Sunday, August 21, 2011

I Need Help.

I've been working and fasting. And we alllll know I get distracted easily. Hence, my blog is being neglected. Mozart is bugging me with his mental powers so I'll update.

I brought his hopes up last night.

Hanis: I'm writing a post

Mozart: *insert some excitement*

30 minutes later:

Hanis: I lost my mood.

Mozart: *insert some sadness*

I get ideas and get excited but the moment I put them down in words, I lose my mood.

But, I'll be taking a few weeks break from Friday so I can prepare myself for my new semester at uni. Which means...

Ding ding ding

I'll have time to think and post.

Few days ago, I was looking through an English exercise books for high school and got interested in the essay topics. And thought to myself:

"Hey, why don't I ask people to tell me what to write about?"

Ding ding ding.

I know Mozart will give an idea, and no, not about you please.

So I'm asking for your lovely help. Think of a topic, nothing too serious like politic, world hunger and so on. Religion and gay marriage is allowed though but prepare for a rant.

If you give me a suggestion, I'll give you a god child (the father will be Mozart so you'll get a musically talented kid on your hands).

So, think away :D



Experiment House said...

That is it! Stop giving away my children before they are born! :P And OMG. You got excited by English essay questions?! Who are you and what have you done to Hanis?

cricketfreak said...

Write about how much you love Shahid Kapoor.<3

Furree Katt said...

i want one of Mozart's children!
okay. let me think.
write about the malaysian film industry! or the malaysian entertainment industry in general. i know absolutely nothing about it and i would love to be enlightened on what's popular on your side of the world.

Hanis. said...

Oh me gawd, you guys are asking for the impossible.
@cricketfreak, please tell me he's as cute as Saif Ali Khan.

@Furree, you just asked me of something I decided to be ignorant of. I'm not a big fan of the local entertainment industry. I'll get this blank look on my face at the mention of a celeb.

AL said...


Actually i don't, this is such a tough one.

Umm talk about rights of women being neglected in Pakistan. Eyeah. Hope i helped!


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