Monday, August 23, 2010

83 Minutes

Before you can see me running to the doors heading for home. Kidding. I can't run in these shoes. If I could, I would have brought my satchel instead of my big fit-my-room-inside bag. Went downstairs to the lobby during lunchhour. Apparently the stalls changed weekly so my plans to buy a nice hairband with a Minnie Mouse bow on it is ruined.*tries to be dramatic*

But I did saw this cardigan and it was just like the one I saw in Pyramid 6 months ago and the price? Its the same. -.- I was like

"How much is this?"

"45 Ringgit for that one but the prices ranged from 28 Ringgit based on the style,"

And typical of Hanis, the one I'm holding will be the expensive one. I took some time browsing around the cardigans. Some were nice and some were ... urgh. Then I walked around for some more and saw ... nothing else that caught my eye and it was back up to the office to laze around my break time.

*touches my nose*

Its cold. Compare to the other parts of my face. *touches again* Yeap, darn aircond. Its not helping my condition.

I have a tissue balled up against my nose and the tissue smells like chewing gum. Or mint. Whichever way you look at it. And now I'm addicted to the smell.

73 more minutes.

Yesterday, Mama made chicken rice and pigged out had a lot of the chilli blend which lead to my tummy doing the chachasambafoxtrot at 4 in the morning. Hanis, when will you learn your lesson when it comes to Mama's chicken rice's chilli blend? Eat moderately. Not drown your chicken with it.

Today, I'm in the mood for pasta and I blame the Never Ending Pasta Bowl ad on yahoo inbox chat because I've been staring at pictures of pasta for nearly half the day due to it.

Creamy Parmesan Portobello I need to have that now because it looks darn good.

65 more minutes and time for me to read more stuffs up.

Later alligator.

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