Friday, June 3, 2011

Budget of June 2011. I Wish.

I'm going to get my first paycheck any day now. I've counted and got an estimated minimum figure and being the Actuarial Science student that I'am (more like, trying to be responsible) I've made a plan. Or a budget if you want to be politically correct.

Step 1: Put aside 50-55% of it for the ebook reader and possibly phone.

Step 2: Put aside a sum for my food-while-working money.

Step 3: Spend a sum to take my brother out for movies or/and a meal.

Step 4: Buy the first two items from here while telling myself to a) find more pieces to buy and b) wait for the next paycheck while c) hoping no one buys the ones I want.

Step 5: Save the rest and live as if I'm poor. Which I'am.

Wonderful, right?

I'm thinking about putting up a wishlist at the side here, ticking them off whenever I obtain them. It could be very motivating. Or work the other way around.


Furree Katt said...

yayyyy for salary ♥ i LOVE payday. i feel so rich when i get paid B)
i have never made a wishlist. if i did, it would only include stuff i am too poor to afford :(

Lioness Without A Pride said...

Congratulations on your paycheck! :D
I LOVE that floral pocket watch thingy! :O :O Do put your wishlist here, the pictures'll be pretty to see!

InnocentlyGreen said...

Congrats on the paycheck! Looking forward to see you tell us all about how managed to get all that beautiful jewelry and also put aside everything you earned, yet still made it to next month. Hehe.
Loving your budget plan!

PurpleMist. said...

Woah, the stuff you want from Etsy is SO pretty! I hope you get it! :D
And congratulations in advance for your first salary :)

Hanis. said...

Furree: Haha. I'm going to buy the turqiose stone one and the anklet any day now. Well, maybe in 2 days :D

Lioness: I'll have to wait for next month before I have enough money for that D; Haha, I'll just have to find more things to put on my wishlist first.

InnocentlyGreen: Living with my parents is a plus, the only thing I have to be responsible for is eating money while working. So far, I've been spending 3 ringgit per day (of 5 hours shift) which is less than a dollar actually :D

Purple: I hope nobody buys them. Its sad there's only one of each D;

Rachel said...

Lucky you. I have, like no money as of now. A wishlist would be cool, but I've never made one because I always forget what I want to add :) Maybe that's a good way to remember...


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