Monday, March 7, 2016

How Old Am I?

I'm turning 27 in July this year and the only time I don't feel 24, is when another acquaintance gets married/engaged/have a kid.

Which is perhaps, once a week to be honest.

My biological clock went on silent mode, not sending me those "Let's have a baby" notifications all my unmarried friends are getting. - Thank god.

I feel 27 when someone gets married/engaged cause there is this part of me deep inside that seems to send out a melancholic notification - "When is it my turn?" but then I hit the snooze button right away and focus on my next trip.

I feel 35 when a "well-meaning" relative/acquaintance ask me when I am gonna get married cause obviously I have to soon since my 23 year old female cousin just did last week. I try to not be rude to these people but here is the reply that comes up in my head:

"Let me just call up the 10 guys who is on the waiting list to just set up an appointment with my parents so we can discuss and barter the terms. Like, obviously I have a line of men just waiting to get married to me and the only reason I am still single is cause of my ego/need for independence/to sow wild oats/want to accumulate more money. LIKE OBVIOUSLY."

My mom have come up with a nice reply to those questions:

"Oh why, do you have someone to introduce to Hanis?"

It kills the questions, kills the busybody and slays it all. Thank you mom.

I am thankful for my colleagues who just scoff and say I am still young.

I do feel young.

Thursday, February 25, 2016



I am back.


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