Friday, August 5, 2011

Two Things and a Picture.

It is:

1) Day 5 of fasting. No migraines, so far which is great. I've ate quite a variety of food and no overeating, yet. Today, I had grilled beef patties in pita bread with salad, tomatoes and onion, coleslaw, and fries. Yes, it was so darn good and filling that the moment I bit into my pita burger, I moaned mentally.

2) My parents 23rd wedding anniversary. It puts me in a moment of awe when I think that my parents have been married for 23 years, not even counting the years they dated. It makes me wistful a bit, thinking, "Hey, will I ever be in their place, able to smirk at the kids and say "23 years""

I'm happy for my parents, they've been through a lot through the years and came out stronger.

Apart from that, I found this old pillowcase I made in arts class about 7 years ago. That's the only time I can remember of actually enjoying the class. I made the design and painted it myself. Except for the lettering, which my friend helped with since I was that clumsy with a paintbrush. Yes, those are butterflies, stop saying it looks like sticks with blue leaves. :P

And under it, you can see my new comforter (not sheets though, perhaps bed-cover?) that makes me feel as if I'm back at this bed-and-breakfast I went to when I was 7 somewhere in Wales. I'll tell you guys about that place in another post.



cricketfreak said...

23 years? Wow.
And I actually wondered what those things were, ntil you said they were butterflies.
Glad we cleared that up :P

KN. said...

23 years? That is so wonderful. :)
It takes a lot of affection and compassion to stick together for so long, and that too happily. A very happy anniversary to your parents :D

And the butterflies, they're cute, considering they are made in raw age. I love such raw paintings! Stick them on your refrigerator. :))

My_Blog said...

if you are fasting how can u eat ? :\
Im confused?!
good blog post btw :)

23 years is a really long time :))

hope they're hope for many years to come :D

ishashime said...

23 years is quite a long time. how wonderful! :D
and i knew those were butterflies. haha.

Furree Katt said...

cute butterflies!
and wow, 23 years is a long time. yay! my parents are married for 18 years :D

PurpleMist. said...

Wow, 23 years!
I like the butterflies :D

Amnah Ridzuan said...

hehehe aku pun sumbang jugak buat bantal nie =p


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