For My Stalkers.

I want you all to imagine me reading out this page in a sweet, serene, demure voice with perfect pronunciation. No accent or whatsoever.

Who am I trying to kid? I'll probably read this page in a tone that will get bored after the first few lines. Its not you, just me. My first grade teacher never called on me to be the kid that reads out loud during story time. But I did took that Public Speaking class and got an A even-

*hears grumbling of when the goods are coming*

Fiiiine, here are the details as required:

- My name is Hanis. Of course my full name is wayyyy longer but Hanis is enough for you guys to know. When I get famous and have my own Wiki page, I'll be known by that one name. It sounds exactly like "Honeys". Yes, the honey jokes get sticky after a while.

- I'm 21. Yes, I'm legal. Those fantasies you're having of me is not going to get you jailed.

- I sold my soul to the demon known as Degree of Actuarial Science. What is it? Well, google it! If you already know what it is without googling, you're in the minority. Be proud. Gloat.

- My life plan is to marry a rich guy and write novels/books about romance, fantasy and adventure which will get me famous and my own Wiki page.

- I'm a hopeless romantic. Slightly cynical though. I think that is sufficient to explain how I act sometimes.

- I love gourmand perfumes. Or scents that smell like edible stuffs. Vanilla, chocolate, mint, cinnamon. You name it. I love food that much.

- I've been to *counts* 7 countries. 8 if you count that one hour stop at an airport in Japan. 9 if you count Malaysia.

- One of the worst questions you can ask me is "What do you want to talk about?". I'll instantly hear buzzing in my mind, indicating how blank it is. Want to start a convo? Ask me another question.

- Don't come to me when you have a broken heart. Unless you need someone to curse and talk about what a useless being they are, then do come knocking on my door. If you want me to hold you and say everything will be alright, well, I've made some friends cried harder. Warning given.

- I cry at every Disney and Pixar movies I've watched. It makes my lil bro sick when I cried my eyes out everytime I watched UP.

- Talking about movies, I don't like horror movies. Especially Malay ones. My reason? The probability of the ghosts here talking in Malay is higher than them talking in English. I know. There's bilingual and multilingual ghosts. Still.

- Once upon a time, I took a quiz at blogthings. It says my love match is a Libra. Just cause that's the sign of my crush at that moment, I still have a belief in that quiz.

- My emotions are a rollercoaster. I go up and down. Easily enough. And once upon a time (more like in December) I took an online depression test. Results? I got Cyclothymia. Meh. I'm only aware of the depressed phase. Concerned? Don't be.

- I solemnly believe that I'm the future Mrs. Draco Malfoy. *kicks away lies of how he doesn't exist*

And that is all that you need to know about me. You'll pick up other things if you read all of my posts *winks winks* and of course, be a follower *winks winks*

Peace Out.


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