Friday, August 20, 2010

19 Minutes

Before the weekend officially starts *runs around* and oh yes, the title above is the same as Jodi Picoult's amazing amazing book. Its about a school shooting but that's not the amazing part of the book. Geez. Its amazing because her books just reaches out. And the sexy Jordan McAfee makes his third appearance in that book.

Jordan McAfee's appearances in Jodi's books

1. The Pact - Boy and girl loves each other. Make suicide pact. Girl makes boy shoot her. Boy didn't kill himself. Secrets spill out afterwards. Girl's pregnant. Boy doesn't know. Police doesn't believe him. Boy accused of murder.

And that was a minute review of that book. I don't do justice to it. :( But Jordan McAfee becomes the boy's, whose name is the same as a name I don't want to say, lawyer. In this book, Thomas, Jordan's son is still small, well like, preteen-ish? and his wife has just left him.

2. Salem's Fall - Thomas is a teenager in here and he's in love with a semi-crucial character here. Jordan becomes once again, the defence attorney for Jack, a sexual offender accused of rape.

3. Nineteen Minutes- Thomas is in Yale and Jordan's married to his assistant, the sexy Selena and has a baby boy.

That was all for the timeline purposes. Oh Jodi, please write more with Jordan McAfee in it.

*eyes clock* 10 more minutes and the smell of the food some people ordered is making me hold back from gagging and cursing the pain in my right temple. *smacks head on table*

Deep breath Hanis. Do not throw up. Just pack your stuffs quickly and run out of the office. 7 more minutes.

6 minutes.

4 minutes. Better start packing. Insert netbook battery in place. Done.

3 minutes. Close the file. Clear the table. Done.

2 minutes. Put away charger. Take off socks.Done

Not gonna wait longer. Take off sweater. Hits Publish.

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