Monday, June 16, 2014

The Green Tea Latte Experience.

I'm currently on a green tea latte phase whereby I try to taste the drink at any establishment that I visit and has that on the menu.

It started with my first taste of green tea ice cream which was heaven to my tastebuds. I then decided to try green tea latte, because its easier to get compare to the ice cream.

First Drink

Place: Chatime - A well known milk tea chain that serves milk tea, coffee and juices.

Name: Matcha Tea Latte

Size: Large

Price: RM7.90

Special Requests: 0% sugar

Taste: Lacking in creamyness, leaving a slight aftertaste of seaweed

Rating: 3.75/5.00

Remarks: Would buy it again, if its nearby when I am hit by a craving.

Second Drink

Place: Starbucks- that coffee chain we all know about.

Name: Green Tea Latte

Size: Grande (Medium)

Price: Around RM12-RM14 because I used a Starbucks tumbler which cut off RM2 from the price.

Special Requests: Skinny aka low fat milk

Taste: The matcha taste is strong but very very sweet for me. Every sip felt like giving my taste buds a milk and honey bath.

Rating: 2.00/5.00

Remarks: I have heard how this drink is hard to make it taste good and that it differs from each of its store. Maybe the one I went to was a bit heavy handed with some ingredients, as I once ordered a plain latte there and it was too milky.

Third Drink

Place: J.Co's Donuts- It used to sell just donuts but then expanded into coffee and froyo.

Name: Green Tea Latte

Size: Uno (Small I think)

Price: RM12- Include tax and a free glazed donut.

Special Requests: None, cause they don't have any options.

Taste- Creamy, not sweet and yummy.

Rating: 4.50/5.00

Remarks: I would definitely buy this again. The J.Co near my house would probably recognise me in few months' time as the girl who comes in to read on her Kindle while sipping on that green drink.

Funny note:

"Can I have an Iced Green Tea Latte?"

"Sure. What size?"

"Uno. Does it has sugar in it?"

"Erm .. it comes with the milk?"

"I mean, additional sugar."

"Well, you can add that at the pick up counter."

"Okay. And does it come with whip cream?"


"And your milk is only one type?"

"... yes?"

"Okay, how much is it?"

God. I have become that person.


Launna said...

I never got the taste for green tea... and it is so good for you, I wish I like it... :)

Laila N Mysis said...

Call me stupid, but is green tea the same as the matcha thingo? I had a matcha drink a while ago, and it was sooooooo good, but it made me sick after. Still. I'd have it again :P But it's not the same as green tea, right, 'cause I think I've tried that and I didn't like it...?


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