Monday, August 2, 2010

I Had

A weird but enjoyable dream last night and when I was interupted by my alarm, I was tempted to throw my phone onto the floor. Thankfully I changed that to groaning into my pillow while lamenting the unfairness of the quick ending of such a sweet dream. In the dream, there was :

A talking fluffy baby bunny that loves "texting" on her computer.

Very very weird ice cream flavours such as "Batman" and "Booga Booga Boo" that funnily enough tasted good.

A resting place for baby bunnies that involves few stages.

Appearance of a fomer infatuation who in turn, seemed besotted with me.

I know, the last one was the reason I didn't want the dream to end. And for the baby bunny too. She was mine and so cute. "Texting" away, as she calls typing on her pink computer and she had long floppy ears with white fluffy fur.

*has a moment of extreme cuteness appreciation*

*calms myself down*

Anyway, "Booga Booga Boo" is a magical icecream that has the flavour of 3 things you desire the most. "Batman" hmmm, I remember it was blue. Was distracted with the guy eating them. And *grins* oh never mind, the dream ended.

Peace out.

*grr, that sounds silly coming from me*

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