Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August Has a Twin.

First of all, Happy Ramadan to all of my Muslim readers. I hope you guys did well for the first day unlike a certain someone who has a tradition of getting sick during the first two days of Ramadan every single year.

This year, it was migraines. And being feverish. And body aches. And it lasted two days. Gawd. I'm 22 and I still get sick on the first day of the fasting month like a lil 6 year old. But, of course, once I get some food in me, I'll be raring to go. Until I wake up the next morning, migraine greeting me like an old friend.

Hopefully, I'll be all better tomorrow so I can go to work and earn more money to spend on things.

I'll try to be better this month with the posting and less eating for this fasting month. Last year, I put on weight instead of losing them. Can you imagine that?

Its like, a miracle one can lose weight around here especially when they have these bazaars which are about, 100 metres long of stalls selling different goodies. You'll see an old man selling fresh hot soya bean milk beside a lady selling fried char kuew tiaow. Don't forget about those kebabs, chicken rice, briyani, various noodle dishes, grilled-in-front-of-you chicken satays and gods, all those local desserts that you won't find outside of Ramadan.

Let's not even talk about how Mama's already delicious cooking becomes basically mouth-watering at the mere thought. See. How in the world will I be able to lose weight unless you lock me up and supply with less than tasty food.

Do google all those things I've mentioned. Or to make it easy, google "Bazaar Ramadhan" and you'll thank me. Unless you're fasting at the moment and that will just be torture.

Do tell me what is your favourite meal to have in Ramadan (that is, if you're celebrating it).



r.alsharif said...

Happy Ramadan to you too! :D I love samboosa and kubas!

Mehwisky said...

Fellow too-sick-to-fast here. :/
Ramzan Mubarak to you too!

Maryam A. said...


cricketfreak said...

happy ramadan! :D i really look up to people who can fast. It just seems so scary to not eat from dawn to dusk! :D

Hazel said...

I gave you an award!


PurpleMist. said...

Happy Ramadan to you too Hanis :D
Wow, getting sick in the first few days while fasting sucks. That happened to me last year so I know how you feel :/ Get well soon!

Why did you mention all those foods?! Now I'm even more hungry :(
Ramadan markets are awesome! I bought satay yesterday and it was so addictive.

AL said...




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