Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Semi Serious Post

That's my aim for this one. So I thought. But about what? *thinks*

I came up with nothing. Lies. Okay, I came up with these

1. A sappy poem

2. How I love dark chocolate.

3. Marky Mark should be mine.

4.Figuring out what I'm craving for.

5.Wondering if the 4 topics can be counted as semi serious.

Or how about an emotional post? One where I'm crying my eyes out while typing but wait, I don't think crying in the office is good for my street cred reputation here unless I can pin the blame on hormones. Oh yes.

"Why are you crying, Hanis?" - concerned person who actually works in the office


"Ahhhhh," -concerned person slips a bar of dark chocolate.

That seems pretty good. *considers* But to actually write about something that makes me cry? I could write about

1. This craving for Subway which I haven't fulfilled yet.

2. Not having a nice pair of boots yet.

3. Not having a hot boytoy of my own.

4.How much I want to castrate someone with a rusty blunt butter knife.

No4 seems promising but that won't make me cry. It will make me cackle in front of my screen and instead of dark chocolate, I'll get a "She's mental" verdict. It seems that I'm in a not-so-emotional phase of my month. Or week.

To end this, I shall put quote my bestie's status on her yahoo yesterday

Here's to the guys who have us, the assholes who had us and the lucky bastards who'll have us.

Correction made to suit Hanis:

Here's to Hanis for being fantastically amazingly single and not fucking care about it, the bloody assholeidiotjerks who had us and the lucky bastards who's too shy to admit their feelings for us.


Yes, I'm still bitter.

And to the guy with the rising sun smile, wake up! I'm the best baby ;)

And ick, I don't call people baby unless I'm singing Bieber's Baby.

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