Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Birthday.

Its Mozart's birthday today. Go on and wish him a happy birthday and you'll make him feel like a happy god. Not to mention, you'll get a godkid.

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Tale of Pierced Ears.

The Build-up

A decade ago, I had my ears double pierced. Wait, not at the same time. That would be crazy.

I first got my ears pierced at the tender age of 6 after begging my parents to let me. It all started when I met Mama's cousin's daughter's ears. (That was complicated)

So my parents took me to Poh Kong (A gold shop as we call it or as you guys know as a jewelery shoppe) and made me sit on a high stool as a pleasant looking man came closer with a mini gun.

20 seconds later I was crying and running around the place with a freshly pierced ear all red and throbbing. Dad caught me and tried to comfort me.

Dad: Hanis, you'll look silly with only one ear pierced.

Hanis: But it hurttttttttttsssssss.

(Drama queen since young)

Another man came, older and wiser (to me) and told me the other man wasn't so experienced compare to him.

In my mind, experience = less pain. (Oh wait, I can so use that equation for another thing) So I let him pierced my other ear while I sucked on a lolly and drank juice from a box.

It didn't hurt as much. Theory proven.

Fast forward to 6 years later, I saw a schoolmate who had her ears triple pierced. Eli and I went crazy and tried to convinced our parents to let us do it.

Mama: Double is the limit.

Hanis: Pleaaasssseeee

Mama: No triple.

Hanis: Fineeeee.

I went to Poh Kong again (another branch) and got my second set of piercing. Without tears but with red ears.

I became cool for a month or so. Then it was a normal thing.

Fact 1: I can only wear gold or white gold earrings if I don't want to risk getting itchy/watery/red ears.

Fact 2: I lose my earrings often.

Fact 3: Mama got sick of buying new ones for me.

Fact 4: Fast forward to a decade later, the holes are nearly closed.

The Real Story

Mama dragged me grocery shopping at 9am. God. It was too bright and cheerful. People were all fresh and awake. It wasn't really grocery shopping, more like bits and bobs shopping.

I managed to convince Mama to make steak for today's supper.

Fact 5: While breaking our fast, we eat lightly aka samosa,burgers,fried noodles and leave the heavy stuffs aka rice for supper which is after we get back from the mosque.

While looking for small brooches to wear with my scarves, I saw a piercing gun on display.

Hanis: I want to get my ears pierced again.

Mama: The holes are closed up?

Hanis: I think.

We paid for the bits and bobs and then...

Mama saw a jewelery booth that does piercings. At a cheap price. 10 ringgit including earrings.

That's like 3 Snickers bars with enough to buy a 500ml bottle of mineral water.

The News

I got my ears pierced. Just once. Not twice because I'll wait for a while before doing that.

I know, its just my ears and not like, my nose or navel. But stilllll.

One day, I'll get my navel pierced. Or my tongue. Mozart, I know you're shuddering.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Need Help.

I've been working and fasting. And we alllll know I get distracted easily. Hence, my blog is being neglected. Mozart is bugging me with his mental powers so I'll update.

I brought his hopes up last night.

Hanis: I'm writing a post

Mozart: *insert some excitement*

30 minutes later:

Hanis: I lost my mood.

Mozart: *insert some sadness*

I get ideas and get excited but the moment I put them down in words, I lose my mood.

But, I'll be taking a few weeks break from Friday so I can prepare myself for my new semester at uni. Which means...

Ding ding ding

I'll have time to think and post.

Few days ago, I was looking through an English exercise books for high school and got interested in the essay topics. And thought to myself:

"Hey, why don't I ask people to tell me what to write about?"

Ding ding ding.

I know Mozart will give an idea, and no, not about you please.

So I'm asking for your lovely help. Think of a topic, nothing too serious like politic, world hunger and so on. Religion and gay marriage is allowed though but prepare for a rant.

If you give me a suggestion, I'll give you a god child (the father will be Mozart so you'll get a musically talented kid on your hands).

So, think away :D


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kids, Try This At Home.

1. Put in 3-4 tablespoons of Milo or any chocolate powder drink at your diposal of your liking into a blender.

2. Put in a teaspoon of sugar and a dash of cinnamon powder.

3. Put in 4-5 tablespoons of oat. More if you love em.

4. Put in just enough hot water to cover up the mixture.

5. Blend away while cackling like a witch over her cauldron.

6. Pour in some fresh/low fat/soy/skim milk. Not too much. You don't want the milk to overpower the taste.

7. Blend away while laughing like Count Dracula who found a roomful of virgins.

8.Put in 2-3 handfuls of ice cubes.

9. Blend away as you try to laugh like Voldemort.

10. When you don't hear the ice cubes clanking around so much, add some cold water, not too much.

11. Continue blending before pouring the concoction into a tall glass.

12. Enjoy your chocolate oat smoothie thingie while feeling as if you're attempting to be healthy.

My Dirty Little Secret (One)

This is a secret, okay? Don't tell anyone about this.

If anyone ask me what kind of books I like, I'll give them my normal answer.

"I'm a Harry Potter freak who reads Marian Keyes (dark themes in a chick lit), Jeffrey Archer (mind fuck twists), J.R Ward (Hot vampire adventure romance), Jodi Picoult and so on"

What I won't tell people is that I have a secret love for a certain type of books. And no, its not historical romance since I don't mind going all crazy for "How to Marry a Marquess" in the bookstore.

I, Hanis, a mature 22 year old just love to read books that fall under the Young Adult section. Or to be more detailed, I just sigh and swoon over a book about teenagers still in high school.

You know, with all of those crushes, puppy love, infatuations, unrequited love, drama, friendship and so on.

I know.

Why would I want to read something like that?

I had a boring high school life. I wasn't cute/quirky/attractive/smart enough to make it different.

So, I live through those books. Or fictions. I'm just a sucker when its best friends falling in love. Or the popular kid and the nerd. Or anything. I'm up for it.

Just don't make it paranormal or anything. I want it to be a normal high school setting. That is why I've been cruising inkpop and fictionpress these days. Looking for things to read.

Mozart just don't get me.

Now, keep this a secret, okay? Unless you want to send me links of fiction/ebooks to read and I'll give you a godchild.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Two Things and a Picture.

It is:

1) Day 5 of fasting. No migraines, so far which is great. I've ate quite a variety of food and no overeating, yet. Today, I had grilled beef patties in pita bread with salad, tomatoes and onion, coleslaw, and fries. Yes, it was so darn good and filling that the moment I bit into my pita burger, I moaned mentally.

2) My parents 23rd wedding anniversary. It puts me in a moment of awe when I think that my parents have been married for 23 years, not even counting the years they dated. It makes me wistful a bit, thinking, "Hey, will I ever be in their place, able to smirk at the kids and say "23 years""

I'm happy for my parents, they've been through a lot through the years and came out stronger.

Apart from that, I found this old pillowcase I made in arts class about 7 years ago. That's the only time I can remember of actually enjoying the class. I made the design and painted it myself. Except for the lettering, which my friend helped with since I was that clumsy with a paintbrush. Yes, those are butterflies, stop saying it looks like sticks with blue leaves. :P

And under it, you can see my new comforter (not sheets though, perhaps bed-cover?) that makes me feel as if I'm back at this bed-and-breakfast I went to when I was 7 somewhere in Wales. I'll tell you guys about that place in another post.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August Has a Twin.

First of all, Happy Ramadan to all of my Muslim readers. I hope you guys did well for the first day unlike a certain someone who has a tradition of getting sick during the first two days of Ramadan every single year.

This year, it was migraines. And being feverish. And body aches. And it lasted two days. Gawd. I'm 22 and I still get sick on the first day of the fasting month like a lil 6 year old. But, of course, once I get some food in me, I'll be raring to go. Until I wake up the next morning, migraine greeting me like an old friend.

Hopefully, I'll be all better tomorrow so I can go to work and earn more money to spend on things.

I'll try to be better this month with the posting and less eating for this fasting month. Last year, I put on weight instead of losing them. Can you imagine that?

Its like, a miracle one can lose weight around here especially when they have these bazaars which are about, 100 metres long of stalls selling different goodies. You'll see an old man selling fresh hot soya bean milk beside a lady selling fried char kuew tiaow. Don't forget about those kebabs, chicken rice, briyani, various noodle dishes, grilled-in-front-of-you chicken satays and gods, all those local desserts that you won't find outside of Ramadan.

Let's not even talk about how Mama's already delicious cooking becomes basically mouth-watering at the mere thought. See. How in the world will I be able to lose weight unless you lock me up and supply with less than tasty food.

Do google all those things I've mentioned. Or to make it easy, google "Bazaar Ramadhan" and you'll thank me. Unless you're fasting at the moment and that will just be torture.

Do tell me what is your favourite meal to have in Ramadan (that is, if you're celebrating it).



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