Sunday, June 29, 2014

Guest Post: Kashaf Asim on Ramadan

A week ago, I asked Kashaf Asim to write a guest post me after I read one written by her. And she said yes, and got onto quite a qood topic and emailed it to me earlier today. 

I assure you she will read the comments here, and would appreciate if you go on to her blog afterwards.

Ramadan always has held a special place in my heart. I’ve waited for it and conversed about it with my friends for hours. When I was a child, I used to read about Ramadan before the Partition and it enthralled me. I’ve always accepted tones of sepia more readily than my present and I wanted Ramadan in my home to be as truly magical and serene as it was back in simpler times. That obviously resulted in hapless pleas to my mother to make Sahoor and Iftaar the epitome of desi food. And that’s what I tried to do last year when I was finally old enough to manage the kitchen before waking up my parents from their slumber for Sahoor.

Ramadan is truly gratifying month and it makes me constantly remind that whatever bad I do; it’s on me. It is my deceitful nature; something which I cannot shove upon Shaitaan. I’ve made plethora of promises to myself in this month and even though I’m unable to keep them throughout the year; I’m glad that I do end up being a changed person after every time this month ends.

Since last year; I’ve began to realize the true essence of Ramadan. For me this month of blessing isn’t anymore about consuming lavish cultural food or sleeping throughout the day while fasting. Ramadan for me is now about renewing the connection with our Lord. It’s about reinstating my ties with Him. Last year when I went through a serious phase of depression during this month, I realized how very forgiving Allah is; the epitome of mercifulness. Whenever I sat down on the prayer mat to thank Him for His blessings it horrified me to think that I could never ever thank for each and every blessing bestowed upon an undeserving me. He truly loves each and every one of us. The month of Ramadan is the month when I truly feel Him around me, listening to every prayer I make and being ever aware of the smallest tear I shed. The rest of the year; for me is to maintain the connection I’ve made with our Lord but every year I fail. This year, I firmly resolve to maintain it and push aside the worldly frivolities. If He is there then I don’t need anyone else. He knows what’s best for me.

I feel I couldn’t have been better prepared for this month than now. I’m going through a hard time, fighting inner battles and it feels as if my heart is fading away. The month of blessings starts fromtoday in Pakistan and I’m so very excited yet grieved as my nation is fighting with its own people. Times are hard everywhere and hence, let’s pray frivolously for our fellow brothers and sisters who are away from their homes and beloveds. Let’s pray that this Ramadan is a truly gratifying experience for them and us and let’s pray that the strength of the Muslim Ummah is renewed after this Ramadan.

Ramadan Mubarak to all my fellow Muslims!

Kashaf Asim a.k.a Cogitated Birdie is an avid procrastinator and a shameless stalker. She is lover of tea and paani puri and resides in Karachi, Pakistan. She is currently studying pre-medical and is in the pursuit of reviving her love for Urdu and Pakistani heritage

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Confession No.65

There's an ache in the corners of my bones

weights that anchor my limbs down

sewn into the hemline of my soul

spreading my being wide 

to the darkness that hides in the light.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Green Tea Latte Experience.

I'm currently on a green tea latte phase whereby I try to taste the drink at any establishment that I visit and has that on the menu.

It started with my first taste of green tea ice cream which was heaven to my tastebuds. I then decided to try green tea latte, because its easier to get compare to the ice cream.

First Drink

Place: Chatime - A well known milk tea chain that serves milk tea, coffee and juices.

Name: Matcha Tea Latte

Size: Large

Price: RM7.90

Special Requests: 0% sugar

Taste: Lacking in creamyness, leaving a slight aftertaste of seaweed

Rating: 3.75/5.00

Remarks: Would buy it again, if its nearby when I am hit by a craving.

Second Drink

Place: Starbucks- that coffee chain we all know about.

Name: Green Tea Latte

Size: Grande (Medium)

Price: Around RM12-RM14 because I used a Starbucks tumbler which cut off RM2 from the price.

Special Requests: Skinny aka low fat milk

Taste: The matcha taste is strong but very very sweet for me. Every sip felt like giving my taste buds a milk and honey bath.

Rating: 2.00/5.00

Remarks: I have heard how this drink is hard to make it taste good and that it differs from each of its store. Maybe the one I went to was a bit heavy handed with some ingredients, as I once ordered a plain latte there and it was too milky.

Third Drink

Place: J.Co's Donuts- It used to sell just donuts but then expanded into coffee and froyo.

Name: Green Tea Latte

Size: Uno (Small I think)

Price: RM12- Include tax and a free glazed donut.

Special Requests: None, cause they don't have any options.

Taste- Creamy, not sweet and yummy.

Rating: 4.50/5.00

Remarks: I would definitely buy this again. The J.Co near my house would probably recognise me in few months' time as the girl who comes in to read on her Kindle while sipping on that green drink.

Funny note:

"Can I have an Iced Green Tea Latte?"

"Sure. What size?"

"Uno. Does it has sugar in it?"

"Erm .. it comes with the milk?"

"I mean, additional sugar."

"Well, you can add that at the pick up counter."

"Okay. And does it come with whip cream?"


"And your milk is only one type?"

"... yes?"

"Okay, how much is it?"

God. I have become that person.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Opinion: Children and Religion.

Most people are born into a religion, taught of the ways for that particular religion and stay in that one till they die. From cradle to grave.

But there are people who deviate from that somewhat straight path. Some are born into a "liberal" family that believes a child should be given a choice in what religion they wish to practice. This would lead to a childhood of learning various religions hence giving them a good basis to choose from.

Mozart asked me what do I think would be a better way.

First note: I am not waving a flag telling you to convert into another religion.

Second note: I believe in religious freedom.

My personal belief is that a child is born into a religion but with the freedom of learning about the others on their own initiative. And upon reaching adulthood, they should be given the option to convert, if they want to.

I do not think most parents are equipped for the second option because I doubt they can be that impartial or knowledgeable. They will find it hard to not favour one religion over another.

Yes, there will be the exceptions but not many.

I remember someone mentioning to me how in Indonesia you can have parents that practice different religions. And upon reaching adulthood, the kid can choose. That person went on to say how religion A involves singing (which somehow represents fun) while B involves being scolded for not reciting the holy book properly or skipping prayers. This would definitely make someone choose A over B.

Third note: If anyone can confirm if the above practice is true in Indonesia, or not, do leave a comment.

My thoughts: If someone is as easily influenced by such trivial matters, do you even want them to eventually be a representative of your religion?

But it also proves my belief that a child should be born into a certain religion but with the freedom to learn and choose later on when they are mature and with knowledge.

After all, my religion is supposed to be about free will. Not about force, right?

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

To Write.

This was asked for by Launna, who is perhaps the sweetest lady for always reading and commenting on my posts. She asked me two things and sadly, the first one was something I couldn't answer. But this one, is for her even though its not much of an opinion. 

"Have you always wanted to write?"

No. Because it has only been 11 years since I started writing and that is not even half of my life.

I started writing when I was 14, giving up my doodles of outfits for words that weren't as superficial as drawing a dress that seemed pretty on someone with a perfect curve ratio.

I wrote extensively when I was 16-17, thanks to the world of fanfiction and Harry Potter. I ventured into original fiction while in college and since then, I never looked back.

If you ask me, the perfect career would be of me being a co-owner of a cafe that helps with the baking/cooking before retreating to sit at my favourite table with a tall glass of iced latte so I can work on my book.

I want to be a writer, I want to be read, I want to be quoted one day when I am no longer alive.

Wouldn't that be grand? To live in the memories of your readers? People who read those words you written a generation ago.

To live longer than physically possible.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Opinions, Opinions. Do Pick One.

I have opinions on few handfuls of topic, but definitely not politics and anything war-related. The latter is perhaps due to something inside of me not being able to swallow the horrible reality. The former, I have quite a cold opinion of it but since I can't find the interest in me, it’s not much.


If I do have any readers left, are there any topics you would like to read me blog about? If you ask me what I think of politics, it would probably be an interesting post from someone who lacks interest.

If I find myself unable to give an opinion on a topic, I shall be honest and tell you in a nice apology email/comment.

But if the topic you ask for is one I do have an opinion about, you'll get to read a post on it.

Please, comment or email me at To make it safe, send me more than one topic.

Thank you.

Oh yes, do not ask me what I think of the recession/currency/price of gold/the theme park in North Korea.

Wanted: A Muse.

Wanted: A muse

Job description:

To stir up the depth of my creativity and make it glow in the darkest hour of my soul with fragments of hope and glimmer of forgotten dreams. To guide my hand as I shape the words and sentences that might just make someone in the future sigh in understanding upon reading.

This would not be something that will chain you to my writing desk while your years waste away on chocolate and sushi. From previous experiences, your service would last around a year and your contract shall ends the day I no longer feel inspired by you.


1. You must be capable of making me feel emotions that are destined to rob me of my tears. Unrequited, false hope, broken heart. Take that heart and mangle it around so the beads of creativity can trickle down my arms.

2. Be intelligent, for that is the thing that robs my knees of the capability to hold me straight, robs my mind of my independent thoughts and the restraint upon my creativity.

3. Be fluent in English. And has interest in reading. Though I have never shown my previous muses what I wrote, I know there is a chance in the future they might stumble onto the writings and read them.

Why You Should Apply:

1. If successful, you would be the third muse in my 11 years of writing, therefore guaranteeing you a special place in that dark corner of my heart even after your service is obsolete.

2. If successful, you could end up having a book dedicated to you (Muse no.2) or be the inspiration of the famous(among a small group of fans) Harry Potter fanfictions and be immortalised on the World Wide Web (Muse no.1).

3. If successful, it is a sign that you're a cut above the others as my previous muses have been different from an average, non muse individual.

Contact me at if you are interested in applying, or if you have someone in mind.

(Note: This is not a fully serious or fully satirical advertisement. The idea came to me this morning when I realised I haven't written for quite some time. Hence, this.)


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