Friday, August 20, 2010


I actually considered what to wear this morning in the foot apparel department.

Oh wait, Good Morning people, its a normal Friday morning and its about 7.36 am and I'm celebrating my "first person in the office" victory because I've been cheated out of it for the past few days. That says a lot on the ongoings or lack of it of my life, true?

Moving back to the original topic, if you know me, you'll be gasping "Holyhellshitnofreakingwayshemustbeouttahermind" with your hand over your suprised heart, eyes wide while your mind comes up with alien abduction conspiracy theories. Because

Hanis considering what to wear? Its like a pink moon, not a blue moon because that still happens but a pink moon. Or a rainbow one, that's much cuter. Off topic again. Grr.

Hanis usually grabs whatever that looks convinient (read: doesn't need ironing) and hopes that it will match with the other grabs she did. Unless its a certain type of clothing which she sometimes takes about a minute or half of one to make a choice.

I shall just assume that you get the Rainbow Moon situation here. So there I was, looking in the shoes cupboard with a sulk. I didn't want to wear that green peep toes heels or the colourful slingbacks. I don't want to fall down the steps or get stuck in those evil cracks/tiles on the floor before falling onto my face and knowing my luck a cutie will be right in front of me.

I considered my brother's shoes. Its some kind of brand which yours truly didn't pay attention to but I'm gonna make a wild guess and say they were Converse. A nice dark brown one. I only like the colour. I don't like how the shoes look like. It reminds me of things I don't like. Which tell you how desperate I was this morning. Thank God, I have a brother with Ronald McDonald feet. So I would be tripping over my own feet if I put on those shoes.

Mama was there when I sulkingly put on my normal sandals with the slight heels which resulted in a promised shoe shopping trip. Which we all know will change into a " Hanis insisting to go to every bloody shoe store in Pyramid before buying a pair in the first store after arguing about her choice" trip.

That's meh. Normal. Average so I'm just going to google some shoes and maybe put up the pictures here (Extreme Rainbow Moon).Its officially 7.54am and I shall tell how long my shoe googling takes me, alright?

*Google Time*

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