Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rant-y Mood

Hanis, next time, stay away from news articles and blog posts that just reeks of ... How do I put this ... well, *thinks hard and long* Ooookay. I need to explain a bit.

The problem with people today is that they believe in what they're told by the news etc too easily without reading into the matter and thinking with their own head. Its the same all over the world. Here. Or wherever that is not here. Let me give you an example of a case here.

Around early this year or end of last year, a 15 year old kid was shot dead by a policeman. That's the basic one-liner. The papers wrote that the kid was innocent as in he didn't commit a crime and what menial crime he did was running from the cops. And he got shot dead for it. The public went crazy about it. They wanted the policeman to be thrown into jail. They cried for the boy, who was raised single handedly by his mom. The papers had his mom interviewed, crying that her son was a good boy and didn't do anything to make himself be shot. They had pictures of him in the newspaper.

Of course, if you're a sufferer of the earlier mentioned problem, you'll be starting a petition to have that policeman pay for his sins. Let's not forget the comments made by government figures, which fuelled the fire.

Mama was the one interested in the case more at that time because I was nose deep in my studies. Trying to understand the evils of actuarial math, math stats 2 and financial math 2 so if I read anything about it, I'll just go my usual "....."

After a while, the case was dragged on and on and on, a paper or two started to publish the story again, but this time with more details or in my case, not making the kid seemed like an angel or waiting for sainthood. And yes, I laughed at how many details they missed out the first time around. On purpose perhaps?

The incident happened at 2 in the morning of a school night. The kid and his friend(s) took his mom's car, without the mom knowing but his sister knew, and decided to do a joyride. Apparently, this was a normal occasion for them, regardless of the fact that you have to be at least 17 here to have a driver's license. Blame the good-kid-upbringing in me, but I can tick off 3 wrongdoings already.

So this kid and his friend(s) were driving around, not caring that they have school at 7.30am the next day and managed to run into another car. *restraining from sarcasm* So after running into the other car, the kids got out and after some chitchat, they went back into their car and drove off, as in, driving away from the person. Apparently, its said that the accident happened at the neighbourhood of the other guy and some people wanted to beat the kids up. Okay.

So the kids are now driving fast, running from the people chasing them. Yes, there was a mob. And passed by some policemen. Try to imagine what they were seeing. Kids driving a car, driving away from a mob. Its expected for them to jump into the conclusion that those kids might have commited robbery or something. I would have thought so too.

So the police joined in the chase, telling the kids to pull over. They didn't. And bambambam, in the chaos, somehow the kids rammed into something and decided to make a getaway on foot. *is not rolling her eyes* And the kid ended up getting shot.

The picture of the kid? That was from 3 years before. At 12, most kids look innocent. The policeman has few kids, the eldest being 12 or something. And if I'm not mistaken, its either his wife is a teacher or not working.

After all that, another goverment figure came out and said that the public should look deep into what happened before crying foul. Nuff said, true?

Ok, now for my opinion. And yes, I argued with a friend of mine when she was all "Its the police fault. Like, he didn't even ask what's happening and shot the kid,"

In my opinion, its the kid's fault. I'm not saying the police is completely innocent but he was doing his job. Why is it the kid's fault?

1. I'm just saying, would a nice, law abiding innocent kid make it a habit to go joyriding at 2.a.m on school nights?

2. There must be a reason the mob chased them. Kid hits the car, and usually, if you're polite and regretful, people won't want to bash your head in for putting a dent.

3. Police are chasing you. Stop the damn car.

Yeah, flame me sue me shishkebab me.

That kid is no angel/saint. If he were, he won't be out of the house in the first place, true? So stop making the policeman a scapegoat for a kid's blehness.

Do you see what this case has to do with the people of today's problem? Blindly accepting. Now, what started my rant concerns of a quite scandalous issue. The "Ground Zero" mosque. I'm not gonna elaborate but just say the points of my view.

1. Read it properly. Don't tune into just one network or publishing. Its not on Ground Zero.

2. The terrorists were yes, Muslim and Mid-Easterns. Might I suggest the fact that Mid-Easterns are sometimes quite ... enthusiastic ? Which leads to

3. Stop fucking blaming Muslims all over the world. I'm one, and I'm not planning to bomb/blow up/kidnap/kill/preaching how you're going to hell. And I've read about people who claims to reading the Koran thus saying how Muslims all are out to kill infidels. Leading to

4. Don't claim to know-it-all after a short research. This applies to everyone.

5. Come on, choose somewhere else to build the mosque. If it does get build, I can imagine the daily assault. Don't go looking for trouble, savvy?

And that's it. Full stop. I'm not talking about this anymore. Hopefully.

Hanis is a person who thinks we should stop picking on the differences and being over sensitive on the sensitive issues and bloody learn things and try to imagine being in someone's else shoes.

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fizzee rascal said...

I posted my thoughts on the Ground Zero cultural cetre and mosque at my blog, I'd be interested to see what you think of my take on things.


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