Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Its a Quarter After One

Well, actually its 17 after 9 but that doesn't sound good while singing *really did try singing it* and I'm in the mood to make this post one of those rambling, jump from one topic to another unrelated one, emotional rollercoaster kinda post. Its cleansing for the soul people. But to make it look more systematic (unlike Hanis), I'll put up a number system so you can't blame me for the numerous topic change.

Oh wait, the pretty lady is here. She just came in looking fine. I think this deserves a

One- Who's the pretty lady? She's this beautiful woman in the office who has this cool looking phone and amazing clothes and lets not forget those awesome glasses she wears sometimes. She gives off the impression that she's quite well-to-do *eyes her* and it could be either

a) Her family is well-to-do

b) She's married to a well-to-do dude but she doesn't look married, you know. She's still young-ish, well mid 20's I'm guessing.

c) She got a kick ass paycheck

But yeah, I got myself one of those little crushes where you want to be that person when you grow up. *sighs happily*

Two- Its the first day of the fasting month. This time I'll lose weight. I swear. And not gain weight, savvy? No more groaning at the end of the month when someone finds out they gained few pounds. Its gonna be a full blown self satisfied smirk accompanied by some discreete flaunting of a slimmer figure. *prays hard*

The only problem is trying to find time to squeeze in a nap or two during the weekdays :(

Three- Next Monday which is the 16th day of the 8th month of this wonderful year, the degree application is officially opened. *looks excited, hoping that her grade point average has been updated correctly* Dad's glad that I've decided to continue on with my battle with Actuarial Science instead of running away with my fluffy tail between my legs to some other courses.

One warning. Expect hecticness at application time.

Four- Yes, I cried last night and was all emotional *refers to previous post* and the mood continued till I fell asleep in the middle of one of those self pitying fantasies. *takes a moment to compose myself*

Good news is, I woke up perfectly fine, well, I could have used more sleep and less eyebags. So lets all just push away this episode to a dark dusty corner in some place in Siberia or Timbuktu. And hope it will take a very very very long time for it to come back here

Five- I already finished reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and now I'm waiting for money to fall down from the sky so I can buy The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest. And yes, I read those two up on Wiki -.-

On page 153 of The Fourth Estate and it reminds me of Kane and Abel which I read about 7 years ago. Wow, I first fell for Jeffrey Archer's books around that time and I only bought a book of his last week. Know what that means? I need a book allowance people. Or a sugar daddy.


Okay, the latter is a joke. Unless sugar daddy= rich boyfriend or hubby.

And we're done! I'm off to do work/read more blogs/and just plainly magic the clock to move faster.

Peace out.

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