Friday, June 6, 2014

Wanted: A Muse.

Wanted: A muse

Job description:

To stir up the depth of my creativity and make it glow in the darkest hour of my soul with fragments of hope and glimmer of forgotten dreams. To guide my hand as I shape the words and sentences that might just make someone in the future sigh in understanding upon reading.

This would not be something that will chain you to my writing desk while your years waste away on chocolate and sushi. From previous experiences, your service would last around a year and your contract shall ends the day I no longer feel inspired by you.


1. You must be capable of making me feel emotions that are destined to rob me of my tears. Unrequited, false hope, broken heart. Take that heart and mangle it around so the beads of creativity can trickle down my arms.

2. Be intelligent, for that is the thing that robs my knees of the capability to hold me straight, robs my mind of my independent thoughts and the restraint upon my creativity.

3. Be fluent in English. And has interest in reading. Though I have never shown my previous muses what I wrote, I know there is a chance in the future they might stumble onto the writings and read them.

Why You Should Apply:

1. If successful, you would be the third muse in my 11 years of writing, therefore guaranteeing you a special place in that dark corner of my heart even after your service is obsolete.

2. If successful, you could end up having a book dedicated to you (Muse no.2) or be the inspiration of the famous(among a small group of fans) Harry Potter fanfictions and be immortalised on the World Wide Web (Muse no.1).

3. If successful, it is a sign that you're a cut above the others as my previous muses have been different from an average, non muse individual.

Contact me at if you are interested in applying, or if you have someone in mind.

(Note: This is not a fully serious or fully satirical advertisement. The idea came to me this morning when I realised I haven't written for quite some time. Hence, this.)


Launna said...

Hanis... I hope you find the muse within yourself... you are an incredibly emotional writer. Most of what you write touches me inside... ♡♥♡

Hanis. said...

Awww. Thank you Launna. ♥


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