Thursday, June 9, 2011

Behind the URL.

I love looking at a blog's URL and wonder how they came up with it. Have you ever looked at mine and thought:

"What does her URL has to do with her blog?"

Most people's URLs has either something to do with their blog's names or the blog itself. What about me? Well, I'm sure Mozart is thinking:

"Nothing at all,"

And he's right.

Let me list it out.

I Don't Do Boys

Its a long story. Sit down, take a chair, snuggle to your pillow, take another sip of your drink. You'll need it. *clears my throat* Dear children .. Oh wait, wrong crowd.

Around December 09, I had a blog that was mostly read by Noelle and No.3 who I now think, only read it once in a while. He was a jerk in that way. It wasn't a fun blog. Mostly small, frequent posts which were moody like a rollercoaster. I was in love delusional hence it showed on that blog.

It was my *thinks* 6th attempt at blogging. The others died as I got bored with no readers. So, in an attempt of being witty when I actually had no idea, the URL of that blog was somewhere along the line of the current one. Just tweak some words and it was a reference to making sure that blog didn't die too.

Around June last year, things were bad and I was dumped broke up with No.3 *cries in happiness* so I decided to private my blog while I pour poisonous posts on it about what happened. I cried and became depressed over the old posts that indicated my previous state of happiness delusion.

Came July I made a new blog. A new beggining. Which remained empty for 21 days. Why? Because I didn't want it to be a blog of bashing. Well, one without humour. Hence, the URL of this blog is a take on how I failed on the last blog.

The name however comes from how I'm sick of boys, males who are immature emotionally and mentally. Easy as that. Yes, I've been asked if I'm a lesbian ;D No, I'm not. At most I'll call myself bicurious.

Now I wonder, how did you guys came up with your blog's name? If there's a story behind it.

And oh yes, I'll have a surprise for you guys soon.


r.alsharif said...

I actually used to think about what your url meant. I loved how unique it was and it's part of the reason I followed you :P
Mines doesn't have that great of a story to it. Sunshine was a nick name I was given by a teacher when I was a kid 'Merry Sunshine' because I'm a bit on the perky side! And then when I was in high school, people got annoyed at how happy I was all the time so they code named me Sunshine. And Kuwait's the country I live in. That's all :P

bavli said...

I have a story . -_-

Hanis. said...

@r.alsharif: Haha, you're that perky? I'll be all "ewwww" especially if you're so in the morning. I'm a grumpy morning person.

@bavli: Tell. Please :D :D

Furree Katt said...

i've always wanted to ask you about your URL! you've come so far with this blog, i absolutely love it ♥
well, i couldn't think of a super cool URL hence i just kept my blogger name and URL the same. :D (

ishashime said...

oooohhh! so that's the explanation! :D
my blogger URL is just my name. haha. i am not that imaginative.

Rachel said...

My url comes from the song "The Dressing Room" by Breathe Carolina. When I was coming up with my url, I happened to be listening to it, and the first line goes:

Oh god, I already forgot your name, but a name's just a string of letters

On my old blog, I called myself "nameless" because I had a lot of issues with this one girl who said I was so worthless I didn't deserve to have a name. So... it seemed fitting :)

Experiment House said...

Somebody please call me 'brilliant' already. I think you told me the first one :P and I guessed the second one :D. I wrote my first post while sitting on the swings in a park. When I got home and typed it up, I looked around for a blog title and saw that the notepad I wrote it on was flipped over and the barcode read 'Pocket Spiral Notepad', hence the name of my blog :D.

AcetylCholine said...

Mashed two words from two different songs playing in the background. Never realized it'd sound so stupid but ah well.

InnocentlyGreen said...

I sort of figured it would have something to do with previous blogs having died. But then your title made me think furious with men. So it got weird - was it a blog that died or was it a relationship (or more)? Definitely interesting choice :)

My name, url and page title are the same mainly because this is my first blog so I was unsure what name would go where. As for why I picked this name.. that's such a long story I may actually write a post about it someday.

Lioness Without A Pride said...

I guessed that the reason for your blog URL would be something like this :D

Mine's just a result of my whole Leo obsession, cuz I'm a Leo. But I grew out of it :P


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