Thursday, June 30, 2011

Letter To a Rude Couple.

Dear Couple at the Swimming Pool,

Its very rude to stare. And you guys were obvious. I walked past 3 times and little wifey said something to hubby and bam, two pair of eyes were looking at me, and out came the not-friendly-but-snide smiles that were accompanied by whispers

Staring at a self concious girl who's less than fit? How mean of you guys. I know you guys probably never saw a Muslim girl in one of those full-on swimming suits that cover everything.

But that doesn't mean you can stare. Rude idiots. Not to mention, not up to date on the fashion. Next time I see you guys doing that to me again, I'm complaining. Like you guys, I'm a paying customer.

Sincerely pissed,

Friday, June 24, 2011


Few years ago, I read an article in a magazine which talked about guys who are "Out of Your League". No, I'm not talking about James Franco, Marky Mark or even Rupert Grint. I'm talking about that guy you bumped/saw one fine day in your friend's Facebook/hallway/pumping some irons/choosing a book/wherever else.

That article divided those OYL aka Out of Your League guys into several types. The artistic, the
handsome hunk, the well connected, the sophisticated and god, my memory is bad right now. What I do remember clearly about that article is that one piece of advice.

"Don't treat them as if they're demi-gods. They're just another human being, who, suprisingly might not get approached often due to girls being intimidated by them,"

I can so imagine a gaggle of girls sighing among themselves from across the room about that OML (Out of My League) guy, muttering on how they'll never have a chance.

Even at 16, I was like:

Hell to the yeah.

I didn't take the advice. 6 years has passed, and nope. Like, I get that whole idea when it comes to celebrities. I'm all 'What the fuck are you doing?" when I watch people go all adoring and half worship a celebrity. They didn't save the world from a wild comet. Or saved a baby from drowning. Yes, doctors, firemen and the likes deserve more worship in my opinion.

Oh wait, what's the point of this point?

Well, I think its high time for me to finally take that advice. Not that I have anyone in mind but still, its a great way to go on in your life. I should just think every guy as just another person, regardless of how OML that guy is. And the same goes for girls that you guys think as OML. She's just another human being. Strip away the beauty and glamour, you're left with a person who you better hope is nice and decent.

So what if that OML laughed/rejected/ignored you, they just missed out on someone who's brave enough to go against society's ranks and say Hi to someone on a higher shelf.

And, if they did react in a negative way, that just shows that inside, they're not as wonderful as they look. Yes, I'm about to quote that somewhat overused line:

Beauty fades, Wealth gets spent.

And so on.

Once you know that OML is ugly inside, they've been demoted (in your mind) to NGE aka Not Good Enough. NGE are not based on looks, wealth, social ranks and achievement. NGE are based on that decent part of a human being. That part which makes a person smile and be polite no matter to whom.

If you're lucky enough to meet an OML who's just as wonderful inside, then congratulations. That means there's still hope for the world. I mean, that it shows that the world is not completely filled with people who are that vain.

And don't forget, to some people, you might be seen as OML material (yes, stop rolling your eyes Hanis at that but it might be true), just make sure you don't be a NGE. Or I'll kick you in the ass
before smacking the back of your head with my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book.

Remember, every person is just another person.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Confession No.21

Its been a year of self-loving.
I'm happy, lonely at times.
But overall, better than ever.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Torture Day. I'm Kidding.

I'm fasting today.

Wait, its not Ramadhan yet, true?


But, every year, we Muslims (god, that sounds so racist or religionist or something) have to fast during the whole of Ramadhan. And every year, I'll pray that it will only be a 29 days month. But no. Its always 30-31 days.

Basically, that means, come rain or shine, you'll have to fast for that number of days. Its the minimum number for that year. Let's just say, I was sick/accidentally pigged out on food/ had my period/multitude of reasons that made me not fast/cancel out the fasting day , I'll have to pay it back.

In simple words, I have to fast the number of days I didn't in Ramadhan for the rest of the year (before the next Ramadhan comes along). It would be common to hear women going "I hope I won't get my period this month. Pleaaaasseeee" or maybe that's just me.

I try my hardest not to miss a day. Even when I'm sick, I'll try to brave it out until Dad has to resist smacking my head into the bowl of soup. But, sometimes, a girl just has to eventually, skip some days. And pay them back.

The highest number was 13 days. And I cried every single damn day I had to fast for that. Its a whole different thing, fasting in Ramadhan and fasting in another month. Just to get past lunch time is torture. I'll be thinking of what I want to eat while breaking my fast at 9am.


And, its like, I'm not functional at all, my energy level that is, to do more than rolling around in bed.

Every year, I'll cram those days into the last couple of months before Ramadhan, moaning on how in the world did time move so fast.

How many days do I have to pay back this year?





Yes, you got the idea. It was thanks to having an asthma attack that made the doctor look at me over his glasses with a "No fasting tommorow".

You should have heard my wheezy "NOOOOOOOO" that followed.

Oh well, here's to my completing today and being free from my fasting debt, without any slip-ups. Trust me, it happens.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Letter to My Results. Which Have Arrived.

Dear Results,

Thank you for making me wake up at 3.30am to check if you've arrived in my email. And, thank you for fulfilling all of the wishes I made. Thank you thank you for even putting me on the Dean's List. But dude, just one thing.

A B+? I got a freakinggg B+ for English? Like, oh me gawd, I'm going to have a BF. A Bitch Fit. (Kudos to who can guess which movie inspired this)

But still, I'm so happy and excited. Thank you thank you. Even my parents are proud of me.


The relieved

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Letter to My Results. Which Aren't Here, Yet.

Dear Results,

Do be good. I mean, please be above 3.0 . And , please nothing below B. I'm not going to jinx everything by demanding nothing below A- for two particular subjects. *breathes slowly* If you haven't noticed, I'm panicking over here. No, I'm not running around like a headless chicken, so stop chuckling to yourself.

Please arrive quickly, okay? No delaying for a whole day, which I'm sure would be full-blown torture. And, I studied hard too, so please be good. Do come straight to my email like a good boy, okay? And I'll be happy if you're good.


The ever worried

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh My Gawddd.

Oh my gawd.

I had a bad week, to be honest. And slightly nervous since results are rumoured to come out later this week.

But, around 30 minutes ago, I saw a post, this wonderful, oh my so amazing post that said I, Hanis, won a giveaway that I participated in.

*jumps around*

The prize?

An A5 illustration with a theme of my choice.

I'm jumping around for real, bugging Mozart with the news. Agonising on what I want. Like, any specific ideas.

Excuse me while I bother my family and reply to the lovely TJ's email.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Surprises Could Be Nice.

In yesterday's post, I mentioned on having a surprise for you guys. Here it is. Click on it.
With love,

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Behind the URL.

I love looking at a blog's URL and wonder how they came up with it. Have you ever looked at mine and thought:

"What does her URL has to do with her blog?"

Most people's URLs has either something to do with their blog's names or the blog itself. What about me? Well, I'm sure Mozart is thinking:

"Nothing at all,"

And he's right.

Let me list it out.

I Don't Do Boys

Its a long story. Sit down, take a chair, snuggle to your pillow, take another sip of your drink. You'll need it. *clears my throat* Dear children .. Oh wait, wrong crowd.

Around December 09, I had a blog that was mostly read by Noelle and No.3 who I now think, only read it once in a while. He was a jerk in that way. It wasn't a fun blog. Mostly small, frequent posts which were moody like a rollercoaster. I was in love delusional hence it showed on that blog.

It was my *thinks* 6th attempt at blogging. The others died as I got bored with no readers. So, in an attempt of being witty when I actually had no idea, the URL of that blog was somewhere along the line of the current one. Just tweak some words and it was a reference to making sure that blog didn't die too.

Around June last year, things were bad and I was dumped broke up with No.3 *cries in happiness* so I decided to private my blog while I pour poisonous posts on it about what happened. I cried and became depressed over the old posts that indicated my previous state of happiness delusion.

Came July I made a new blog. A new beggining. Which remained empty for 21 days. Why? Because I didn't want it to be a blog of bashing. Well, one without humour. Hence, the URL of this blog is a take on how I failed on the last blog.

The name however comes from how I'm sick of boys, males who are immature emotionally and mentally. Easy as that. Yes, I've been asked if I'm a lesbian ;D No, I'm not. At most I'll call myself bicurious.

Now I wonder, how did you guys came up with your blog's name? If there's a story behind it.

And oh yes, I'll have a surprise for you guys soon.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Random Letter No.5

Dear Random Person No.5

Please please please stop doing these on Facebook:

1. Posting pictures of you:

a) In your "La Senza" boxers. Its tacky. Not sexy.

b) With a "I'm in the middle of an orgasm" face. Its ugly by the way.

c) Showing your face and bare thigh. I swear, my eyes are burning.

d) Taking a sip with a straw. Leave that for Craiglist.

2. Putting up statuses that smacks of self-whoring.

a) Ones of how people keep saying you look like ethicity A when you're only like, less than 50% of it. Oh yes, you don't look like one of them anyway.

b)About how pretty your hair is, according to other people.

c)How people keep adding you up and wanting to get with you. That just means you have that DTF air around you.

3. Butchering the English language.

4. Trying to act as if you're some wordly, open-minded sexually aware person. You look dumb. Seriously. If you want an open minded sexually aware person, look at me. Difference is that I don't go post such "sexual" statuses and act like a Facebook slut.

5. Keep updating on your whereabouts and what you're having for lunch and how you're going offline. I sense an attention seeking whore who might just get a creepy stalker one day.

6. Blowing your horn on your height.

7. Going how you're so fat, like omg, so so fat. Bitch, I'm fat. Not you.

8. Telling it all about your relationships on your wall. The same goes for your friends.

9. Bitching on how people can't judge you, and only your parents can. You know ... you asked for it, basically. I met your father once, absolutely nice fellow. I was SHOCKED to know you're his child. Yes, that is insulting you.

Oh yes, why are you still on my friends list? Well, I need to know that I'm not as pathetic as some. And to anyone who tells you straight that you're a Facebook whore, well, I'm going to write a wonderful letter of congratulations for them on my blog.

Ever so honestly,

Friday, June 3, 2011

Budget of June 2011. I Wish.

I'm going to get my first paycheck any day now. I've counted and got an estimated minimum figure and being the Actuarial Science student that I'am (more like, trying to be responsible) I've made a plan. Or a budget if you want to be politically correct.

Step 1: Put aside 50-55% of it for the ebook reader and possibly phone.

Step 2: Put aside a sum for my food-while-working money.

Step 3: Spend a sum to take my brother out for movies or/and a meal.

Step 4: Buy the first two items from here while telling myself to a) find more pieces to buy and b) wait for the next paycheck while c) hoping no one buys the ones I want.

Step 5: Save the rest and live as if I'm poor. Which I'am.

Wonderful, right?

I'm thinking about putting up a wishlist at the side here, ticking them off whenever I obtain them. It could be very motivating. Or work the other way around.


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