Friday, June 6, 2014

Opinions, Opinions. Do Pick One.

I have opinions on few handfuls of topic, but definitely not politics and anything war-related. The latter is perhaps due to something inside of me not being able to swallow the horrible reality. The former, I have quite a cold opinion of it but since I can't find the interest in me, it’s not much.


If I do have any readers left, are there any topics you would like to read me blog about? If you ask me what I think of politics, it would probably be an interesting post from someone who lacks interest.

If I find myself unable to give an opinion on a topic, I shall be honest and tell you in a nice apology email/comment.

But if the topic you ask for is one I do have an opinion about, you'll get to read a post on it.

Please, comment or email me at To make it safe, send me more than one topic.

Thank you.

Oh yes, do not ask me what I think of the recession/currency/price of gold/the theme park in North Korea.


Launna said...

What happened in your live that makes you so insightful? ... I love the words you write and how you put them together where I can feel your emotions. There are only a handful of people that can do that to me...

Not sure that is a post but I like learning more about the people I read and I always read you Hannis :)

Also, have you always wanted to write?

Have a lovely weekend :)

Mozart said...

Hmm ... what motivates you to get up every day? What do you feel makes your life worth living?


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