Monday, August 22, 2011

A Tale of Pierced Ears.

The Build-up

A decade ago, I had my ears double pierced. Wait, not at the same time. That would be crazy.

I first got my ears pierced at the tender age of 6 after begging my parents to let me. It all started when I met Mama's cousin's daughter's ears. (That was complicated)

So my parents took me to Poh Kong (A gold shop as we call it or as you guys know as a jewelery shoppe) and made me sit on a high stool as a pleasant looking man came closer with a mini gun.

20 seconds later I was crying and running around the place with a freshly pierced ear all red and throbbing. Dad caught me and tried to comfort me.

Dad: Hanis, you'll look silly with only one ear pierced.

Hanis: But it hurttttttttttsssssss.

(Drama queen since young)

Another man came, older and wiser (to me) and told me the other man wasn't so experienced compare to him.

In my mind, experience = less pain. (Oh wait, I can so use that equation for another thing) So I let him pierced my other ear while I sucked on a lolly and drank juice from a box.

It didn't hurt as much. Theory proven.

Fast forward to 6 years later, I saw a schoolmate who had her ears triple pierced. Eli and I went crazy and tried to convinced our parents to let us do it.

Mama: Double is the limit.

Hanis: Pleaaasssseeee

Mama: No triple.

Hanis: Fineeeee.

I went to Poh Kong again (another branch) and got my second set of piercing. Without tears but with red ears.

I became cool for a month or so. Then it was a normal thing.

Fact 1: I can only wear gold or white gold earrings if I don't want to risk getting itchy/watery/red ears.

Fact 2: I lose my earrings often.

Fact 3: Mama got sick of buying new ones for me.

Fact 4: Fast forward to a decade later, the holes are nearly closed.

The Real Story

Mama dragged me grocery shopping at 9am. God. It was too bright and cheerful. People were all fresh and awake. It wasn't really grocery shopping, more like bits and bobs shopping.

I managed to convince Mama to make steak for today's supper.

Fact 5: While breaking our fast, we eat lightly aka samosa,burgers,fried noodles and leave the heavy stuffs aka rice for supper which is after we get back from the mosque.

While looking for small brooches to wear with my scarves, I saw a piercing gun on display.

Hanis: I want to get my ears pierced again.

Mama: The holes are closed up?

Hanis: I think.

We paid for the bits and bobs and then...

Mama saw a jewelery booth that does piercings. At a cheap price. 10 ringgit including earrings.

That's like 3 Snickers bars with enough to buy a 500ml bottle of mineral water.

The News

I got my ears pierced. Just once. Not twice because I'll wait for a while before doing that.

I know, its just my ears and not like, my nose or navel. But stilllll.

One day, I'll get my navel pierced. Or my tongue. Mozart, I know you're shuddering.



Furree Katt said...

piercings! ♥ oh how i love them. i've got a new piercing too, i'll show everyone a picture in my next post :D

MAHNOOR said...

i want a nose piercing.. but i dont realli think it ll suit me, sigghss

AL said...

I got a piercing. Then things got ugly O.o

cricketfreak said...

I didn't have a choice. My ears were pierced when I was just a baby. Indian tradition :P
I want a second piercing! But apparently I'm "too young"

PurpleMist. said...

Don't get your tongue pierced, it hurtsss!
I think a nose piercing will look good :)
I want to get a second piercing but I don't have the courage to go through the pain yet, maybe i'll do it in a few years :P

Maryam A. said...

I have no piercings *awkward silence* lol.

The girl of the sun said...

You love piercings only in one way: when it's the dream of your life. Some other cases cannot be so lucky ;)


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