Monday, April 30, 2012

Poll Results.

Since there's only few hours left to the poll, I'll just take the results as it is now.

Clearly, the winner is:

50 Things I Wish I Can Do/Say

*thunks head on table*

First and foremost, this is the one I'm most reluctant to write. Its Mokesart's suggestion so I'm pretty sure he bribed you all to vote for it. So damn his luck, I'm stuck. Haha.

No, I haven't started on the list yet. But I know that those 50 things would fulfill this long criteria:

"These would be the things that I haven't done/said due to shyness, no opportunity/missed out on a chance or common politeness. It won't be something I haven't done due to financial constraints."

Which is just making things way easier personal for me. I bet half the list would be about guys, while the other half would be on scathing thoughts concerning relatives and friends.

Yes, this list would practically be me voicing out my most inner thoughts.

*bangs head on table*

I love you guys for voting but why didn't you vote on something else.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Monthly Review.

The fourth month of the year has been so-and-so with me. I've done plenty of things (food) and watched things (House M.D) while planned things (How to Procrastinate Studying). Here's some pictures I took for this month.

I saved up money just so I could go out during this mid term break. But on the very last day of class, I came upon a place that sells Victoria's Secret perfumes. Who am I to resist? So, instead of going out to watch movies and stuff myself, I spend time at home, smelling of Vanilla Lace. (Which is super good btw)

I'm still crying when I need to study this subject. I think I understand the concepts but BOOM. I don't. Its interesting-ish. Well, if you ever want to know about pension, don't ask me.

I got this book from a classmate who owed me a book since I did him a favour. Okay, I might have forced him to buy a book without knowing which one I want. So I chose a Stephen King. Next time, I'll get ... something.

Where I live, there's plenty of wireless internet which aren't available to me. Sadness. But this one made me laughed. I think someone might have spend time on 9gag or tumblr. If you ever read this, I want to be your friend.

This is me, being super hungry while waiting for dinner at this semester's Dean's List ceremony. There were about 500-ish recipients for my faculty and more than one hundred from my course alone.

The theme was white and purple so you can see the tiny effort I put in there. Yes, I've experienced severe tanning due to my walking to class.

This is the food I ate. Some kind of rice, with chicken, a boiled egg and veges. I remember going "God, last semester's food was way better" before stuffing my face because I was super hungry.

When it comes to food, I'm a creature of habit if I find something good. This is my typical lunch. Rice, fried chicken (to die for), bergedel (potatoes and pieces of chicken in a ball covered with egg before frying) and some spicy spicy spicy chilli dip. God, I miss this.

Yes, it always comes to food when its me. This is last night's dinner. Fish, prawns, mushrooms and calimari with cream cheese, tartar sauce and chilli sauce at the side. He he he. Yes, hate me.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Friday, April 27, 2012

The End of Friendships.

Mama had once "accused" me of not caring about keeping friendships. Well, I just sometimes, don't really keep in touch with some people. Its not me not caring about those friends, its just me being me.

But lately, I've been thinking of the friendships I still keep. It made me come to the conclusion that I need to end some.

First of all, I'm not the best type of a friend. I'm not one of those comforting types. I sometimes get a bit iffy and nothing can undo the way I was in my teenage years.

I don't believe in ending friendships because you think they're holding you back. That is bullshit. Its up to you and your will power to do things.

The same might be said for ending friendships because they're a bad influence on you. Will power, people.

I've grown out of some friendships and I'm sorry for that. Its the feeling of "However did I became friends with them?" and from what I've heard, its common.

Some people keep friendships due to memories, the whole sentimality thing. They also say the bad parts only make the good parts better. But what if the bad parts still make you cringe while reminding you how depressed you were back then?

What if another person had told you:

"How the fuck did you continued being friends with them?"

That is when you flip your middle finger to all those sentimentality and end things. You don't have to di it with full fanfare. Just, stop slowly.

Which is what I'm doing. I'm ending some friendships and if you want to feel/think I'm talking about you, that might just be guilt. Haha.

I'm doing it so that you won't be able to hurt me again. I've let too many things slide over me. Call me petty for bringing up old things, but those things are happening again, in a different form.


Don't worry, I'll say hi to you if we meet. I'll reply your call/text/message. I just won't be as close.

Have a nice life.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Chaos in the Kitchen.

I'm reading the recipe for chocolate chip almond cookies that was written about 20 years ago while mentally doubling the measurements for today's batch.

"Mama, are you sure we need 112 grams of brown sugar? Not 110 grams?"

Sitting at the table with her slices of oranges, she nodded, reminding me for the nth time to double it all.

"We need 400 grams of chocolate chips. We need 160 more."

"Put in oatmeal."

"You sure?"

Then, a search for castor sugar began.

"I bought some last week." - Mama

"Noo, that's icing sugar. I was the one who took it, remember?"

"Why did you get icing sugar?"

"You told me to."

"I said castor."

"Nooo. You said icing. I repeated it few times. You said yes."

*is searching among jars*

"Oh, I must have been distracted by the cake display."

We found the castor sugar. Then, brown sugar. In Malay, we call it by a whole different colour. Brown = coklat, but we call it perang = dark red. We didn't have any. But, we had merah = red sugar. Which led to a mini debate if we can use that instead.

We did.

Beat the castor sugar and butter until it gets light and fluffy

Second mini debate: What is light and fluffy?

We got 3 cookie jars full of cookies, hiding one from the male members and not even 24 hours later, one jar is empty. Then Mama tells me she wants to bake a cake soon.

"When you say "I want to bake" it usually means Hanis will bake it for you."


"When you ask me to help you with the donuts, you're only going to fry them."


"When you say you want to make shepherd's pie, I'll be making the mashed potatoes and beef while you'll just set it up in the casserole dish before telling me how long I should bake it."

"Of course."

"You're using me."

"No, I'm teaching you how to cook."

*moment of thought*


But I still fail at cooking local dishes, especially curry. Its evil. I'll never marry a guy who will insists me to make it for him. Mama sees it as her failure to make me a curry lover.

Menu of the Day

Fried Rice with Calimari and Fishcakes
Fish Crackers
Calimari Rings

My current obsession #1

My current obsession #2

My current obsession #3

Monday, April 23, 2012

Confession No.33

Is this going to be

The story where you'll tell me

You saw the potential after a while.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Socialpunk- Review.

The first thing that clued me in on how much I'd enjoy this book was the second chapter. The way I sat up, laptop on my lap while I read the words.

The second thing that clued me in was my simultaneous eagerness to read every word and my reluctance to finish the book.

The third thing was how I raved about it to Mokesart. I usually rave about books that I really liked to him.

What is Socialpunk all about?

Its the first of a trilogy, and I hope the author will do another blog tour for the second and third instalments.

It's about a world set in the future. Of people rebelling. What got me hooked is the future world. The whole concept of it. The way people are during that time. In this world, art is the main thing.

You'll read about how most people are perfect physically. They don't age, don't get sick, don't put on weight. Well – if they've chosen to get themselves 'fixed' for a hefty sum. The ones who don't are seen as outcasts.

(*is pretty shitty at reviewing*)

What I can say is that this book makes me want more. The ending was a real:

"Oh my God, no wonder! Wait, that's the end? Nooooooooooooo!"

Will this be something I'm going to reread? Yes.

Is this something I wish I had the idea to? Yes.

I think that says enough on the awesomeness of this book.

If you're interested to join the blog tour , here's the link. My advice? Do it. I finished this book in one night, that's the level of excitement.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Socialpunk- Excerpt.

Nearly a month ago, I received an email from Monica Leonelle which asked meto participate in a blog tour. The tour is based on her book called the Socialpunk. I was excited (first time anyone ever asked me) so I said yes to two options. I chose to read the book before giving my honest review and I chose to post an excerpt on my blog because excerpts are the way to go, duh.

Haha. I'm going to post the excerpt here with the hope that it will get your interest going on.

Twelve cups of water sat on the table, four for each of them. Next to each cup sat a pill—yellow for fat, red for carbs, blue for protein, and green for vitamins.

Vaughn took the red pill, ripped it in half like a pack of sugar, and poured it into his cup. He set his cup into a contraption on the table and it whirled and hissed. When the machine finished, the cup had a pink, swirly liquid inside.

Nahum looked at the four cups in distaste.

“Not up to your standards?” Vaughn asked, shooting his drink. He swallowed the mixture in one large gulp. “I would get you something else, but we’re rebuilding our hash. We can’t afford real food, plus it’s bad for you anyway. Extremely difficult to maintain a balanced diet.”

“Synthetic food can’t cost that much,” Nahum countered. He grinned. “We had it in our little fake world, at least.”

Vaughn chuckled. “Synthetic food is even worse for you than real food. Shortens your life. We stopped eating that stuff at the turn of the century. It gave people long-term hyperactivity, which can kill you. LTH took out a lot of the population, kind of like cancer in your day, except a bigger deal because the population had dwindled so low already. Plus, people live indefinitely now.”

Nahum’s nose twitched as he laughed. “People don’t live indefinitely.”

But Vaughn looked genuinely surprised. “Of course we do. Have you seen anyone who looks over the age of twenty-five to you?”

“What does that mean, though?” Ima asked out of curiosity. “How could you live indefinitely? You may not look older, but you still age.”

Vaughn grinned. “Like I said before—there’s a lot you don’t understand about this world.”

Review will be coming soon.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh Ho Ho. My New Fave Phrase.

To your right is a poll, answer it. Thank you.

I totally stole this from Mark's blog. They were so interesting.

1. Book or movie or TV show and why?

Hmm. My first choice is book, of course. But then, Cake Boss is better off as a show, not a book. I'm allowed my own attention span with books and tv shows. But the latter often has episodes which makes it confusing if I dare to miss one. Movies are too long but sometimes a story is better off a 2.5 hour feature compared to 20 30 minutes episodes.

Pros and cons.

2. Real book or e-book or audio book?

The only one I have a problem with is the audio book. Book brings the mental image of something you read, using your eyes. When you have to listen to a book, its not a book. Unless you're blind or illiterate, audio books are a no-no.

Real books = heaven. E-books enable people like me aka people with limited funds to read more. They also save trees.

3. Funniest thing you've done in the last five years?

I'm trying to remember. I'm pretty sure it involved Mamon, me, food, her room and being high on coffee, instant noodles and gossip.

God, my memory is bad. I'll get back on this, one day.

4. Do you put yourself into the books you read/write or the movies you watch?

Yes. But usually, I'll create a whole other plot or at least a side plot involving me and some of the characters. This is how I started my obsession with Harry Potter fanfiction.

This is also how I get my ideas for short stories/novels. In my head, I got brilliant chapters based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gossip Girl, The Time Traveller's Wife and others.

The books I write? Well, I know I've put pieces of me in some of the characters.

5. How would your best friend describe you.

I don't have a best friend due to my belief and experiences of whenever I declare someone to be my best friend, that friendship dies soon. But for the sake of answering this, I'm asking Mokesart.

Hanis: You're being promoted to best friend long enough to email me your reply to this. Once I get it, you're back to being Plan C.

Hanis is probably the closest thing to a best friend I have at the moment. I know that whenever I need someone to talk to, she's going to be there to listen, no matter how childish or pathetic she thinks I'm being. Hanis can have a short fuse – but she's also incredibly patient. She's smart, but sometimes doesn't see the obvious. Though it's cute when she realises that she's missed something right under her nose. She's hopelessly romantic (and helplessly romantic too!), and has a love for books that I can't stand. Somewhere between a realist, optimist and pessimist, with the strange combination of practicality and vanity, is Hanis. A unique person with a fantastic mind, a lot of heart, and someone I always feel comfortable talking to – no matter what the subject is.

Its official, I'm in love with him. Joke.

6. Favourite kind of car and why?

I like sleek ones. I like ones that well, cost a bit over the average. I get that from my father. My father has this hobby. He change cars. Okay, from what I can remember aka around 5 years old, we have had fourteen cars. Yes, over the course of eighteen years, there had been fourteen cars. God. Well, most of the time, we would have 2 cars at once. But still.

Oh wait, I want a soft yellow VW Bettle. So pretty. Or my mom's Kia Forte. Or the car before that, a Honda City.

7. Would your choice for a party be a catered meal or a barbecue out back?

Catered meal means less clean up, less work for me. Mama sometimes hold gatherings at our house which she cooks for. Fortunately for those guests, she doesn't just cook something tasty, she fills up the whole table from appetisers to desserts.

Once, during a brunch party, she made nasi lemak (Google it) and made me cut up banana leaves after brushing them against fire. Then, I had to wipe them clean before putting one on each plate.

"Oh my, I just love it when there's banana leaf on my plate."

"Oh ho ho, that's why I'm doing it."

But I think it depends on the company. Small gathering, I'll do a barbecue. If not, I'll cater.

8. What's your favorite season and why?

We don't have seasons over here in good ol Malaysia. But I remember enjoying that moment between summer and autumn. The way the leaves were changing colours, god, it makes me sigh. Winter, well, I didn't like the cold that much. Summer, the sun (I know, living in my current climate makes it a bit dumb for me to hate the sun).

9. What specific lesson have you learned - Spiritual, educational, occupational?

Spiritual- Everyone has their own way, you shouldn't judge because it will bite you on your ass one day.

Educational- Sometimes, that feeling you get when you succeed, you know, that:

"Fuck yes, I just proven that I'm better than you/better than any of you expect."

Is the only thing that pushes me in going on.

Occupational- Don't ever ever work for a small family owned place. They're full of hypocrites and bullshit.

10. Besides writing, what's your favorite thing to do when you get some extra time?

Nothing. I just write.

Reading. Daydreaming. For now, I like watching House MD on my laptop as I gush over Kal Penn (god he is so cute). I just finished reading Sailormoon e-comic books. Usually, when I got some extra time, I like to read or be online.

11. What's one place you can be found at least one time every week?

*thinks* Other than my house, the kitchen, the faculty, the hostel ... I have no bloody idea. Oh wait, the bus stop. Most of my classes are at the faculty, about eleven minutes of walking. But for 3 classes, I have to go off campus and for another, I have to get to the older part of the campus. Hence, bus stop.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to Study. No Success Guaranteed.

Few days ago I read a post on studying tips. I commented, agreeing with some, disagreeing with some while had no clue on the rest. So after my Pension test, I watched House while eating mushroom fried rice and got the idea of posting my own studying tips.


Tip One
Clear the table/floor/bed/the surface of your choice from any clutter other than your books, pencil case/calculator/laptop/music player. Trust me, you'll concentrate more.

Tip Two
Feel clean. Presentable. Somehow, I'm more in a mood to study after a nice shower compared to studying when I just woke up with drool drying on the corners of my lips. No one will judge you if you spray a bit of perfume or put on baby powder.

Tip Three
Sweets, biscuits, cookies. That's all that you're allowed to eat while studying. Snacks. Not a meal replacement. Do not eat that BLT while reading Chemistry. Do not finish the whole package of cookies too. If you really want to eat, close the book and eat properly.

Eating while studying just serves to distract you. You won't fail from taking 30 minutes to cook and eat. Just don't eat while watching a whole movie.

Tip Four
Take breaks. Some people take 5 minutes breaks between every 30 minutes. I used to play Sudoku on my phone every one hour.

Walk around. No need to get your butt all numb. If you studied for 2 hours, nothing wrong with watching a 30 minute episode of Friends. Well, unless your test is tommorow.

Tip Five
Write down notes. If its a reading subject, start off with writing down notes. If its a math subject, write down the formulaes. Just write. Neatly, so you can refer to it later.

The least is have a piece of paper you can doodle on bits of info on.

Tip Six
I know some people are insanely in love with their highlighters that their notes makes me think that unicorns that poop rainbows just took a dump on pieces of paper.

But god. Limit it. If you overboard the colours, you might find yourself more confused and not really absorbing the info.

Me? I use a blue pen, black pen and a pencil.

Tip Seven
Switch off your wireless detector. Hell, switch off your laptop. If you continue to be online while studying, you won't study effectively and you'll go:

"Oh god, I just wasted 2 hours being online doing God knows what."

One hour studying, ten minutes to check your facebook, email and read a blog update.

If you disagree and think you should be online to keep connected (Do not use Google as your excuse), just stop kidding yourself that you're studying.

Tip Eight
Never ever ask your friend:

"So, how much/long have you studied?"

It will just freak you out and ruin your momentum/make you feel overconfident and slag.

In the 2 weeks before my finals and during them, I've studied between 7-10 hours daily. I know. That's horrible/too little.

I do it in bouts of 2-3 hours so I never feel like I'm studying the day away.

I got friends studying at least 12 hours a day.

Just know that sometimes, you need to study smart. Studying hard all the time will just make your brain take a sleeping pill.

Tip Nine
I can't do an all-nighter. Hell, I try to stop studying by midnight or I'll just be sleepy and lose concentration. I'm more of the wake up at 6-7am and study for 3 hours before going back to sleep.

Try to find out what suits you. Do not think that since your friends are studying till 4am then sleeping till 2pm, you have to do that.

I've been looked down on before because of this but while they're sleeping half the day away, I'm studying my ass off.

Tip Ten
Motivate yourself. Some people go all:

"I need to get at least 90% for this."


"I can do it. I'm a smart person."

Me? I go:

"Hanis, if you don't get at least a B+ on this, your grades will suffer. You'll be a failure."

Fear helps me. Don't worry, I know I'm smart.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Letter to People: Weddings/Gatherings.

Dear people I meet at weddings/family gatherings,

First of all, I know you're somewhat related to me. Secondly, god I wish you weren't. Thirdly, you seriously need a lesson in Polite Conversations.


"Oh my, you're bigger than your mother."

"Wow, you've gotten so big."

Those, aren't polite conversations. Hell, its only allowed to stay in your mind. Do not come to me, smiling and tell me those things. You even expect me to laugh it off.

I won't mind so much if you're some silly teenager age. But when you're at least my mom's age, you're just being a bitch.

The fun thing is, people wonder why I dislike weddings so much. I don't mind the "When will be your turn?" because hey, I'm not desperate enough to marry some loser like the bride at the moment.

So, next time someone tells me how big I'am, here's some of the replies they might get.

"Wow, you've gotten so many wrinkles."

"Oh my, you look a bit tired, menopause much?"

"My oh my, looks like someone's approaching their life's deadline."

No, I won't say those things. But I'll just raise my brow and in my cool voice:

"Wow, so polite of you."

That's one person off the guest list for my wedding one day.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

That Harry Potter Survey.

Q1 Your favourite of the seven books

The one I love the most is the third one because it gives so many bits and pieces to his parents' lives. Closely followed by the fourth one for all the magical moments.

Q2 Your favourite of the eight movies

The first one. Perhaps because it is the only one I watched before reading the book so I didn't get all critical.

Q3 Which (if any) of the films have made you angry becaues they ignored important parts of the book?

The fourth one totally ignored the existence of Hermione's Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare. That one is also the most confusing movie to watch and since when did Durmstrang became an all boys' school and Beubaxtons' an all girls' ?

Q4 Your least favourite female character and why

Don't kill me but apart from the obvious one that I hate such as Dolores Umbridge, I don't like Ginny Weasley. Not even one bit. I disliked how rude she was to Hermione in the sixth book when Hermione nagged Harry about the Half Blood Prince's book.

I know that some see Ginny as strong, coming from a family of boys. I see her as spoiled. I don't see her having any significant role, apart from being kidnapped by Tom Riddle and well, being Harry's girlfriend.

Q5 Your favourite male character and why

Sirius Black. He's wild and free. I'm just in love with him. Regulus Black seems like an underappreciated character. I'll take them both.

Q6 Which house would you want to be in and what house do you think you'd get?

Draco in Slytherin, Ron in Gryffindor. I might get Ravenclaw. I want Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. I think Slytherins are often judged and there's too much expectations put on Gryffindors.

Q7 Your favourite female character and why

Luna Lovegood. Hermione Granger. I can't choose. Both are understanding and smart in their own way. Confident.

Q8 What do you think would be your favourite subject at Hogwarts?

Potions. Its kinda like Chemistry and cooking. Snape aka the sexiest teacher alive would be teaching it too.

Q9 Your least favourite male character and why

Gilderoy Lockhart. Such vainness. Nuff said.

Q10 Pick one - Hallows or Horcruxes

I pick Draco Malfoy. I mean, Hallows.

Q11 The character you relate to the most

Neville. His name came first in my mind. No explanation.

Q12 Your favourite pairing

Canon wise? None. Haha. But fanon wise, I love Harmony aka Harry and Hermione. In a perfect world, its Harry Hermione, Ron Luna and Ginny Neville.

But then, in my fanfiction world, I support the odd relationship of Draco, Hermione and Blaise. Oh ho ho ho. Well, in that world, I usually like Hermione with most guys, except Ron.

Q13 Your least favourite of the eight movies

The fourth one. Everyone had ugly hair in that one. Haha.

Q14 Pick one - Team Harry or Team Voldemort

They have sexy bad boys on Team Voldy but then, I'll go for Team Harry.

Q15 Who would be your best friends at Hogwarts?

I'll gossip with Hermione, play flirt with Dean and Ron, exchange heated looks with Draco and walk around the lake with Luna. I won't have best friends, I'll have plenty of close friends.

Q16 Your favourite professor

Remus Lupin. With being a werewolf and his vulnerable-like state, he just seems so sexy and I want to jump him He's a great teacher, I wish I have one like him.

Q17 Your least favourite of the seven books

The 2nd one. Maybe its because Ginny appeared.

Q18 Do you prefer the books or the films?

The books. Duh.

Q19 If you could meet one member of the cast, who would it be?

Emma Watson. Oh wait, Rupert. Oh wait, I mean that cute guy who plays Blaise in the last movie. You know, the one who didn't die in that fire.

Q20 If you could bring one of the characters back to life, who would you choose?

Hmm. Sirius. So we can fall in love. Haha. I'm torn between Sirius and Fred. Hmm. Sirius Black it is.

Q21 Pick one - Harry Potter or Twilight

This is like choosing between Whitney Houston and Miley Cyrus. Something so wonderful and something utterly crap.

Q22 Any parts of the books/films that made you cry?

Cedric died, I cried. Sirius died, I cried. Dumbledore cried, I died. Kreacher telling the story of Regulus, I cried. Ron leaving them, I cried. Dobby died, I cried. Fred died, I cried. Lupin and Tonks died, I cried. Snape died, I cried. Harry in the Pensieve with Snape's memories, I cried.

Let's just say when people died I cried. When Hermione wiped her parents' memory, I cried. When Harry buried Dobby, I cried. When Harry was about to go surrender himself, surrounded by his parents, Sirius and Lupin, I cried.

Conclusion, I cried a lot.

Q23 Any particular scene you wish was in one of the films but wasn't?

Draco proclaiming his love to Hermione or Harry and Hermione sharing a moment together. Oh, from the books you mean? Erm.. I'm not really sure.

Q24 Are you happy with the epilogue?

I've reread the last book few times, I've only read the epilogue once. I hated it. I hate the whole thing. The kids' names? God. So tacky.

Q25 If you were able to use one spell without a wand, what would it be?

Expecto Patronum. Perfect night light for reading in bed.

Q26 Would you rather own the Invisibility Cloak, the Resurrection Stone or the Elder Wand?

The Invisibility Cloak. So I can do things. He he.

Q27 Do you listen to Wizard Rock?


Q28 Did you enjoy, "A Very Potter Musical"?

I tried, but I didn't. I think my Harry Potter-ness is limited to fanfiction and that theme park which I'll go to one day.

Q29 What animal would your Patronus be?

Between a cat, a penguin or a polar bear. Rawr.

Q30 Describe what Harry Potter means to you

Harry Potter is the base of my imagination. The base of my childhood. My enjoyment. I can still remember the day I first bought the book and read it. Harry Potter is magic. If there was no Harry Potter, I'll be a different person.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Line of Trolls.

"Trolls can smell the rainbows, trolls can smell the stars," it whispered sadly. "Trolls can smell the dreams you dreamed before you were ever born. Come close to me and I'll eat your life."

- Troll Bridge (From Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions), Neil Gaiman.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hail The King.

There's a poll to the right, do vote. I'll love you.

Mr Stephen King is perhaps a man blessed with talent. Talent that just don't stick to one path. I don't think you can just come up with a Stephen King formula.

While browsing the shelf with his books few months ago, I noticed at the back of every book are recommendations.

"If you liked this Stephen King book, you might enjoy blah blah and blah."

I thought it was weird. To me it was obvious that if you liked the book, just choose another.


I first read and finished Needful Things. I loved it so much. I then decided to try some of his works under his other name, Richard Bachman. Ok, there's not many but it was enough to prove my theory.

What theory?

Stephen King's books are divided into categories. Which I don't know what are they but I think that the recommendation behind those books might just be helpful.

I heaped praises on The Long Walk but The Running Man wasn't really my taste. I didn't even get passed the 50th page of the 3rd book.

I bought Under the Dome, its partially read.

The Shining? Well. Too winded. But still readable. I didn't devour it word by word. But, its readable. So yes, Mokesart, just give it a read. You won't be wasting your time.

So, Stephen King. Just cause you like one book of his, it doesn't mean you'll love the next one you pick. Keep on trying.

I want to be a writer like that. Diverse enough.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Done Done. Whew.

Okay. I think I'm done commenting on blogs for a whole month. Haha. Here's what I learned.

It feels good to comment. But it feels better when that person comments back, fully appreciating your comment.

Roundabout thingie there.

Mokesart accused of me being addicted to commenting. I beg to differ.

So I spent time reading. Sometimes I click on a random month in their archives before reading the posts.I enjoyed everything I commented. I enjoyed the other posts I didn't comment on.I didn't comment on any just for the sake of upping my comments count.On some blogs, I left various comments, the maximum being 6.


I followed new blogs. I read more.

So here's the blogs I commented on:


Now, I just got to learn to click on that follow up option.

Oh yes, the total number of comments I left?




Oh well, time to study.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Commenting On Yours.

So, as a way of putting off studying for my Pension test (which is on Monday night), I'm going to devote tonight and tomorrow to read blogs and comment. Yes. I, Hanis will be commenting.

I do read plenty of blogs. I just sometimes forget to comment. So, for this day, I'm going to read your blogs and leave at least one comment. Okay?

I'm already reading one now. Woohoo

I'll be posting the links to the blogs I read and the number of comments I left. So yes, this is somewhat, a promoting thingie. I think. Haha.

Ok, do leave a comment if you want me to visit your blog(if I missed out on it while doing my normal rounds).

This is not a:

"I'll only read your blog and comment if you comment on this."

If you happen to be a lurker, or if I missed out on your blog, or you just want to drop a hi, do comment.

*goes off to read*

Observation Three.

To your right is a poll. I would be very thankful if you vote on it.

Thursday night. I'm in a pissed off mood. I got a mug of hot Milo beside me, my calm beverage. The internet here is sucky, making me ache for the one at home. I'll be home in sixteen hours.

*takes a sip*

Chocolate goodness. Earphones in my ear, volume turned up. I need Mokesart.

What do I do, When lightning strikes me?

I'm sitting on the floor, leaning against my bed which creaks every single time I move in my sleep. *takes another sip* I've been reading The Shining this week. Its a bit long winded to me. Necessary maybe. I'll do a review on it if I feel like it.

I'm talking about L O L O L O V E

I got a temper. I admit that. I don't really let it out often but when I do, I don't give a fuck on what happens. I usually calm myself down when I feel the anger creeps over me. I'll write something, scribble on a piece of paper while muttering insults under my breath.

*shivers from the cold*

Which is why I was so tempted to throw something today. If I could, I would have thrown that particular report to someone's face. But I didn't. Instead, I've bitched about it to 5 people, even with the bad internet. With more bitching, the boiling calms down to a simmer.

Where trouble melts like lemon drops

*takes a long sip of Milo*

Let me give you one piece of advice.

Never ever ever trust someone who has the whole "Its nothing personal, its business" manner to them.

Hold them at arm's length. Never fucking think that they value your friendship. The weak ones would be too cowardly to even say it to your face.


When you left, I lost a part of me. Is this so hard to believe?

My Milo is warm.

Every song I sing, I'll sing for you

I might just be drunk on Milo. I feel like babbling anything that comes to my mind.

Oh, do you know, in our friendship of more than one year, I've never skyped with Mokesart? The guy gives his excuses. Trust me. How the hell are we going to get married if he's this shy?

So I want you to pop by his blog and leave him a message:

"Skype with Hanis. Or call her."

*evil laugh*

Right at this moment, at 10.18pm on the 5th, I'm thinking that guy brings out the best and worst in me.

God, I'll get a hangover from this Milo. I even got a test in 12 hours. Woohoo.

Get out get out of my head, Come fall into my arms instead, I don't know what is it, I need that one thing, You got that one thing.

I'll be posting this once I get home Friday afternoon.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ahem ahem.

First, do vote on the poll to your right. I appreciate it

Do take a visit here.
Then here.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Food, Thoughts and Fasting. Pictures Too.

I'm fasting today. No, its not the month of fasting. No, its not a diet attempt since I usually pig out later. No, I'm not trying to save money because I'll spend even more on my pigging out meal.

Due to some reasons, I'm fasting today.

On a normal day, I look forward to my meals. I sometimes plan what I want to eat.

During the fasting month, I'll tell Mama what might be good on the table during iftar.

But when I'm fasting on some wild random day, I turn into a food maniac.

I look at pictures of food, I read blog posts about food and I freaking imagine food.Its only 2pm here and I've been planning what to eat for iftar for the past 4 hours. Let me take you through my mind for a bit.

I want a Subway. But then its Tuesday, I don't like the Daily Sub. What about KFC? Oh god, those fried chicken. I'll get a snack plate, spicy. But but, I can just imagine ordering Tomyam Noodles. Or maybe I can get Uncle Bob's Fried Chicken.

No no, I need to save some money. I'll just get a burger .. which I had yesterday. Fried rice then. Hmmm, what kind? Chicken fried rice, seafood fried rice, pattaya fried rice( a giant thin omelette is wrapped around the fried rice), Oh oh oh. Mushroom fried rice. With a sunny side up. Yum.

Or maybe, McDonald's.

So far, I've planned to even get some chocolate thingies, just to add the sugar in my blood (not that I'm in danger of it going low). Perhaps a waffle with chocolate and strawberry jam spread on it.

Over here, waffles are pretty much "popular". We got these stalls where they make the waffles there and you tell them what you want on it. You can choose from chocolate, blueberry jam, strawberry jam, butter, coconut jam and peanut butter. You can even ask for more than one spread.


Last week, I bought this chocolate mint ice blended drink. Oh it was so good.

There's this uncle who sells prawn fritters which is the best I ever had in my life. He'll cut up 3 big ones for you, pour some sweet chilli sauce on it and its yours for a mere one ringgit.

(Is getting even more food in her mind)

Its less than 4 hours before I can eat. Less than 3 before I'll go buy food, unless I plan to go eat out.

To point out how much I love food, I'm posting some pictures of food I've taken with my phone over the past few months.

Cookies and cream drink from KFC.

Spicy beef spaghetti. Home made.

Vanilla ice cream on top of apple crumble. Home made.

Enriched Chocolate drink from Old Town White Coffee.

Fried rice, mixed vege stir fry, sweet and sour fish fillet and a piece of beef at some buffet.

Rice, lemon chicken and fried oyster mushroom. Home made.

Chocolate lava cake. Home made.

Mint with choc chips on top, cookies and cream on bottom.

Chicken patty, wrapped in egg,

Frozen yogurt from Tutti Frutti.

Yes, I'll be posting pictures on what I eventually decide to get for today.


Monday, April 2, 2012

Chocolate Bunnies Memory.

I was browsing through the Yahoo articles when I came across one of those "Let's compare different brands." kind. Most of the time, I skip that right over since most of those brands are either super expensive or aren't sold over here.

But this time, its chocolate bunnies. Yes, Easter is near. Here, its not a celebration with those eggs and rabbits. (I think since I've never seen any being displayed in supermarkets).

*gets a flashback memory*

While living in Nashville, we had a Walgreen's or something within walking distance from our apartment. During Easter, they'll have this super big display of chocolate bunnies.

There were large, medium and small ones. In pretty boxes decorated like a garden. The chocolate bunnies came in 4 different flavours: White chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and cookies & cream.

Yes, they tasted heavenly.

I used my charms to persuade Dad to buy me one, every couple of days. By the time the whole Easter celebration went by, I had my own display in my bedroom.

Imagine this:

Boxes in each size lined up nicely, in every single flavour. Yes, I gained weight. No regrets.

I still remember the efforts I made to create my own display.

Yes, I didn't share any of those bunnies with anyone.

Here's to chocolate bunnies and the fourth month of the year.


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