Friday, August 20, 2010

Googling Spree

And its hours of googling.

Okay, I was distracted by work, bathroom visits, blog hopping and perhaps daydreaming of TGIF's food? *groans and hits head on table*goddamn it. I'm hungry and want those potatoes.*shakes myself*

Moving back to topic here. As you can see, there's two type of shoes here. My interest in knee high boots started earlier this week from a blog post I read somewhere. And I was in love.

We'll just ignore the price because if we don't it means me crying at the exchange rate.

Knee high boots with a chunky heel. A stick thin heel is a recipefor Hanis falling on some random sidewalk with cracks in it, face smacked on the dirty surface. And like, duh chunky heels give more balance. Or something. It has to do with the gravity center aka physics shit aka my failing point.

And like every girl, a pair of shoe comes with a nice outfit in the mind. Knee high boots? Darling, wear them with skinny jeans tucked into the boots *hates skinny jeans thus will look for hip hugging jeans with a not-too-wide legs* a simple top (maybe, like a blouse for me, not too feminine though), awesome pair of sunnies*needs to buy a pair* and a nice big bag at your side or as my brother say, under your armpit.

*is actually googling for bags and sunnies* Stop it Hanis.

The other kind is Mary Jane pumps.

*smacks myself* I was about to talk about why they are called Mary Jane. Go Google. I'm not a fashion blogger. Bleh.
Yes, I don't do flats. Unless its flip-flops flipflopflipflopflipflop or the kind of shoes I'm gonna post in the post after this one. I don't wear ballet flats. Or Mary Jane flats or any kind of flats for one simple reason.
I look duck footed in them. If you're a HP freak like me, yes Victor Krum comes to mind. Yes, its a vanity reason but meh. I might not care but I'm not wearing things that makes me look ... ugly. Thus the pumps.

I had a shoe version of my book orgasm when I saw the red pair. How can one not squeal at them and grab a pair in their size before running to the counter, slamming the money down and skipping away happily at the sight of those shoes?
I wont be doing that thank you. I'll just have a shoe orgasm before trying it out

I think they'll look great in my staple: jeans. I can just see how awesome finetastic the shoes will look with my jeans as I trot about.

Enough with the daydreaming Hanis. Its scary. I can imagine some besties dialing for the nearest asylum.
Har Har.
Not neglecting the other Mary Jane, it has a higher heel and not as casual as the red one(thus the reason I'm coveting them) but its still desirable and omgIwantallofthem.
*deep breath*
Don't think this is the end of my shoe rant. I got a post coming up dedicated to a certain shoe just because there were so many designs and I fell in love with so many.

Peace out.

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