick. I hate when that happens. MINDBLOCK.

*roll eyes*

*deep breaths*

I want McDonald's chicken nuggets, fries and chocolate sundae today. Please please please. Yesterday's lasagna was oh so tasty with all those cheese but Mama forgot the mushrooms. *pouts*

I think I'll make it another mulitple posts day. Prepare yourself for one on songs stuck in my head, one on my extreme gorgeousness*laughs to myself* and one rant.


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