Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Dirty Little Secret (One)

This is a secret, okay? Don't tell anyone about this.

If anyone ask me what kind of books I like, I'll give them my normal answer.

"I'm a Harry Potter freak who reads Marian Keyes (dark themes in a chick lit), Jeffrey Archer (mind fuck twists), J.R Ward (Hot vampire adventure romance), Jodi Picoult and so on"

What I won't tell people is that I have a secret love for a certain type of books. And no, its not historical romance since I don't mind going all crazy for "How to Marry a Marquess" in the bookstore.

I, Hanis, a mature 22 year old just love to read books that fall under the Young Adult section. Or to be more detailed, I just sigh and swoon over a book about teenagers still in high school.

You know, with all of those crushes, puppy love, infatuations, unrequited love, drama, friendship and so on.

I know.

Why would I want to read something like that?

I had a boring high school life. I wasn't cute/quirky/attractive/smart enough to make it different.

So, I live through those books. Or fictions. I'm just a sucker when its best friends falling in love. Or the popular kid and the nerd. Or anything. I'm up for it.

Just don't make it paranormal or anything. I want it to be a normal high school setting. That is why I've been cruising inkpop and fictionpress these days. Looking for things to read.

Mozart just don't get me.

Now, keep this a secret, okay? Unless you want to send me links of fiction/ebooks to read and I'll give you a godchild.


Hazel said...

I like young adult fiction too :)

KN. said...

Completely loved this post.
I love reading high school romances too, cause i don't know, it sounds real sometimes to people indifferent like us?

Best friends falling in love, stuff like that. :D

Experiment House said...

No, I don't get you. But you know I don't understand women. This is where you come in handy.

PurpleMist. said...

Hahaha, awesome :D
I love Young Adult novels too!
Oh, and if you want to read e-books revolving around high school, you should go to this website called:
ANYONE can write their own e-books and we can read them for free :D
Some of these writers are really good, just check out the 'What's Hot' list on there.

InnocentlyGreen said...

If we ever meet, we'll definitely have fun stuff to talk about. And I'm a bit of a sauceist myself, so we'd even enjoy a meal out. :)

Hanis. said...

@Hazel: My guilty pleasure <3

@KN: It feels like I'm right there with them, experiencing it all :D

@Mozart: I know, I'm your guide to women.

@PurpleMist: I LOVE YOU. I'm hooked on that site. I've read some but all are Work In Progresses ;( I'm not patient. Do you know how to know if the fic is completed?

@InnocentlyGreen: Of course we will :) We can get a seafood grilled lunch and chit chat over these novels, and stuffs.


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